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How to get moving boxes for FREE? | INSIDER DETAILS on WHERE to get moving boxes for FREE!

why should you pay for moving boxes when

you can get them for free

in this video i'm going to show you nine


where you can get moving boxes for free

and i'll even tell you how to do it

hey friends welcome to adulting with us

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i'm esther and today we're going to be

talking about nine places where you can

get moving boxes

faux free and i'm even gonna tell you

how to do it

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bonus tip on how you can turn a regular

box into a box with

handles using just two tools super duper


right without further ado

let's get started big box stores are a

great place to get started on your free

box search

call ahead and let them know that you

need them to set some boxes aside for


when you show up find an employee that's

working on the sales floor and tell them

that you asked them to reserve some

boxes for you and they'll lead you to

the back to pick them up

if when they're on the phone they tell

you they don't do that for customers

still show up anyway find that employee

and have them lead you to the back room

and find a backroom employee that's

going to help you put some boxes aside

another great way to tackle this is if

you have a friend that works at one of

those stores

have them put boxes aside for you and

use that connection you have to get

yourself some free boxes

chain restaurants like olive garden also

have a lot of really good size boxes too

with places like that you definitely

need to call in advance

it also helps if you're a loyal customer

and you can pull the loyalty card and

tell them that you love shopping there

if you decide to pull the loyalty card

make sure you let them know that you are

a supporting customer that comes in


and loves to come there with your family

and this is a great relationship that

you have between the two of you you got

to make the offer look attractive right

what do they get out of it it never

hurts to buy something when you're there


you can do the exact same thing at fast

food places just make sure you call in

advance or use the connections you have

remember to stick around to the end

where i'm going to share with you how

you can turn a regular box into a box

with handles which definitely will make

your packing easier my personal favorite

is liquor stores like benny's they put

all the boxes by the front door

when i go through and i make a purchase

i ask them beforehand if i can take a


extra boxes they usually let me take

five or six

and i'll go back later and take five or

six boxes again

but i don't even try and ask these

places for boxes unless i'm making a


so consider that when you're on your box

hunt but now i have a question for you

where's your favorite place to get boxes

at do you prefer to hustle like me and

get them for free

or do you prefer to pay someone else and

get brand new boxes let me know down in

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value out of this video so far

remember to hit that like button prefer

to do your box hunting online

try craigslist or facebook marketplace

make a listing for a wanted ad saying

that you're looking for boxes for moving

and any other person that's recently


you'll be able to pick it up from them

by sharing that you're willing to pick

it up you incentivize that person to get

rid of their boxes because when you move

all those boxes that you collect are

really really annoying

otherwise those poor people are going to

have to drag it out to the dumpster

and that brings us to number six

dumpster diving is one of my favorite

ways to get

boxes only if you live in a building or

neighborhood that recycles

go to your recycling bin with amazon

being so prevalent in our worldly

society today

i guarantee you that you will have a

neighbor who likes to make large


frequently it might even be you dumpster

diving not your thing

still utilize the people in your

building and neighborhood by putting

some signs around

if you live in a single family home and

your neighborhood allows it put some

signs with the little rip tags that say

seeking boxes give me your moving boxes

i'm happy to pick them up

or if you live in an apartment building

you can ask the front desk or put a

bulletin up on the wall so that people

can see it

and drop boxes off to you as they get

their own wherever you work probably has

some boxes too

at your job you can let the front office

staff or the back room people who work

with all the merchandise

know that you're collecting boxes to

move they'll put them aside for you and

at the end of your work day you have a

bunch of free boxes to take home how

convenient is that the last place that i

found recently was a place called

freecycle it's a website in which people

recycle free things you're able to list

ads that either say if you're looking

for something or wanting to give

something away

everything is free so you'll be able to

use this on both ends

when you're looking for boxes and after

your move when you want to give them


pay it forward to someone like you now

you stuck around to the end and i

promised you that if you stayed here

i'd share with you how you could turn a

regular box into a box with handles and

to do that you're going to need these


tools here i have my husky box cutter

i really like this box cutter because it

has a button on here that allows it to



so that when i have it in my toolbox i

don't accidentally stick my hand in


and ended up getting a finger sliced off

which does happen to people

it also comes with 10 replaceable blades

that are in a separate cartridge

and they're really easy to replace you

simply slide this notch over

pull the bottom button bottom down and

your blade will come right out in fact

the way it's set up

i'm able to flip the blades around so i

guess technically it comes with like 20

blades then right

pretty cool and this putting it back is

the same you just slide the box cutter

in down and you release

the click boom and all the way back in


it doesn't close on its own so i don't

have to worry about it cutting off my


in order to shut it there's a release

back here you can see

it closes in you can find this in the

description i linked it one of the most

valuable tools that i have especially

when i'm moving and packing because it

has this belt clip here

i always lose scissors and knives when

i'm using them to pack and unpack boxes

this i can just clip to my shirt or my

pants and i never lose it

the other tool you're going to need is

some packing tape personally

i like the duck hd clear i like to buy

it in the six packs from amazon that's

the best value that's also linked down

in the description too

the reason i like this tape over other

tapes is it's really thick honestly so

it's less likely to rip or tear

and it's held for years i also use this

in my classroom when i taught


and if it can hold up against a

kindergartner which by the way they chew

on everything if it can hold up against


it'll definitely hold up against

anything you've got to do when you're


including like cats and dogs so get your

tools and i'm going to show you how to

make a handle on your box

okay first thing we have to do is get

the cat out of your box

once you've safely deposited your cat

elsewhere we can begin the box cutting


what we're going to do here you want to

do this before you pack your box full

we're actually going to cut two slits in

each end of the box

on the ends lengthwise so that you can

carry it this way

personally i think this box is too small

to even need handles but maybe if you

packed it really full of heavy things

like weights or books or something like


then you might want to put handles on it

each side we're going to make two cuts

we just need to put a v down the side

open up your box cutter carefully

and about two inches from the top you

want to go

in about about three inches diagonally

nothing crazy

and then come up from the same way

and make it even close your knife

boom put that away and simply

bend that crease

in and now you have a handle

repeat it on the other side

now i like to reinforce mine so that


doesn't get in the way i do that by

getting some tape

and literally just taping the handle up


it also proves to be an awesome cat toy


now i've got a box with handles and a

cat in it and that's it guys

all right friends we made it to the end

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comment let's recap what we covered

today we talked about

nine places both virtually and in person

that you will be able to find boxes for

free which will not only save the planet

but save you money and then as a bonus i

showed you how you could use two of my

favorite packing tools to be able to

turn a regular box

into a box with handles so that it's

easier to carry when you're moving

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