find the

Who Can Find The MOST EXPENSIVE Sneaker For The CHEAPEST Price?

Oh what is good everybody and welcome

back to the channel I'm here with my man

ostelhoff once again you guys seem to

like him it's not a couple of the past

video just give me the first video we

don't title it multi-millionaire we're

gonna try to take a little bit different

today but what we got going on today is

we're gonna see between which of us who

can find the most expensive sneaker but

get it at the cheapest price which aka

means value yeah because I think I can

find a motion as a seeker that's that's

easy I don't know about you getting a

value from designer so we're actually

gonna be taking it in in a couple

different ways now it doesn't have to be

any specific type of shoe it doesn't

have to be designer it could be a

sneaker no it could be anything so we're

gonna see whatever the shoe is were or

what the retail price is what price you

pay how much you got off is gonna be the

person who does the best so we're gonna

split ways today we're gonna try to see

who can come up with the best place to

go to and in finest shoe and get the

best value of their shoe what are the

rules I feel like you could cheat the

rules are you can't get a free shoe and

be like oh I saved this much but there

are things such as like the retail price

of a shoe be find it on sale or you know

stuff like that so like if you go to a

sneaker store like that we typically go

to all right a heat ATL right and

there's a shoe there and you can bargain

your way to get it for a cheaper price

than it actually goes for oh yeah the

market price not just retail yes right

so essentially if there's a shoe for

$2,500 at a resale sneaker store and I

can talk them down to $1,000 which

that's not gonna happen

I would go ahead and I'd be $1,500 a

head it's so same thing works for you

know retail and all that so we're gonna

have to go ahead go back and forth so

you can come with the best thing we're

gonna convene at the end of it and see

you did the best I was gonna see who has

the biggest win on one shoe or multiple

shoes or one I said we can go for one

shoe one had to be spent on a lot so

he's gonna be probably taking the rolls

out today if you guys haven't seen that

before I'm gonna be taking the Aston I

would have taken up the Maserati because

it doesn't be nice to this be hot but

it's pretty overcast with clouds so yeah

so I'm gonna be in the accident take the

rule yeah unfortunately but I'm gonna

talk with you guys about where I'm

thinking about going and then he's gonna

go on his vlog camera do the same and

then we'll see who does better so we'll

check in with you guys here in a sec hi

guys so for this challenge the winner

gets to keep the other person's shoes so

we just came up with that rule so if I

win any shoe the he bought I get to keep

and the ones that I bought I've said get

to keep so

I'm good with this because I'm pretty

sure I'm gonna win Hoss is very

competitive so we're gonna see what

happens if you guys don't know the r8 is

over here but it's because we're waiting

for the paint to cure but they're coming

in like three days to finish it off so

I'm excited thankfully but we're taking

Aston we're about to start the challenge

Harrison is about to leave to go

wherever he's going I don't actually

know where he's going he wouldn't tell

me I tried to get inside information and

he refused to tell me go good luck you

know are you going No

do you you you always know where you're

going I know where I'm going for the

most he plans everything out I'm more

like let's just wing it

let's just say I'm gonna drive around

see what road inspires me but I've never

heard about to leave I really I wasn't

lying I really have no idea what I'm

doing or where I'm going all I know is

that I can get a good value you guys

know that I'm thinking that I could

probably probably go to a retail store

and see what kind of discount I can get

off that but this is the kind of

situation because Harrison knows

everybody pretty much everywhere who

sells shoes in Atlanta I think I'm a

little bit disadvantaged however I will

do my best to find a spot where either

someone one doesn't know him or too

likes me better hi guys so here is my

plan my plan is to one go to to retail

designer type stores and then one actual

sneaker store so the first person I'm

gonna go to is Saks off Fifth Avenue

because they have a lot of designer

shoes there that go for up to 80% off so

I think if I can find $1,000 shook like

200 bucks I could do good but I'm gonna

go there first and check it out because

not to negotiate anything it's really

just seeing what they have and then I'm

gonna go to an actual sneaker store and

