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The Conjuring Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

we're living in a time of shared

universes the Marvel Cinematic Universe

the DC extended universe the Air Bud

universe but nobody could have expected

that one of today's most successful and

exciting connected cinematic worlds

would spring from a little horror movie

from genre veteran James Wan that's

right the conjuring universe loosely

based on the real-life cases of

paranormal investigators ed and Lorraine

Warren the conjuring films pit their

characters against all kinds of demons

inner demons outer demons doll demons

none demons and all of that demonic

history spans over a hundred years

before the latest entry in the series

but none we decided it was time to dive

headfirst into hell and put the events

of the conjuring universe into

chronological order spoilers for the

conjuring and annabelle movies ahead


the seeds for the conjuring universe are

planted in Harrisville Rhode Island in

1863 the witch Bathsheba sacrifices her

baby to the devil and commits suicide

but not before laying a curse on her

land dooming all that would try to take

heading west to California don't make

her Sam Mullins his wife Esther and

their daughter Annabel B as they call

her are in the process of fixing a flat

tire when B is struck and killed by a

car this tragedy forces the Mullins into

reclusion in their grief the Mullins

pray and pray to see their beloved

daughter again but it's not God that

answers their prayers it's a demon who

after giving them a glimpse of little B

tricks them into transferring its spirit

into back that creepy effing doll Oh God

for movies later and it's still freaky

as hell anyway as it turns out that

demons are real crappy house guests

attacking Esther and gouging her eye out

that ends up being a bridge too far for

the Mullins so they call in a couple of

priests to redecorate B's closet with

Bible pages and they seal the possessed

doll inside before we find out whether

that Bible closet will keep the demon

trapped spoilers no way the series

detours to a Romanian monastery in 1952

where we'll learn more about one of the

series most terrifying villains Valek

the demon nun we aren't sure yet what

other insights into the conjuring

universe the nun will give us so let's

not waste any more time on it for now

moving on it's not until twelve years

after B's death that the Mullins decide

to reopen their doors taking in the nun

not that one sister Charlotte and a

group of girls whose orphanage was just

closed down among the girls are best

friends Linda and Janice who suffers

from polio they are expressly told not

to enter B's room look this doesn't want

to but this is a horror movie and nobody

listens to ominous warnings so late one

night Janice sneaks into B's room and

finds her creepy ass doll the vessel for

the demon the demon eventually attacks

James throwing her down the stairs and

confining her to a wheelchair soon after

that it's able to possess

James by shooting in her mouth oh Linda

starts to notice Janice in the Annabelle

doll getting real close and is almost

thrown down a well presumably to do

battle with Samara from the ring but

sister Charlotte saves the day Janice

energy man friend proceeded to go on a

murderous rampage absolutely

eviscerating Esther Mullins but sister

Charlotte gets the upper hand and locks

Janice in the creepy Bible of course

janice shaw shanks her way through a

hole in the wall and escaped south to

santa monica but she's going to need a

change of identity a new name she

settles on the name of the Mullins lead


animals Annabelle's doll comes into the

possession of John and Mia form a young

couple in Santa Monica getting ready for

the birth of their first child

Mia is decorating the nursery with sort

of terrifying dolls and John decides he

should get her the most terrifying one

it's not long after that that we find

out what Janice or Annabelle as she's

known these days has been up to since

escaping the Mullins farm after she was

adopted by the Higgins John and Mia's

neighbors she joined a cult along with

another member of that cult she sneaks

into her adoptive family's home and

murders them Annabelle and her

accomplice then enter the forms home and

attack them while the cops killed the

male assailant Annabelle grabs hold of

her old doll and kills herself while

holding it transferring the demon right

back to where it started as is always

the case when that horrifying excuse for

a child's plaything is around the forums

are plagued by supernatural attacks in

researching the events with Evelyn a

bookstore owner Mia discovers the demon

is after her soul the forms priests

father Perez takes the doll with the

intention of having a certain

demonologist duo exorcise it but the

demon attacks and soon possesses him the

demon abducts the forms newborn

demanding Mia's soul in exchange for the

