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How To Find Your Facebook Pixel Code & Pixel ID

hi guys I'm Anthony so in this video

we're going to talk about how to find

your Facebook pixel right and I'll kind

of go through how you can set up a

Facebook pixel too but first of all

you're gonna land into your Facebook Ads

account if you have never set this up

we're gonna just want to search Facebook

Ads get it set up but once you get it

all set up you know and enable it before

account to run Facebook Ads

what you're gonna do is you just gonna

click up here and then you're going to

go into pixels all right and then once

you click on pixels alright you're gonna

end up on a page that looks similar to

this and this is where you're gonna

create your first Facebook pixel right

and when it comes to creating pixel you

just literally just hit degree alright

and once it hit create you can just name

it whatever you want so I'll just name


pixel fun me Tess pixel okay and then

they want you to add a URL so I'll just

do pic so five test calm alright once

you yeah just hit create and this is

wonder because it starts getting set up

okay and then this is how you're gonna

get the ID and a code for your Facebook

pixel so once we were here there's

different options right for pixel for me

if you're gonna just use the manual and

started code yourself for using it with

anything like such a Shopify or hooking

out to Google tag manager you just use

this so once you get to mailing it

started coded or so code dad you're

gonna be looking for is this one right

here in number two copy the entire pixel

code okay so this is a pixel code that's

gonna fire off every single time when

you add it to you know your links so

when a customer clicks on your link its

pixel code will go ahead and fire it off

and you're gonna be able to track the

users and pixel your users because they

click on Billy alright so once we do

that you copy and paste that

woof-woof inside pixel find me right

you're gonna go to add a tracking code

you're gonna end up on this page you

want to go ahead and name you know

something relative to most likely the

same thing you name it here

alright so I took I named mine

as pixel 5s pixel let's do a Facebook

takes off and then you're gonna copy and

paste the code here right in number two

and that how you add your pixel follow

me code and that's how you find a

Facebook pixel code in case you already

went through this step right it will go

ahead and already show in your Facebook

Ads manager here under pixels so if I go

back to you that's a pixels again see so

now your Facebook pixel ID is just gonna

show right here right and this is gonna

be your Facebook pixel ID okay and

that's gonna be an information if it

doesn't seem like it's set up to you it

will continue asking you these questions

and you could just go through the guide

to follow through and get it all set up

but the code that you install it earlier

in here will be the one that you need to

add to fix finding