see if I can finesse some sort of deal

on it now what do I mean by that I might

try to see if I can negotiate a price of

a shoe

like an Instagram story post or

something so maybe like 500 bucks off of

the shoe if I can go ahead and shout

them out on you know Instagram or

something so we'll see they might say no

but we're gonna try anyway so Harrison

is right in front of me and I know which

way he's going I could just follow him

but that's actually where I was gonna go


oh shoot I'm gonna miss the turn I won't

see him I guess I'm gonna know if I see

the Aston at a store I'll know if he's

there if he sees the orange rolls-royce

he'll know I'm at that store so it might

just be a matter of who gets where first

he's still right in front of me looks

like we're going to the same place or

area so far we'll see all right made it

over to Saks Fifth Avenue seems pretty

busy here so we're gonna go in SC we can

get all right we're walking into off

Saks Fifth Avenue right now and I'm

basically gonna go ahead and try to

gauge where the prices are at so I know

now they don't have like hype stuff here

I've seen a few brands before where

they've got like Ferragamo made

Balenciaga so we're gonna go ahead and

search around now after looking I did

find these Balenciaga sneakers that

retailed at about $900 and they're going

for about 330 so I think it's about off

to review the footage to make sure I

think it's about $550 then I searched

around a little more and found out that

on the tables where the best deals are

then I found a pair of Giuseppe shoes

that are like some pop art type seeker

that were 1,100 review down like 3:30 so

that's about $700 so I don't know if I'm

gonna be able to do better than that but

I'm gonna keep searching around and

we're from reigning too sunny real quick

but I'm heading out now with no shoes

because I got an idea of what they have

in there and I want to go ahead and

compare at the other places before I

commit to buying but I think I got a

real good one there about eight hundred

dollars off so I think that might be a

good I don't know if I can do that

anywhere else so I was just looking at a

place I wanted to go Neiman Marcus last

call and turns out the one near me here

is closed the nearest one is a long way

away I mean that's uh let's see that's

30 minutes away because my first idea so

I just passed Harrison he took a left I

went straight we might still be go to

the same place I thought about just

trolling him and following him the whole

way if I just find out where he is

and then go to the store and ask them

just give me a slightly better deal than

what they gave him I could win I mean

that's not really the sphere of the

challenge but I've win the challenge

what's more important so I'm here at the

mall I think I'm gonna give this a shot

I don't have a lot of faith that this

will work so it's definitely rainy and

gross I'm just parking here at the mall

probably in good company because there's

a black badge down here right next to me

but I'm gonna go in here and see what I

can get

wondering if you have any food sales or

something like that on maybe some

designer stuff


so I'm here in the mall and I think I

found a pair of shoes that I would and

it might be 40% off I don't know

let's do that one then yeah let's do

that one so I just bought a pair of off

lights I don't know if it's gonna count

they didn't have him in the store but I

bought them so might be a technicality

but I got 40% off I think that's okay

plus I like them in their 4-inch so I

can't lose to see if this is legit

receive is about percentage or dollars

than a FaceTime Harrison hey got a

question for you is it based on

percentage or straight-up dollars that's

all the clarification I needed later I

got the parking lot my friend with the

black badge done is not here but

somebody with a nervous stop by

it's bucket alright so the next place up

I'm thinking is going to be hype but I'm

not sure

there also is a place called RCR Atlanta

that has some designer but I'm gonna be

700 off I'm have to go through the

Instagram real quick so these all flight

sneakers right here that I found on

their website retail at around 695 I

believe in our 350 which is not bad and

they're a better of a sneaker there's

other ones and there aren't really

sneakers so that might be a good option

but I'm gonna keep looking it's also

just found this Gucci green velvet

sneaker that's $350 now that's about the

same as the last

I think the retail is very similar those

might be a higher retail so we're

looking good they're like 350 bucks now

I'm gonna have to keep looking because

they have a lot of Christian Louboutins

and they're considered sneakers but I

