find the

BloodBorne: how to get insight before cleric beast.

hey guys this is Harris again welcome

all hunters to yharnam this video I want

to show you guys how to get insight

right from the beginning so you can

level up before you even face cleric

beast it has multiple benefits not only

you can level up and also I mean you'll

be able to defeat other enemies pretty

easily once you started start leveling

up and if the cleric beast is giving you

a lot of hard time you can just keep

farming level up and see if that would


well I'm gonna begin I show you what

path to take I'm gonna assume in this

video that you have already unlocked

that gate if you haven't all you have to

do is avoid avoid that great bridge that

you see right there

if you see a long narrow stretch of

bridge with two lichens and a crow and

big hammer dude or a brick dude stay

away from that bridge because that's

where the cleric beast is if you're new

just explore the place and I'll tell you

close get you close enough how to where

this gate is as long as you follow this

video so let's see here Shh I'm gonna do

a visual attack on him oh no I'm not

apologize instead of r2 I pressed r1 and

maybe we'll find somebody else so you

want to go through go down here through

this house you're gonna need your torch

there's an enemy here pretty hard to see

oh by the way for beginners once you

kill this dude you see that little area

right there the little corner do not go

in there if you if you go in there and

you get stuck you basically have to

create a new character flat out because

unless you have this item to a vacant

you route to a nearest lamp you're stuck

here your character will be stuck no

matter how many times you reload the

game so just just be aware do not do not

roll in there thank you okay so we're

gonna go through that door then this

door nice and easy

change my weapon to trick form

know how much I know what's going on

over here you're gonna encounter a bunch

of these dogs kill them all and then

there is this one shoot walk up smack

that's the easiest way you can kill dogs

instead of em jumping on you cuz I know

they do a lot of damage I know that

let's see here

I know there's another one over here

get down smack well that's another way

you can defeat them now what you want to

do is once you talk to this lady

there'll be a dog barking here you save

her you talk to her then you go down

this pathway right here once you're here

I want to see if this guy's coming up

there's a there's a there yes there's an

enemy here I want to kill him so he

doesn't disturb us charge up my weapon

and he's dead you see what I'm talking


axe is devastating in the beginning now

a lot of people don't notice when they

come here is that there's a pathway

right there

make sure you do not roll too far you

will drop and die yeah I mean yeah do

not roll too far if you walk this way

the path that I'm taking you see these

bodies that are hanging they have items

on them there's one then another one

will be all the way on the other end

make sure you cut these bodies down but

in the process of cutting down do not

follow them all right yes take the exact

same path I did you'll see this hidden

room you go in here and you'll me Elaine

the crow do not attack her please a lot

of people have made that mistake you

want her as your ally not your enemy so

you talk to learning about what and she

gives you that and an item but I already

have the item so once you have that you

can come out here and I will tell you

the location of the first madman madmen


I'm gonna attempt this and this I did

this when I was level 10 I fell from

here and and I landed on that platform

below me if you can see where the item

is and lived whoa ah too far

remember try to land on that platform

please if you don't you will die

and once you get down here guys the Mad

Men's knowledge will be right here on

this body now let me clarify before I

got shot down is the ledge that I was

standing on right there right there you

want to fall down to where that item is

right now and you will live I did that I

did this at level 10 and I survived but

remember once you survived that all

those rats are gonna attack you so what

you want to do is roll down here as soon

as you can and heal and run up over here

crossing these two rats that I just

defeated and get this knowledge and then

if you die it's okay you already have

the item you want to pick this up before

you die you can keep doing the attempts

keep going at it and try to get it but

if you do get it the doll will wake up

and let you level up this is where the

first Mad Men knowledge is I hope this

video helped I tried to do it as best as

I could but got shot down again remember

to land on this platform right here

where the item is and thank you guys for

watching this video and I'll try to come

up with more tips for the beginners and

keep telling you guys what's going on

thank you