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079 Traveler's Pledge, Compass Rose Test; Diablo 3, S21

already hello people and

welcome back

trying to get here a little earlier

tonight to get a few

more riffs in than normal this seems


things always coming up


that's all right

so so i went with the

bone prison

and i guess i'm going to go with frost


i would do the curses to stick with the




i probably should

i was thinking that would help me out

with the

attack speed but this might be better

i'm gonna go with the

poison one i've got i got a few things

that that go

with poison obviously the rigor mortis

to slow enemies reduce their attack

speed for five seconds

and then i got oh no that's

well the thing is uh you know the curse

it doesn't

really help at all because i already

curse enemies

and when i do curse them with this

frailty they get

all three curses yeah i'm going to go

back to

now one of the things that i was

thinking about doing

for my next experiment see i i just

i just have this feeling

i just get the feeling that this should

be doing

a boatload of damage and that i'm

missing something somewhere i

don't know what it is but i just get the

feeling like

because bone spear deals ten thousand

percent increased damage

similacrums get triple that

and i've got two of them so it's almost

like it's bone spear

is is giving me 70 000 increased damage

it's almost what it's like it's 10

thousand times seven because it's mine

plus the other two which are thirty

thousand each that's sixty thousand

that just seems like so much damage

then i've got the crispin sentence or

another 97 percent damage

this is giving me another 400 percent

another 700 from this i don't know i

just feel like i'm missing something

i've tried to look for a replacement for


i can't find a good replacement for it

you know the oryx crown that's about it

that's the only thing that's

that's i don't think that's worth it at


so one thing i am strongly considering

is going back to compass rose travelers


testing out i want to give up obsidian

ring of the


i'm gonna put this in my cube or wear

this from my cube

and then i'm gonna use compass rose

travelers pledge

i wish i had a better version of compass

rose travis pledge

but i don't so but i i don't know i'm

just thinking that maybe that's what i'm


you know my biggest fear with that my

biggest concern

is that running out of my

bone armor is gonna be tricky

and so what i might do is i might switch

legendary gems maybe not right away

giving me a cool down

and putting a diamond in here

that's gonna cost me some toughness

good amount of toughness

and obviously i'll you i'll lose the

flavor of time

and this this really does a good job

with healing me

i'm just gonna start out just with a

diamond in here for now but i

that's that's one thing i'm gonna test

because i just i just feel like

i should be doing should be doing

more you know when i go to an ancient

legendary build

and let's just say i keep more or less

this same

setup except maybe putting liquors to

stain in here

okay i'm gonna be gaining grim sith


but i'm gonna be losing similacrum


triple the bone spear damage

i'm going to be losing similacrum's

gaining all runes

damage you take is split with all your


it just seems like i'm going to be

losing a lot

when i go over to an ancient legendary

build but yet

this green set

masquerade of the burning carnival


compared to most of the other builds

and i can kind of see that you know just

you know i'm

with just what i'm doing here

yeah unless there's something i'm

missing but i don't i don't think that

there is

like a drow mage wants to invite me to



i guess i'll go

35 bonus damage i mean i've got

plenty i've got a lot of

a lot of defense a lot of defense

you see he was having problems today he

told me he's having problems with his

build he's

coming up with a new idea

trying to combine impale with rapid fire

well i guess this is not it

all right so i guess he's going with a

different one he's going with bowlers


haunt of axo i don't know

he does things i don't i don't

understand his

okay he's going with all guilds

he'll use this one just because

it's got some pretty good

and those skills aren't all that great

those abilities aren't all that great

but because it's ancient legendary i'll

wear it

i mean

don't know

i would just think flavor of time would

be so much better than

haunted back so i don't care what

abilities are in flavor of time

yep then these


okay vault is is good as long as he's

got the

the vault thingy does he not have the

vault thingy anymore

no vaulting all right so why have vault

would you bolt dude

he likes to do different things

well okay


why why would it

all right so okay while he's

doing that i'm gonna switch over to

compass rules travelers pledge


all right so i guess it's gonna be this



i gotta give her her ring back laura

yes why do you keep glancing over at


oh just making sure she isn't up to


suspicious and i'm gonna

need to watch

i'm looking at the wrong ones

