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Cheap Moving Boxes for Packing

Hi guys. It's Alejandra. And in this video, I'm going to show you guys seven different

types of boxes that you can use if you are preparing for a move. So seven different types

of boxes that you can pack your stuff into and move with that range from free to actually

paying for the boxes, and I'm going to tell you the best places to get boxes at the best

price if you are in the United States.

OK. So let me grab the first box. OK. So the first box is a free box from Costco and you

can probably get it BJ's and Sam's Club also, like any wholesale place or store probably

has similar boxes. But it's a beer box from Costco. It comes with 24 beers inside and

the best thing about it is besides being a sturdy box, it also has dividers inside so

you guys can see that it has 24 sections.

And what I did is I went ahead and stored all my spices inside. I'm not done packing

the box but I just want to show you guys what you can do. I stored spices so they're not

going to tip over. They're not going to tip over or bumped into each other if they're

made of glass so you don't have to really wrap them. And then once I'm done putting

all the spices inside, I can then put something on top of here that's light. You don't want

to put something too heavy because if you put something that's heavy, it might crash

the cardboard divider. So put something light on top. So a beer box with dividers is the

first box that you can use when you are packing for a move.

OK. So the next type of box that you can use when you're preparing for a move is a liquor

box from the liquor store. A liquor box or a wine box, both types of boxes are pretty

sturdy because they kind of have to be because wine bottles are heavy and so are liquor bottles.

And that's why I like these boxes, one, because they're free and you can get them at any liquor

store, two, they're sturdy, and then three, they have the sections inside pre-built into

the box.

And so what I'm going to use this box for is to pack and store all of my vases. So I

kind of put one in there already and it's a smaller vase. I'm going to put some of my

taller vases in here and I'm probably going to put something else on top of up here. I'll

probably put more packing paper and then put something else on top. But you can use this

to pack some glassware, anything fragile in the kitchen or fragile decorations you have

around your house will work well in this box.

OK. So the next type of box that you can get when you're preparing for your move are apple

boxes from the grocery store. I love apple boxes because one, they're free, two, they're

sturdy, three, they're clean, and four, they already have a top that comes with it that's

already taped shut making it really easy to close the box and just pack it.

So let me just show this. So this has a top that comes right off. There's no flaps that

you need to tape down so you're going to save on tape, you're going to save on time because

you're not going to have to take time to roll up the tape and seal it. I mean you can tape

it close if you're concern with the lid coming off. But it's a pretty tight fit on like all

of the apple boxes not like this New York Apple Sales Inc. box. All the apple boxes

have really tight lids.

So again, you could tape the lid shut to the bottom if you wanted. I'm probably not going

to do that because we're moving ourselves and I know we're going to be gentle with our

boxes. So yes, so apple boxes are great. And I think I mentioned that they're clean like

you don't want to use a dirty box from the grocery store. These boxes are clean because

the apples come inside of not like a secure - not like a wrapped packaging but they come

in something that doesn't cause a mess and apples aren't messy anyways.

OK. So the next type of box that I like to use are banana boxes from the grocery store.

Again, they're free, they're sturdy, they're clean, and they are just easy to use. There's

one downfall to banana boxes. They have a big hole at the bottom. So if you don't like

put something on top of the hole then obviously, something is going to fall out but it's not

really a big deal if you're going to be packing like books, binders, anything big or bulky.

These things are perfect for. They have a built-in handle right here which is great.

Again, you don't have to tape the box shut because it has a sturdy lid. Can you guys

see this OK? That has a sturdy lid that's already closed so you don't have to tape it shut. So again, you're

going to save on time and you're going to save on tape.

OK. So moving on. OK. So the next type of box that you can use for your move is pizza

box. And I'm not talking about a greasy pizza box from last Friday night, saving it and

using it to pack. No, not at all. I'm talking about going to Papa Johns' or Domino's, this

is from Papa Johns', and asking for a brand new box. I did it and they didn't question

what I was using it for. They didn't try and charge me. They just gave it to me and said,

"Have a nice day."

So try going to your local pizzeria and asking for a box and you'd be surprised. They're

probably going to give it to you.

But what you could use a pizza box for is to pack a lot of like last-minute things like

let's say, all the chargers from around your house. You want to immediately have access

to those things inside of your new house. So putting all those things in a small box

like a pizza box will work well. Or maybe you're putting all of your remote controls

from around the house because those things, not often get lost, but they could get lost

when it's like the one key thing that you always want to try and find that you can't

find. So remote controls maybe in this box.

You could do like fragile platter from the kitchen that you want to make sure doesn't

break because so and so gave it to you or you hand painted it or what else could you

do? Basically, anything that's fragile. You could do like a small box of small things

that are fragile like maybe like little figurines from the living room or the dining room, wrapping

them very carefully and nicely and then putting them all inside here.

So again, it's a free box. It's sturdy, it's small, and yeah, I'm sure you could find a

use for it when you're packing.

OK. So the next type of box you can use are boxes form Home Depot. And Home Depot has

the best prices on moving boxes. I have done all the research already and I have not found

anything cheaper or less expensive in the area. So Home Depot is for great boxes. They

have small boxes, medium, large, wardrobe boxes. They have all the packing supplies

you need, tape, they have packing paper, bubble wrap, everything. So it's kind of like a one-stop


And if you're going to buy all your boxes from Home Depot instead of going to grocery

store, to a pizza place, to liquor store to get free boxes, I would suggest going online

and buying their moving kit or buying all your boxes and having them shipped to your

house. I even think that if you buy the moving kit, it has free shipping which is an awesome

deal because going to Home Depot and logging all the boxes and stuff into your car and

into your house is a big pain in the butt. If you have picked up boxes and you moved

boxes then you know that moving boxes are super heavy. So if you're going to buy boxes,

have them shipped to you and look at Home Depot because I'm pretty sure that they have

free shipping on their boxes.

