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Where to Find the Cheapest Trees - Start an Orchard Today!

all right this is SSL family to have a

simple suburban living and today we're

kind of off site here actually at a

different location this is our local

conservation office this is an

accounting nearby where we live and I

don't know if it's the same in every

state but here in the state of Michigan

through our our state conservation

programs we have offices in every county

where you can actually go in and

purchase trees and bushes and things

like that in the springtime and so you

can go online and check that out and for

your state and see if that's the same

but we found this to be this the

absolute best prices on fruit trees and

pine trees and maples and all kinds of

other things like that you can order in

a few months ahead of time usually

January February March and then in April

you just come and pick up the trees that

you ordered they're way cheaper than

anything that you can get at local

detail places and they get their funding

through you know state and local and

federal money through taxes and things

like that so it's kind of something that

you know as a taxpayer you're already

kind of pictured being towards they also

take donations and things like that to

offset the cost but the whole idea of

the conservation offices is that they

are trained as the most you know

planting trees and sustainable types of

Agriculture and things like that so they

work with local farms and this is just

one of the things that we found to be a

great resource for starting our orchards

and you know landscaping and things like

that instead of running out the big-box

stores so we'll kind of just show you

what we got here okay so just to kind of

show you real quickly what we got here

and we just buy a few each year so we're

not not spending hundreds of dollars or

anything like that but we just picked up

a Bartlett pear this time and we have a

gala Apple this is a Honey Crisp right

here and what's the other one here

Estella cherry

we got a few different types of fruit

and like I said every year we just kind

of pick up a few different types of

trees so we're not spending a whole

bunch of money at once every year we

just try to catch them on sale or use

the conservation offices

you know a few different types of trees

so and you say as you can see these are

these have beautiful little buds on them

they're they're ready to go on the

ground these are all bare root so they

come just in a bare root bag here with a

little bit of water in them we also got

these blue spruces here these are 5

bucks apiece and these are about

probably a little 2 feet maybe 2 or 3

feet tall and you can get from the

conservation officers you can get pine

trees and maple trees and oak trees and

stuff like that you can get by the boxes

of a hundreds of them much smaller than

this of course but we like to get them a

little larger to save us a few years of

growing but but yeah these are beautiful

trees these are probably between five

and six feet tall

once they're planted probably closer to

five feet and just to compare you know

prices these are $19 apiece for these

size trees these fruit trees and from

our big spot big-box stores and hardware

stores and things like that and local

greenhouses the prices are generally we

pay between thirty and fifty dollars for

a tree of the same type of you know size

and and that and the same kind of trees

we don't have a lot of luck finding the

Honeycrisp which is our favorite type of

apple at our local you know big-box

stores and places like that they just

don't have them so this has just been an

awesome resource using the conservation

offices so check your state websites

they'll do a search for your state

conservation office and usually you can

find um you know a link to your county

or local Conservation District office so

that you can see what kind of stuff your

state has going on I don't know if it's

the same for every state but I'll try to

do some research on that and put some

links in the description of the video

here for you so well kind of show you

how we're getting these up put their own


so these proofs came all their route and

they are just beautiful roots roots are

about as tall as the tree here so we're

gonna big nice nice deep holes and how

we're doing is just mix it in a little

bit of the natural soil we have here

which is very sandy and clay with some

cup of shovel full of compost and mesh

of a full piece Magne peat moss just to

kind of loosen the soil up and mix

things up a little bit so

I'm diggin in right now we actually had

a long tree there's a deer just

absolutely loved in our front yard they

come up from the field next to us you

think they would come this close to the

house but I was wrong

and they this thing too well they kill

so we're gonna get this route out of

here and plan our new cherry tree which

they seem to leave alone for some reason

and if they don't I will hang up some

ear deterrents you know we're just we

