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Should dogs wear clothes? - CLOTHES FOR DOGS

the use of dog clothes has always

generated controversy is it really

necessary to protect dogs from the cold

can we dress them in clothes daily is it

harmful to their health or well-being if

you have doubts about the use of clothes

for dogs you probably care about their

welfare and not only about their

aesthetic benefits of clothing in this

animal wise video we will explain when

it is necessary and unnecessary for a

dog to wear clothes we will also be

discussing how to choose the best

clothes for your pup from more of a

veterinary and ethological point of view

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is it really necessary to dress a dog

some owners even those with the best

intentions choose to dress their dogs on

the premise that they suffer from the

cold in winter however it is important

to understand that dogs are not human

and they have evolved in such a way that

they need to be respected dressing a

Nordic dog such as Earth Siberian Husky

does not make any sense and can be

harmful to this breed by dressing this

dog in clothes it doesn't allow for

adequate air circulation through the

dog's mantle thus causing an increase in

its body temperature there are also some

people who only choose to dress their

dogs for aesthetic reasons without

actually taking into consideration how

it can negatively affect their animal

clothing can often cause stress anxiety

and discomfort in dogs and this needs to

be kept in mind however despite it being

a negative practice in some cases in

others it is advisable if you live in a

very cold environment and notice that

your dog is shivering a lot and is

becoming uncomfortable in the cold

we suggest dressing your dog in clothes

we recommend this specifically for dogs

who sleep outside in kennels this

clothing can keep them warm at night

allowing for a more comfortable sleep if

you want to dress your dog in clothes we

suggest first considering whether it is

necessary and whether your dog will

really benefit from it if you do decide

to dress your dog make sure that it is

always comfortable and its natural

movements are comfortable rather and


when should we dress a dog during the

winter it may be advisable to dress a

dog especially if they are puppies

elderly dogs dogs with health problems

or dogs with very short or no hair such

as a chihuahua or a Chinese Crescent we

can also use raincoats to protect our

animals from the rain

how to choose dogs clothes the most

important thing is that your dog feels

comfortable not only do tight clothes

bother the dog but it can prevent it

from carrying out its normal movements

you must also take into the count the

type of hair and the physical size of

your dog for example oh these animals

can overheat if they are put in clothes

this would put them at a higher risk of

suffering from heatstroke an example of

a dog that should not wear clothes would

be a Maltese mission a breed such as

this would suffer from excessive heat

and discomfort if put in clothing it is

also important to avoid clothes that

have buttons zippers or that afraid this

is because the dog could ingest these

clothing bits or unintentionally hurt

itself when cheap is really expensive

ever heard the saying cheap is expensive

if we do not consider investing in good

quality clothes dogs which are more

sensitive can manifest allergic

reactions to materials the type of

detergent which you use to wash your

dog's clothes can also cause allergies

therefore it is important to always wash

your dog's clothing with neutral soap

avoiding the use of chemicals another

common problem when people put clothes

on their animal is when the dog is not

completely dry a wet dog favours the

proliferation of bacteria and fungi that

can cause irritation and allergy

symptoms of a dog allergy include some

allergy symptoms and dogs appear as

intense itching reddened skin the

presence of open wounds and pastels on

the skin alopecia swelling of the skin

obvious discomfort and scratch

if you detect any of these clinical

signs do not hesitate to stop using

clothes and consult your veterinarian

immediately in conclusion if your dog is

not a type of breed that can wear

clothes there are other accessories on

the market these accessories include

necklaces and harnesses which are not

harmful to your dog but remember the

comfort and health of your dog is always

the most important thank you so much for

watching this animal wise video if you

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