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Mercedes Benz Tire Pressure Light: What Does It Mean?

hi I'm Phil with mercedes-benz at Carey

today I want to talk to you about tire

pressures I know it can be quite

annoying especially when that warning

light pops up in the instrument cluster

but it's really important so the vehicle

is telling us that our right rear tire

is low on pressure now we will obviously

go ahead and check all of them but we

know that this is the culprit that is a

lease setting off the warning light now

we go into the inside of our gas flap

and right in here on every Mercedes Benz

it will show you the specified levels of

what they need to be let's go ahead and

fill this up right now and then we'll

get to resetting now that we know that

all of our tires are set we need to

reset the monitor to do that we get the

driver's seat and we start the vehicle

now when we're on the mileage screen we

want to hit the left button and that

brings up our sub menu we're going to

press the button two times

takes us to the service menu now you can

already see the tire pressure line up

there we're going to scroll down

highlight it and press ok

now here it says tire pressures will be

displayed after driving a few minutes

that's wonderful but that's still not

resetting the system so we have to press

down once and now we see use current

pressures as new reference values so now

we're going to press ok and the system

is going to reset after driving for

about 5 to 10 minutes

the pressures will pop up on the screen

and you'll all be set with the system

reset the car is good to go now I know

that the light is really annoying really

put a pain in your day but it's really

important having the proper tire

pressures ensures that you maintain the

proper fuel mileage ride quality as well

as having safe tires

nobody wants a blowout going down the

road simply because you have low tire

pressure and all you had to do is fill

it up so stop by anytime you need to

have it taken care of or if we're not

here at least you can use the tips I've

just given you to take care of it

yourself so stay tuned for future videos

and tips on how we here at mercedes-benz

akari take care of your investment

thanks for watching