don't want to go off like a sneaker

sneaker and that off-white one is pretty

good so that might be an option but I'm

gonna keep looking at maybe contact one

of the sneaker stores right now


so this store is kind of like my little

hidden gem where I always come here if I

need to find like a crazy deal like some

sort of sneaker and designer because

they always get like loadouts from like

rappers in the area whose personal Salas

just load off a bunch of stuff on

consignment so I just finished up and

I'm going to hit up Hoss now and see

what he's at because I think I'm doing

better than him at this point from what

he said last time but if you saw 2:17 is

what I did up paying so I don't know if

he could beat that for what I got I have

to look up the retails I got a banger

back there they originally had it listed

at $4.99 no 399 and I got it for half of

that price that we're gonna have to see

percentage lines up against ha so I'm

gonna get my figures I'm gonna call him

now and see what are you doing and what


are you doing they gonna beat me on this


Pat faith I'm gonna help you happy I've

been terrible I'm gonna put mine in the

back of the car so he can't see it and

then we're gonna head in for lunch real

quick so I can give him some guidance

all right guys we just finished up at

lunch now he's going to other stores I'm

done I'm gonna go home I'm gonna get

some shorts I might jump in his pool cuz

I got hot out now but he's gonna go you

how many places you got left

I still got work to do I think I need to

go to at least one maybe two places

because I'm sensing that my first

purchase was not gonna we're gonna cut

to him he's going to the next door and

then we'll come back together at his

place and show you guys what it'll

happen here very quickly to remind you

guys it is the last chance to enter the

chunky dunkey giveaway we're giving away

this size 8 right here completely free

we're also giving away $1000 and stadium

Goods credit over on my Instagram I'm

gonna link both of those down below you

guys know the rules you subscribe to the

channel get to follow me - screaming -

go comment on those posts but don't miss

out a chance because these are gone for

like 1500 bucks now so I'm here about to

walk into

thanks all fifth it's my pretty much

last chance to win this challenge I

don't think they'll win it which pisses

me off I don't like losing so hopefully

they can help me out at least that's

where I'm going start with my own sighs

I wonder if there's a bigger discount on

women stuff boo clearance let's see

alright I found the men's clearance

section it goes that way the women's was

going that way so 63% tommy bahama 61

these are pretty deep but not deep


63% 776 he's Madison supplies now 76 I

won't need those at 75 let's keep

looking this is now the current winner

not finding anything better than this 75

76 percent off there if I can if you

could take the money that I would pay

for this we should put it on that item

which I will buy same amount of money

but I just want to pay the bus for this

one you can't do it so I just got cool

for Sachi

orange jacket that I obviously did not

need but it was awesome another pair of

shoes that was 76% off which i think is

pretty good when trying to go up there

to Nordstrom Rack which he suggested and

see if I can maybe get a better deal

I came up here to go to the Nordstrom

Rack but there's a line I'm not sure I'm

all about that


I sent out a note to a friend to see if

I could maybe buy from him Harrison said

it didn't have to be a store I'll have

to see if someone want to take that big

L okay so I just got a text

just in time he just got home that buddy

is gonna sell me a pair of shoes that

are about $200 retail for $20 hey that's

90% so I think I think that should work

don't you so I'm here to meet Blake and

see if he can get me a shoe and sell me

one it's obstruction come on there if he

can sell me a shoe that's going to be

even more discounted than when Harrison

might have gotten and it's even better

that he that I know he got a you shoe

because that's what I'm doing

let's see if I can win this there's no

way he's gonna beat like nine percent

there can't be so we're here with Blake

guys mr. Blakey our Road you don't know

his channel just my name Blake

Yarborough I do sneaker unboxing sneaker

reviews been collecting sneakers now for

like 10 or 12 years and so I started my

youtube channel about a year and a half

ago and it's gone pretty well so I

appreciate like here because I think

he's gonna be the one to help me win

this challenge


say what's up these for $5 no because

they're Harrison's that's right he did

that yeah I've been looking through my