OK. So this is a medium box which is a standard size box. It is 18 x 18 x 16. OK. So besides

using this medium size packing box for its intended purpose of taping the bottom and

putting all your stuff inside and taping the top and just using it as a normal packing

box, you can also use the same size box to safely pack like your pictures in the wall,

your artwork, or anything bulky around the house like a lamp and a lampshade and like

those things never packed very easily. All you have to do is cut the box open and kind

of shape it around what you're trying to pack.

I'm going to show you guys in just a minute how to do that. The best thing about it is

yes, of course you can go out and buy boxes for pictures and mirrors and artwork and stuff

but you're going to pay an arm and a leg for those types of boxes because they are super

expensive and you can do the same thing with a normal size box that costs like a $1.39

or however much this box costs. I'm going to show you guys in just a minute.

OK. So in order to create a picture box for pictures in the wall or artwork or anything

else that's like really bizarre to wrap, if you want to use a flat packing box like I'm

going to show you, all you have to do is cut it along like edge of the box or the corner

of the box like I started cutting it like you can kind of see here. And all you do now

is you just tear it along the seam and it can easily open just like that.

OK. So now that I've cut the box, you can just see it's like a long flat box now. I'm

just going to grab my picture. OK. So now, I have my picture and I'm going to place it

in the middle of the cardboard. But let me just tell you quickly what I did. So I just

took this picture. This is a picture my mom gave Ed and I. It's a picture from Italy.

She framed it and it's just a very nice gift and I want to make sure that it makes to the

move without cracking or getting damaged. So I wrapped it in paper and then I just took

some shrink wrap and wrapped it all around.

So I'm just going to put it on the center of my cardboard just like that. OK. So I have

my picture in the center of the box. And the next thing I want to do is I'm going to flip

this over to that, that over to that, and then flip the whole thing over here and then

flip these flaps, that one and that one over. You guys can kind of watch and I'll show you

exactly what I mean.

So flip this over here, flip this over here, flip this one here make sure not to press

too hard because you don't want to damage the picture, flip this one here, and then

take this and flip this one over and it's going to create a very secure box for my picture.

Then I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. So flip this over here, flip this

here, flip that one like that, make sure you don't press too hard because remember this

is glass, and then flip this one here, this one here, and then that one there.

And then I'm going to grab my tape and I'm going to just tape it in the middle. I'm just

going to tape it like that to start and then I'm going to wrap tape all around the edges.

OK. So I've taped my box together. And now, I have a completed picture box that I made

out of an affordable box. And you could do the same thing with the free boxes like if

you want to use your free apple box or banana box or a liquor store box or even pizza box.

Pizza box will work just as well. Just cut it open, lay it flat, and wrap whatever you're

wrapping, if it's a picture or if it's something special to you or something awkward to wrap,

put it in the center of a box and wrap it like a present. And you can see that this

is not going to - nothing is going to happen to it.

If you feel like the picture inside like if you want to use bubble wraps for an extra

layer of protection, feel free to do so. I just used paper because I knew that it was

going to be secured in this. But if you want and extra level of protection, then use bubble


So anyways, this is how you can creatively turn a regular box into a picture box or any

other type of box. The same concept is going to work for big pictures on the wall, big

mirrors, it's going to work for lamps, it's going to work for any other bulky thing. You

can do this with.

OK. And so the last type of box that you can use when you move is a wardrobe box. And I

like wardrobe boxes. They're a little bit expensive like this box is from Home Depot

and it was $10. It was like $9.98 or something, which is expensive for one box that you're

going to end up just recycling when you're done with it. But they are great because all

you do is you just take all your hangers from your closet with your clothes still on them

and you put them on the rod and supposedly, they are going to stay there.

Here is what a lot of people don't know or maybe you learned the hard way. A lot of times,

these things don't stay up. So what you have to do is you have to take the rod down to

the box like just put a piece of tape there but put a few pieces of tape so it actually

stays. Something else you want to do is you want to tape the hangers to the rod once you're

done packing the box. So not only tape the rod down to the box but tape the hangers down

to the rod so they don't shift when you're moving because when it shifts, clothes are

going to fall off the hanger and it's going to defeat the purpose of buying a really expensive

box to easily move your clothes.

So tape the rod down to the box and tape the hangers to the rod. You could also store stuff

at the very bottom of the box. Of course, I would have put some paper liner at the bottom

before I start packing the box but you could store pillows down there or you could store

sheets down there or anything else light if there is room down there. So if you're hanging

shirts that are kind of short, you don't want to leave dead space at the bottom of the box

because it's kind of a waste so put something down there like a pillow or sheets or anything

else that you want to put. I would probably put something light since your hangers are

going to be pretty heavy. But yeah, the wardrobe boxes are great. They're just a little bit


OK. So I shared with you guys seven different types of boxes to use if you are planning

a move, apple boxes, banana boxes, pizza boxes, liquor store boxes, beer boxes. Everything

is like food and drink-related. I'm just realizing now. And then there are Home Depot boxes.

If you have a different type of box that you are using in your move like you found maybe,

I don't know, similar type of box, I would love to know. Let me know in the comments

or if there is a super secret moving trick that you have that you've used in the past

or you're using right now during your move, let me know in the comments and I would love

to hear. I will see you guys soon. Bye! 5