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How to get all puffles in 2020! (ClubPenguin Online, Read Desc)


plays here and today I'll be teaching

you how to get every single puffle in

2020 of April

what is it sixth right now I'm in April

six yeah so I'll be teaching know how to

get every single puffle from this point

and above so this is half of every

puffle in the game so I'll be teaching

how to get everyone since you know such

as like the unicorn or the rainbow or

the silver the gold it's pretty simple

so I'll step on you wanna go to the map

and then choose the plaza to get the

crisp set of your cuff doors the first

set of puffles rules the final clear

I don't







sobs now I can't find the golden nuggets

please walk around you can dig for gold

nuggets until you log off you know you

just walk around and your puffle

collected so now I'll be teaching how to

get the rainbow and that was the gold

now the rainbow the rainbow does he come

back to the plaza and enter the puffle

motel and you want to go to the front

desk and press this so it says adopting

a puffle launched from the rooftop

Canyon but in order to do that you have

to complete all the tasks it's obviously

gonna start with number one is

exercising puffle this exercise I think

you in a minute there you go so you

could just collect your money and then

you don't want to on the second one and

also cluttering online gives you all

members pass well at least I got it for

free and sort of my friends so maybe you

could try it and for number two you

don't want to go here so it says this

bubble TAS is not ready yet but what I

like to do is we're looking for

protectors and I know what it is from

the picture and I already did so what is

this like a little sauce to all you want

to do is just sit down there needs to be

and then just let it go

no five seconds and there you go boom

collect it you did that number one and

two are done it says you have to wait

for 20 minutes we'll need to do the next


so our this one will really hard to get

well are you going to do just a few here

I'm palpable you want to enter the


no the room where everything is then

what you want to do just sit in one of

these chairs or the coffee and just let

you eat just like that when you get the

little plus you're gonna want to go to

the checklist and collect

and last but not least the last one is

just sleep in a chair whatever nonsense

until you get the little check I don't

think you get it but easy to sleep I

already have the rainbow puzzle so maybe

that's the problem


hmm oh there you go I got it now and

pull I'm going to do that now you can

select your bonus coins I give it to you

and then now you want to go there with

all to be on the cannons oh no I had a


let me try to go in the elevator and

come back so now I can do it unless I'd

done it before it's not winning


although I could press the cannon now so

you want to go in the cannon and as I

see we're entered the launches you into

the rainbow cloud and now you're here

you can now adopt your rainbow puffle

and it should see I have one already but

maybe I can get another one you can name

it whatever you want

I need my last time true fruit loops on

my name in this one fruity house you see

fruity and boom I have another rainbow

puffle and just to show you this was not

cut out I have one right here and

originally in the beginning in the video

I already had one so as you see there

here fruit loop

fruity just like that so now what you're

gonna want to do I'm gonna be teaching

you how to get the zoo's like the the

rain what's called the reindeer the Fox

or raccoon and the unicorn and whatever

the other one was so you want to go to

the puffle wild right next to the ski

hill and the stadium puffle while and

then they are you have four you know

little oh yeah in a rabbit so you can

choose whatever color so you got these

reindeer you got these like foxes or

Reclamation's or badges and then you got

your unicorn which you cannot actually

choose the color but you can adoptees

and then obviously your little your

little money so that is how you're gonna

get these animals so now if you get the

rare animals and animals they cannot

actually buy from you know going around

it'll be at the top right next to the

discord logo wanna press the little

green puffle and as you see you're

probably like oh she's challenging this

stuff but what you want to do is go to a

duck and you have all these so mmm so I

actually purchased this one I named it

all off so you can also get this one

this one all them the dinosaurs on the

bottom the aliens on top really interest

or you know all this stuff

very interesting so I'm pretty sure

there's more that you can get I I just

don't know for sure yet but these are

the ones that like I know of so thank

you guys for watching I'm assuming these

are all of the puzzles you can actually

acquire any game and like the video and

comment down below if you want if you

want me to show you how to complete um

all of the stamps for certain games like

if I go here if I press on the mine and

if I press on the mining game

this is cart surfer so I see if I leave

they will have a whole bunch of stamps

to complete and this is for almost every

single game so yeah if you want to learn

how to do like some of these stamps and

it's comment down below and another way

to do this is you can just go to your

stamps just press the next page and you

see the stamps all this stuff so I'll be

making more Club Penguin videos is on my

PC actually and as you see 89 out 341st

so this is gonna be my progress I'm

gonna try to gain all the way to 300 I

also play from now until April 9th to

get yourself all the Star Wars stuff

that's how I actually got my igloo to be

this see all this stuff my little

puffles down there and if there is any

puffles I am missing just comment down

below and I'll put like another you know

like way to get them so yeah thank you

guys for watching and I hope you guys

like this Club Penguin video next video

coming out will be my do a Minecraft

video cuz actually the day after I'm

recording this me and my friends are

putting up a realm and we're just gonna

be in survival but I have really good

plans so thank you guys for watching and

I'll see you later peace