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*TOP 5* FASTEST CARS IN GTA 5 ONLINE *Top Speed Edition* (Diamond And Casino Resort DLC)

welcome back everyone to another grand

theft auto v video and in this video I'm

going to show you the top five fastest

cars currently in the game now vehicles

in this game are going to be categorized

by different you know areas but for this

one for this video exactly we're gonna

be doing the top speed vehicles because

you know we got top speed acceleration

fastest lap time there's so many

categories that this vehicles in so I

couldn't do one like in general so I

think for this video we're just gonna do

the top five vehicles with the best top

speed so guys let's just go ahead and

get into this video hopefully you guys

do like it and if there's anything that

I did wrong or anything that I should

have included please let me know down in

the comments and I will do my best to

answer them and with that being said

let's just go ahead and get right into

it coming at number five is the over

flawed in any xx art now it talks beyond

this vehicle is 128 miles per hour the

vehicle class is a supercar it is

actually priced at two million three

hundred five thousand dollars with a

real real Drive now it's me I feel like

this vehicle won't be the best for like

um you know doing races and stuff just

because it has really bad handling and

does not have the best turning um so for

that one I do not like that but the

speed is extraordinary I mean it is

pretty fast on its own it definitely

beats all the other vehicles behind it

but it is definitely not the fastest

vehicle so let's just go ahead and go

into number four coming in at number

four is a profit of Banshee 900 are

started this vehicle beats the other

vehicle by a hundred thirty one miles

per hour the vehicle class is also super

now surprisingly this thing is very

cheap with the price range of five

hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars

and what makes it so great is the real

roads Rob to me this car is the best for

racing just because of how much away you

don't worry about flying in the air

you're always saying don't force and

it's also really really good at speed so

you don't only have to worry about you

know the weight messing up

how fast the car is is really good for

racing to me the handling is is decent

enough for racing so I think this one is

good for racing the other vehicle didn't

feel like it's just because it had

really bad handling and the controls or

just very hard to control but anyway

guys is that is it for number four let's

just go ahead and head on to number

three hitting the number three spot is

the two best eight eight now this is a

vehicle a lot of people think are really

really fast and yes it is incredibly

fast but it's definitely not the fastest

car in this list so you know a lot of

people who do take this one as the fast

car it is currently not as right now but

the thing hits a top speed of 131 miles

per hour

the same as the other vehicle except for

its point 75 I don't even know how to

say that also this vehicle is again a

superclass of vehicle every other

vehicle is going to be super except for

the very last one and I feel like a lot

of people know about it but just in case

now this thing is priced a little bit

expensive at 1 million seven hundred and

ninety five thousand dollars so it is a

little pricey but I feel like I feel

like if I had to choose between a two

I'm most likely to choose the Banshee

just because of how cheap it is um they

both talked about the same speed but

this one is a little bit faster not by

much but it is faster which is why I say

just go for the Banshee if you are

choose between the two because you can

easily just how crazy the engine and you

it probably be just faster than the best

state without any upgrades so guys

that's what I think about it and yes I

know I know you're like why don't you

switch it in well that's because I'm

trying to test the top speed the defense

take it does have faster top speed than

the Banshee but in my opinion fire crews

between the two it would definitely be

the Banshee but let's go ahead and go on

to number two now these two vehicles

were very very close with each other

because they were tightly two fastest

vehicles that people actually um get

into arguments about because it's a very

hard to figure out which toward the

fastest but

because of a mine menu we actually

figured out which one was the fastest

with its top speed so let's just go

ahead and get on with in number 2

coming in at number 2 we have the mr.

811 so top speed on this one beats all

of them just by one mile it is currently

set at 132 miles per hour

it is also classified as a super um car

the price range is from 1 million

$135,000 and the good thing about this

one that separates every other vehicle

is that it is all it will drop it also

weighs about 1600 kilograms which I

don't have that even matters really I

don't even know how I got measured but

that's how much it weighs and I think

this one is really fast but I don't

think it's the fastest some people say

this the fastest I don't think it is and

I think most people who talk about fast

cars know what's gonna be at number 1 so

let's just go ahead and get right into

it coming in at number 1 destroying all

the other vehicles is of course the

Ocelot party now I try to save material

and then a people that trigger so I

think I have to say I think partying is

always saying it if not I give up but

anyway guys this thing destroys the

other vehicles about about 4 miles per

hour it is actually its top speed out

136 miles per hour and one of the

weirdest things about this guy's now all

of the other cars have been in the

supercard category this one is in the

sport category funny enough it really is

now this thing from what I know of is

railroad drive um I don't know if it's

true or not I just feel like it is

because of the white tires spin but oh

yeah guys hopefully you do like this now

I going to tell you right now the

information I got was from a website and

if you guys are interested in looking

into that website I will leave

that in the description and guys

hopefully this helps you guys out

hopefully you what guys can all agree

with it if not please let me know down

in the comments I love hearing you your

guys opinions and everything else now

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but anyway also have something else I

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guys hopefully do like this video

hopefully and helped out if it did then

that's awesome but stay safe out there

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