find the

VW Polo: How to find the VIN and the Colour code of your car?

in this short video we're going to talk

about how we can find the color code for

the car before that we just mentioned

several other numbers as well so for the

we n you can see here passenger side you

can see basically and also you can find

the inside engine compartment

let's open up on it okay okay you can

see there's a number we need more like

so there is a plate here you will have

the you have the engine the vehicle

identification number focus not very

well okay

a much better and also curve way to the

maximum weight actual weight on a title

you see there's a type 6n also another

number through a window the same of the

way and number now a very important

thing where is the a color code so the

color code for this class is at the boot

so we can go to the boot to find the

color number if you open your tailgate

open your tailgate with my light open

the tailgate and you have the carpet so

this is your apparel well and the

sticker data sticker for your vehicle is

adjuster here you can see so for this

particular car that the four-digit

number this particular car you can see

is LP 3G and is that the color code for

your car thank you for watching