don't have a very big yard here 3/4 of

an acre so whatever we'll plant trees

yeah we wanna plant stuff that's gonna

produce something for us we have to

train trees that we plant it for privacy

and things like that but in general you

know most of the landscaping that we're

doing here is planting fruit trees and

other types of rooting bushes and things

so we're just using up extra space in

the front yard you get quite a few trees

in a small area you can prune them up to

fit into different spots that you have

in the yard

doesn't even have to be full Sun they

might not grow as quickly or as they

would in full Sun but

it'll still work better than nothing you

only say the joke is when's the best

time to plant a tree and the answer is

last year ones the next best time

there's today but the worst time is

never so you just do a little bit each

year very motivating to see the girls

from year to year and get more in the

ground okay so I mentioned getting trees

at the big-box stores

hello's and Home Depot and Walmart and

that kind of stuff this is one that we

got 50% off about two years ago we got

this one it was normally I think 60

bucks and we got it for I think 25 or 30

it's got 12 feet tall no and about two

years old ice actually about a year and

a half we planted in the fall so but

this is a cherry tree and it's this

thing's been growing absolutely awesome

this was an apple tree we got for about

$15 at Home Depot at a half off sale the

deer came up and ate a lot of this one

but it's recovering and doing pretty

well this is just a kind of like a

Golden Delicious apple it's a generic

apple and then there's our new cherry

tree that we just just got so I'll show

you a couple the other ones we got in

the back ok so here's another another

pear tree this one I actually have the

tag on it still so this one was 24 98

but we got this at half off so we paid

less than about 12 or 13 dollars for

this one that's a pretty good deal and

again this is about a year and a half

old so this has had some time to grow

when we got this one it was about 4 foot

for foot tree and these here I've showed

before in other videos but these we

planted from seed these are about a year

old the plan of these last spring and

you can see this year we're wondering if

they were going to come back but they

they are looking good buds are coming

out so

all right so that's pretty much it for

just a few of the ways that we found to

find you know very inexpensive fruit

trees every year we just purchase a few

we don't you know we're not going out

and buying 10 or 20 fruit trees that

start in some huge orchard again we have

a small kind of suburban lot here about

3/4 of an acre and so you know every

year we'll look for sales look for

things in the fall at the end of the

fall usually in October you'll see you

don't whole Depot and Lowe's and Walmart

they'll have stuff that'll go 50% off

that's a great time to buy the

springtime early before a lot of people

get out you'll see them to try and start

to push that stuff as well you'll have

great sales then the conservation

department is another great way to get a

very inexpensive trees you can purchase

those ahead of time and know exactly

what you're gonna get and another great

resource is just planting seeds you know

there's you can plant seeds from your

grocery store fruit or organic fruits

that you get grow them inside throughout

the winter and you'll have a probably a

12-inch tree maybe even an 18-inch tree

to start when it comes time for spring

so we've done that here with a few and

you know we'll take you guys along and

see how those grow and what we end up

with but you know the best time to start

an orchard or start planting some type

of plants or trees that are gonna

produce fruit for you is right now you

know we only spend about a hundred

dollars this year so for for fruit trees

five of the spruce trees and a bag of

the spagna peat about 104 dollars you

know think about that it's really not

that much that's all we're gonna spend

on fruit trees this year you know maybe

we'll spend another hundred hours next

year but think about that you know

compare what are some of the things you

could cut out for a month you know I I

would challenge you to if you have

satellite TV or a cable TV call your

cable provider or your whatever and cut

out your TV service for a month cut it

out for two months take the money that

you're gonna save probably about 100

bucks or hundred fifty bucks and go out

and start a garden go out and start it

for a small orchard new yard you know

take a corner of your yard and just

suction it off and plan out a little

orchard and you'd be surprised at how

much food that you can produce over the

years every year it's gonna get better

about it or better the best time to

start is is now so as always I really

appreciate guys you know tagging along

today I've got a lot of work to do here

still with the orchard and gardens and

things like that and other free

sources that I'm going to share with you

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