sneakers to see what I could sell you

this is a good selection and we've got

some that are very expensive that I can

tell you for a great value like these

just right now guys Travis Scott here

recognizes Travis contour I paid a

hundred and seventy-five dollars for

these that's it yeah I got it for retail

what are they going for I think they're

up to like 1300 or like these

I paid 1,600 for these oh my god and now

they're 4 grand what yeah why what are

those it's the Mars yard 2.0 got some

different options but I think this is

gonna be the best ones called the air

foot skate and this shoe right here not

a lot of people know a lot about these

they're pretty old Nike sneaker and I've

had these now for probably a couple

years they are a little bit worn but I

don't think that's part of your

description part of your rules I know so

I don't remember what I paid for these

honestly but I did look on stock X for

you and they're going for around two

hundred two hundred fifty dollars for a

dead stock pair and I will sell you

these for a whopping with one day

dollars yes thank you sir here you go

thank you

free dinner tonight I'm guessing a no

box uh yeah I only take the boxes to

like the really exclusive sneakers so

I'm gonna adhere to get back home all

right thank you so I just got home

it's gotta be a winner I hope so I'm

feeling much better now about it than I

was before so I'm here in one of my

storage closets I think I'll be able to

put them in this this box won't have a

receipt but I look like I bought those

alright guys it just made it back to

hosses place I think he's home I'm not

sure his garage door isn't open but

we're gonna go ahead and see who did bet

now he's saying he has three pairs of


one so we're gonna see how it goes I'm

gonna grab my parrot right now let me

just see what he did alright guys we're

back Haas is grinding all of his things

and I assume it's more than one I've got

my bag right here

my gem and we're gonna see how how he

did oh man I saw Jordan one box what if

my guy visit and I recognize that tag

you've got a couple I saw that just yeah

that was right next to the blunts Iago's

yeah that's ex fit yeah yeah you went

there yeah I didn't buy anything there

though so good yeah I bought ball

obviously only you and I pretty much in

Atlanta would buy anyway I got

distracted so who's gonna go first you

are you can go first with that you're at

least one here's a little closer so the

first one there's a bit of an issue this

this it should still count this is my

purchase of the first one so I found

this really cool pair of orange off

whites and I was like I want these

anyway turns out they had the wrong side

so they didn't have my size I bought

them anyway

this is the shoe those are clean yeah I

mean I think it's pretty cool I think I

think they're a great shoe I think I'm

gonna be had with it either way or we

can resell them so the the the retail

price 634 right and I picked it up for

443 so that was my first 140 percent

versus you want me to go now you'll have

one here's my second why I never so

they're camo their sneakers yeah the

difference maker they're camo web is

what they call it no they're they're an

interesting sneaker they're they're not

they're not the worst they're not hype

we didn't have to be hype though no we

don't have to and you know that they

we're not crazy expensive obviously

always looking at the percentage savings

what's also helpful about sacs which I

guess you knew that they mark the

percentage savings so here clearance

they do yeah so these were clearance

obviously and 76 percent these were

pretty strong that's pretty strong I

paid eighty to ninety nine I think the

market price was 348 48 48 so that's

strong and that was pretty solid I like

to shoot sneaker number one better but

that's I do too I saw another shoe that

I liked it was similar to this it was a

Roberto Cavalli which looked awesome

so it's something I've bought in the

past and I thought it was a taupe shoe

unfortunately it was only 66% set so I

did not buy them but which is a solid

87% on Versace though I

tell my soldier where thee no no if I

don't win I'm outta return if I win it

yeah you know we got 76 percent is gonna

be done for now I'm gonna see yours and

then I've got one more

we got a Jordan once I'm curious how

much you could really get off of the

door well tell me this tell me this

right now did you beat 76 let's let's

all right so this is my hidden gem of

the city but I picked a shoe that I

actually liked I could have gotten

something a little bit better and

probably done better percentage-wise or

need our consignment they're babies when

you say hidden gem you mean you cheated

no this is mean he called them up and

