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5 Rare Car Locations In GTA 5 Single Player

hi there I'm CAC 36 gaming and today I'm

going to show you five rare cars and

their secret locations in GTA 5

single-player so the first car location

is the adder this card is located close

to Michael's house right here it's

mostly on the right-hand side and this

by the arch right here if it's not here

you can always go around the block come

back and it should be here and I can

guarantee you this and that is how you

can find the adder car

this is a spawn location for the

zentorno it is a rare spawn right here

at Los Santos customs in Burton and it

is located right here on the map this is

one of three locations that the zentorno

can be found but this is the most rarest

this is a second of three spawn

locations for the zentorno it usually

spawns at night at this location but for

some reason its part today a day and I'm

very lucky this is located in West

Vinewood at this garage you walk up the

driveway from here you walk up then you

turn left and there should be a garage

if there's not as in tour know then you

just go around the block and come back

and there's the zentorno

the third and final way to find a Zen


is to find it on the streets and this is

extremely rare

this is the spinal gear for this

devotion Masako it is common to be found

everywhere on a map but customer to find

it customizes even more rare the devotee

can be found at this location the same

location where you could find this

internal inside of this garage you just

come around you go up the driveway and

go into the garage and there should be

devotion if there is not then you have

to go around the block and it should be

there this thing mostly spawns at night

and you can find it right here

this is a spawn location for the Dinka

gesture that is customized I personally

hate this vehicle and this found here

and it is the third of four vehicles

that can be spawned here it's at the

same garage in West Vinewood and you if

it's not here you can just go around and

there's four different cars that you can

be found here and I hate this because

when I parked it in Michaels garage it

one day I come back try to get in the

car and everything is gone except its

wheels so we call it the magic

Wheelmobile so I'm just going to show

you how to get it that's pretty nice car

pretty nice color job but personally I

hate it so much I must throw sticky bomb

at it it's so bad so yeah and I hate

this car so much but it's not a bad car

this is a spawn location for the Turismo

it can be spawned here and it is pretty

rare it is you can find it right here

you just enter the garage and you come

up and it should be around here there's

all you can also find a chrome Dinka

jester here and yeah it's a pretty nice

car it's my favorite car of them all and

it's pretty sweet and the colors are

awesome and it's a pretty sexy car