child's life but Evelyn wracked with

guilt over causing her own daughter's

death sees this as a chance to redeem

herself sacrificing herself to the demon

to keep Mia and her daughter safe thanks

alfre woodard Annabelle and the demon

controlling her disappear into the night

but nobody puts Annabelle in the corner

except the Mullins who put her in a

closet which is four corners it's a room

she resurfaces six months later in a

pawn shop wish

purchased as a present for a nursing

student named Demi and as we know

Annabelle is a terrible roommate

starting with passive-aggressive notes

and ending up being just plain

aggressive but debbie is smart Debbie

knows what's up Debbie calls in the big

a demonologist and medium respectively

the married couple are famous for their

ability to combat supernatural

infestations and attacks and managed to

seal the possessed doll away in their

Museum of potential conjuring spinoff

ideas in 1971 and lorraine are assisting

during an exorcism when the victim grabs

lorraine causing her to have a vision of

EDS death she locks herself into

seclusion for eight days after the

premonition giving Edie serious

reservations about subjecting her to

further investigations a few months

after that the Perrin family Rodger

Carolyn and their five daughters find

the perfect home in Harrisville Rhode

Island you know the one Bathsheba cursed

forever an eternity almost a hundred

years ago and as it turns out vengeful

witches can raise just about as much

hell as demons and the spirit of

Bathsheba quickly wreaks havoc on the

parents Carolyn seeks out ed and

Lorraine for help and with the tell-tale

signs of temperature shifts rancid meat

smells and mocking up the Holy Trinity

it doesn't take the Warrens long to

surmise that yep this is a real-life

demonic infestation though ed is still

reluctant to risk Lorraine's health the

two of them take the case they set up a

number of traps to catch the spirit on

camera to prove to the Catholic Church

that the parents are really being

haunted so that they'll approve and

perform an exorcism and boy do they

prove it

the parens move into a motel but the

damage is done

Bathsheba succeeds in possessing Carolyn

forcing her to take two of her daughters

back to the house to kill them the

Warrens arrived just in time to stop

Carolyn from murdering one of her girls

but when they tried to take her outside

her skin starts to burn Bathsheba won't

let her leave forcing Edie to perform

the exorcism himself it doesn't stick

right away but with the one-two punch of

Edie calling out the spirit by name and

Lorraine using some magic hands to make

Carolyn remember her family they managed

to cast Bathsheba out and man does

Carolyn cast out Bathsheba the Warrens

returned home with a creepy keepsake for

their creepy collection and a lead on a

new case in Long Island one that you've

probably heard of as it's popularly

known today The Amityville Horror it's

1976 and while in the Amityville house

Lorraine has the same vision of EDS

death she had during the exorcism five

years prior this time though the vision

is preceded by an appearance from VALIC

the demon nun the following year the

infernal goes international the Hodgson

family single mom Peggy and her four

kids begin to experience supernatural

phenomena but it's the second oldest

Janet who sees the most of what's going

on the ghosts of the elderly bill

Wilkins a previous tenant of the house

wants these pesky meatbags out of his

home probably so he can eat buttered

saltines and watch the news at full

volume or something the Warrens catch

wind of the Hodgson's plight but this

time around it's Lorraine that's

reluctant to let Edie take the case

given her premonition but of course they

go anyway because horror movies demand

horror movie choices

despite some evidence that Janet may be

faking the possession though we all know

how dumb that is given all the spooky

stuff going on Ed and Lorraine

discovered that the nun is the one

controlling the ghost of bill Wilkins

and tormenting the Hodgson's

this all leads to a confrontation with

the nun and the possessed Janet Edie

goes in alone to save her putting the

first pieces of Lorraine's premonition

into motion but Lorraine realizes that

during her vision of the nun she

managed to write or stab the nuns name

into her Bible as we learned in the

first conjuring demons hate their own


Bathsheba so Lorraine goes into the

house and identifies the nun as valley

that is a mouthful you know what let's

just call it Valley can be done with it

she succeeds in casting VALIC back to

hell saving Janet from possession and

saving Edie from getting the wash

treatment and that ladies and gentlemen

is the conjuring universe timeline in

chronological order we'll see what the

nun adds to the story when it releases

on September 7th but until then be sure

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