all right um

i guess this one

the best choice

me see if i can get some shockache

hopefully i got enough

gems to re-shock it

oh look at that


life or armor

usually life is better but because i've

got standalone



seems to be

generally seems to be more helpful

especially if at some point i get stone

gauntlets running

we'll go with let's

wow it's the lowest it could possibly be


all right that's hard we'll just go with


i'm sure i'm going to get more of them

in the future anyways


oh that's good got that right away

and i hate movement speed

anything other than movement speed

movement speed wow that was real lucky

all right movement speed generally just

translates into about

a hundred intelligence basically because

i'm just gonna be

removing some movement speed from my

paragon points and adding them on to

intelligence and so it's just it's just

all around worthless

all right so when i do this oops

i gotta really try and pay attention to

um my uh oops

my uh bone armor

and unfortunately not unfortunately but

it's gonna be a little more difficult to

really get a good idea because i've got

brown age here with me but

at least give me somewhat of an idea if

if this is even going to work

because the the problem is

with running out of the bone armor if i

just keep

running out keep running out keep

running out well then i know it's not

going to work at that point

i gotta get a diamond

let's just take that one


all right so the cool down is 21.2

so i must have a cool down reduction in



i've got it also in my paragon points

must be from paragon points all right

here and just for now i'm just going to

put that in there i'm not going to

do much of anything else okay well let's


let's just test it out real quick on a

lesser regular nephilim rift

see see if it even comes close because

if it doesn't if i just run out of bone


so fast uh that

it's obvious it's not gonna work then

you know i gotta put my haunted visions

in my cube

and i'm gonna be giving up flavor of


that's gonna hurt a little bit but

i don't know i don't think it's gonna


i mean it's nice it is nice don't get me

wrong i've you know and i i

dreaded the day when i was gonna be

giving it up but i mean honestly it it's

really only helpful

for a few moments anyways as i'm

battling the

whatever spawns from it from my nemesis

bracers so

i'm hoping that having compass rose

travelers pledged the whole time through

will more than make up

for the loss of

flavor of time i'm hoping so

all right well all right

what did we do before uh

friends we were doing

80s i thought we did an 85.

i know i've been doing 85 haven't i done


ah an interesting opponent


that needs to recharge

wow i

shouldn't laugh but

you know he he just he's not really into

the big power

you know he just uh

your death nears

i must wait

must serve the cycle

this is this is not a really good test

in some ways

in some ways this is nice because i know


you know i always need to be casting


so in that way it's not bad

this world can abide you no longer

corpse you know with the other way there

was a lot of guesswork

i didn't know when to cast it

but now i know i need to be casting it

all the time give it more time

in that sense it's a little nicer

not near the end


well because he's greatly powered




i missed oh no fair

i don't think i can get him

tough to say i don't i don't know i mean

i'm sure that the damage reduction is

good while i'm moving

such a brave soul

how did i earn a paragon portrait oh

paragon portrait

okay i'm sure that the damage reduction

is nice

that one looks nice but i don't think

it's actually that nice

i'm still going for a ring again i

cannot afford that


look at that later damage reduction

um what's that saying uh

damage reduction is nice when i'm moving

so that's helpful

maybe maybe it's just going to be more

helpful in those higher level riffs

tough part is

tough part is that cool down i've got to

find a way to get that cool down up

i need to say it but the only way to do

it is with

some of these things

otherwise i'm i can't does it seem like

all right let me make a new rick start

up a new recording here


you know the only other cool down

legendary gem is this one and this one

isn't bad

don't get me wrong it isn't bad and it

it might it might not be bad

keeping the cool down reduction up to 15

is kind of the tricky part

plus the attack speed and cost that


um but you know trying to keep that cool

down up and even that i don't know how

much that's actually going to

help that's like do i have do i have

cool i don't know how much that's going

to help yeah this is that maximum

10 you know i don't know how much

that's gonna help

i'm maybe maybe i just got a plan on

you know not having my bone armor up all

the time which

that's gonna cost me damage reduction

it's gonna cost me

flesh sustained bonus life per

i second feel like i feel like i'm


something what am i missing

like i'm missing something

all right let me go start the new

recording i will be right back