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Moving Supplies: 8 "FREE" Ways to Find Moving Boxes

so much to do and not enough time that

you're probably asking yourself where do

I start

and in this video I'm gonna help you

release your stress prepare early and

I'm gonna give you eight ways on how to

find boxes to start your mood so with so

much going on with life and work and

just so much going on when you're

relocating you have to take care of so

much I wanted to do this video to help

you well and give you ideas to think out

the box to help you find boxes and start

packing this your belongings Ernie

so we can decrease the stress and you

can enjoy your mood

all right so let's begin be local stores

so I'm talking about grocery stores you

can call Walmart Target you can also

call lg's you have farmers market you

know depending on where you're at I know

they can help you out with some boxes

Harmon store so some of the department

stores will be like cold or navy you

have the gap a lot of the stores at the

mall they have shipment and a lot of

times they have Ernie Shipman like

around five o'clock in the morning so

you are really leaving boxes you can

call them find out what time they're

gonna be in the store if they're open

after scheduled and then just kind of

see when you're able to pass by and go

pick them up they will be happy to give

it to you because if not they're gonna

throw them out and they're actually

pretty good boxes so you never want to

lose that opportunity bookstores

so you're if you live in a small town

you never know the bookstores might have

some boxes in the back or stored away

that they can give you or they want to

get rid of and they all come in

different sizes and shapes so if you go

to all these other resources that I'm

giving you you'll collect all types of

boxes so that when you can start putting

your stuff and your belongings and each

box depending on the size that you're

needing starbuck so if you're driving to

work and you're gonna pick up that

coffee might as well ask the manager hey

I need some boxes I'm moving I'm excited

do you have any boxes when do you have

delivery they might be able to give you

some there or they can also kind of let

you know when they have delivery day so

you can pick them up so you can start

preparing early work we all have a job

we all work somewhere we all work with

people ask the people around you your

co-workers you never know you might have

someone that just read okay

or just move to their new home and they

have tons of boxes that they want to get

rid of and sometimes the boxes are so

nice and they're probably still in well

condition that they don't want to get

rid of them or throw them away so ask

them or ask them if they know anybody

around them then my have any and if they

hear of something to let you know so

that way you can pick them up and you

can make some arrangements restaurants

fast food restaurants like McDonald's

Burger King portly you have Pizza Hut

yeah Domino's these restaurants they do

get delivery as well so call them and

ask them if they have any boxes to give

away tell them that you're in the market

you're looking for some boxes and you

can give them your information if they

have any to give you a call and you can

go pick them up just gotta ask you never

know when you ask face book market so

the face book market is an awesome place

to go because a lot of people are trying

to get rid of things they don't want so

if they are actually putting boxes

there's because they want you to come

pick them up that day so make sure you

make some arrangements comment also

message if you do find someone that is

selling or that is trying to get rid of

those boxes be the first so that way you

don't have to do much searching Facebook

groups now if you are in facebook groups

or if you are involved in a facebook who

locally post something hey I'm planning

to move I'm excited I need some boxes

you know anyone that have boxes that way

they can come and be know they can also

message you and that way you can start

making the moves and you can start

getting the conversation going so that

way you can start connecting your boxes

so there you go those are eight

different ways of collecting free boxes

and also where you're able to start

early and you can start decreasing the

stress and not get not do everything all

at the same time but I also wanted to

give you a bonus because most of you

guys are probably super busy you don't

have time to go on Facebook or ask

anyone you don't have time for it all

that because I know sometimes you life

is so busy you're just so focused all

you have to do is just go to Amazon they

have tons of boxes there for 40 books

under forty bucks you can buy wardrobe

boxes all types of boxes this way you

can order your boxes and then when you

get home they're right there and laying

in front of your

your door all you have to do is just

bring them in and start packing the

things that you are not using so that

way you can start putting things away

and you can start releasing the energy

in your home you can start getting rid

of stuff and that way you can see the

progress as time gets closer to your

moving thing all right so I hope that

you enjoyed this video I hope that it

really inspired you to start early so

that way you can decrease the stress I

know moving they can be stressful and I

know whatever will you do is feel

stressful but I just wanted to give you

guys some tips so that so you can think

out the box and that way you can start

doing things early so if you enjoyed

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some moves alright guys well thank you

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