said hey no I need to win this challenge

I swear I did not so I went on I've been

to this place before it is basically a

consignment designer store and so

basically a lot of rappers stylists

unload their purchases from like these

video shoots or something like that like

Warren wants whatever so they usually

offer good deals so this so you'd wear

this one is what you're telling me yes

it might be little bit small but this

one I pay two hundred and seventeen

dollars for a pair of off-white sneakers


anyway this is a main line pull these

out right here I gotta find the exact


oh wait this is more than I thought it

was by the way if you guys didn't see

the last video Harrison is notoriously

bad at math like 65 good thing Harrison

is bad or bad thing that you're bad at

math so I thought the real

double-checking of the worst three

hundred less than what it is but all

right let's go ahead we're gonna post

off you guys know this is the off-white

that's main line we're gonna pull these

out oh I've had a pair of these before

we have a pair of all flight high-top

sneakers you guys haven't seen these I

really like the way that these fit

wearing with a nice pair of skinny jeans

now he's just worried about the price

I'm gonna put the shoe even more though

so they're uglies do I like this so this

side is better than that so yeah I don't

like that size you can't see you get the

white laces it comes with a bunch of

different extra laces right here they

also forgot to take off the nylon no

that's how that's how it comes you get a

plastic bag you know all next releases

now oh yeah everything yep I didn't

realize the retail price let me show you

before I tell Hoss

I'm gonna put it up on the screen real

quick you guys can't see that they're

gonna loser I'm ready for hostak do the

math all right retail price

$945 it's pretty good 217 after-tax 720

with the retail price 945 yeah all right

well that's honestly that's really


I thought the retail was 16 and you can

off-white yeah and you gotta show you

wanted 681 is what I was but well I I

knew I knew this is gonna be really


first of all buying shoes against

Harrison Neville I mean like if we were

to go buy a Rolls Royce I might win

probably I mean it wasn't a whole lot of

negotiate these retail stores tell them

don't wanna negotiate someone do but

they weren't really willing to go past

eighty percent yeah so that was tougher

however I made a few calls I sent a few

texts I got one person to respond got

home just in time for me to buy a shoe

fry a shoe from him about a shoot from

there was no rules there was no rule I I

thought that I thought back and I was

like you know you said by shoot didn't

have to be brand new it have to be from

a store

you said buy a shoe was the biggest

value right Oh what Harrison saw earlier

Oh Jordan one box something he have any

of you sold it because I use this is the

Jordan one box oh yeah it didn't come

with a box okay so that's one up for me

yeah didn't come with a box but that

wasn't part of the rule it wasn't I want

to tell you first the numbers and then

I'll show you the shoe the current

market price for this shoe is

approximately 210 to $250 I bought it

for $20 okay so depending on where you

are I'm at 90% okay lady are you shoe

let's see it's just not as hyped voilá

are you sure that these go for 200 bucks

you know what pull up right now I'm up

right now pull it up right now I've seen

these before you get these bras you have

seen these before how did you get these

from they've been out for a while

alright they're old shoe that our friend

Blake help me up oh my Blake snake just

so I'd have to leave

Thank You Blake shut up Blake button ah

well I guess well now you get these but

you hate them so I'll salty to you for a

very small fee but yeah

so now obviously as part of the the

challenge I get both pairs well I bought

those other off whites I'm gonna keep

anyway yeah that'd be sick if I got

those though Murray doesn't kind of sick

I might return these hideous yeah I am I

think you should return him because he's

not gonna wear those it is best by going

three ways though and this is the

finesse well if you want to fit in 11

don't worry I may have shut up Blake

Yarborough appreciate the help man what

an oh well that was a pretty good

challenge I want to let you guys know if

you didn't see if I didn't say before we

have a podcast me Hoss and Steve just

got here a few minutes ago and we just

released the first episode we're about

to film episode two check check the

podcast out we have a lot of fun when

we're doing it and yeah thank you guys

so much for watching if you enjoyed

please like down below see you guys next


mrs. Harrison