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iPhone X Home Button Adapter Is REAL!

what's up guys everything Apple Pro here

and you will not believe this today I'll

be showing you something that you'll be

asking yourself how did they do that and

both why did they do that

it's actually an accessory I first saw

on 905 Mac and it basically adds a home

button to your iPhone 10 if that was a

feature you're missing you could get it

back right now using this really cheap

adapter I'm not talking about those

virtual on-screen Hall buttons which by

the way do work and it's kind of cool

then you can get the functionality back

if you want to do that I'll leave a link

down below in the description this is an

actual physical home button for your

device so I want to take a look this is

extremely hard to get I don't know why

it's so hard it's made by a tiny company

in China and only by one person

basically I don't know it was really

really hard to get so through something

else in here expanding foam grip alright

but here it is all right they took the

liberty of opening that up for me this

is it's super cheap foam light and let's

get inside of here see what the state is

all about here she is let's go ahead and

get it out of there super excited to try

this out ever since I saw it just liked

how unique of a concept it was let's

check it out

so I from 10 home button plus audio jack

oh yeah I did forget to mention that

this is kind of a do-it-all type of

adapter it basically has a headphone

jack adapter and you can charge your

phone at the same time and you get a

home button to boot so this could be one

of my favorite accessories potentially

support new iowa's 11 points you point

one no need app just plug and play

compatible with iPhone 10 iPhone 5 6 so

I don't know why you would need it on

those maybe on 8 series 7 series would

be good to have but yeah support extend

home button now I don't know if it'll

work on the newer firmware so it says

eleven point two point one so let's

check it out here super tiny very

compact for what it is and pretty well

made I'd say it doesn't really bend or


very solid alright so first impressions

are good now all that's left is to test

it out so let's see what I'm running

here and I was 11 0.3 so the newest

firmware let's see if it works

plugging it in here alright

DoubleTap oh my gosh it actually works

oh my goodnes I did not think it would

on the newest firmware let's jump into

it app Wow

it is literally so responsive that's

crazy so here's a deal with the virtual

home button when you click it there's

like a delay this is instant you click

it and it happens so Wow I am beyond

impressed right now double tap activates

the app switcher going back let's see if

Siri works so holding the home button is

supposed to trigger Siri but it does not

work here so apparently in the article

on iOS eleven point two at the time you

were able to hold this and it would

activate Siri but yeah not working still

though the fact that it works as a home

button and absolute sure you can bring

that up with it is pretty dang cool

let's see if it wakes the device oh yeah

it does cool so you can have it sitting

there and you can wake your device just

by clicking on that home button I really

want to know how this works that's

ridiculous if I click the home Oh

oh my gosh it literally acts as a home

button it thinks I'm clicking home or

swiping up to actually get into the

device that is ridiculously cool wow

these guys did it I don't know how but

they did it so there's that I don't know

why it doesn't activate Siri let me go

get a older firmware device here oh and

something funny I wanted to mention is

that people actually online or making

fun of Apple but eventually iPhones will

have a separate dongle for the home bond

sold separately and touch ID and it's

become a reality you know you don't need

me to make fun of it anymore just

because it's real so I thought that that

was quite interesting here's an iPhone 8

plus on 11.2 oh and this one does work

on series so I'm able to get Siri

working here if I hold the home button

oh wait what just happened I was able to

know now it's working all right so with

my other devices I've determined that

the cutoff for the Siri functionality is

I was eleven point two point six

anything above that Iowa's eleven point

three this does not work anymore so that

functionality has been removed but

somehow they are getting this to work if

you guys know let me know because I

seriously cannot believe this actually

works I've never seen an adapter that

actually can trigger the home button

from a different device that is amazing

alright so I want to see if this thing

delivers on its other

mrs. and I would be the actual headphone

jack working and charging it at the same

time so let's start with this iPhone

plus USB audio device it is recognized

here yeah so it is playing from here

actually when you go into the app

switcher you can see USB audio device

connected so let's try charging it at

the same time that actually works



charging does work it is playing music

from here so it delivers upon that

promise and let's see if this works at

the same time - yeah it does

okay guys this is seriously the coolest

iPhone accessory I've played with in a

very long time I seriously cannot

believe this Forex phone if you guys

weren't convinced yet there's actually a

fourth feature they didn't mention that

this adaptor comes with and that's a

stand for your iPhone 10 on its own it

can't stand vertically with this thing

it can so I think that's pretty neat

alright guys so there it is there is the

home button adapter for your iPhone 10

would I recommend it it cost about $15

so it's definitely not overpriced

I mean that's what you'd pay pretty much

for an adapter like this or you can

charge and listen to music at the same

time this just has the added benefit of

a working home button I've never seen an

accessory that does this and does it so

well I mean it basically does it

instantly how how fast a swipe would

work so also app switcher is instant

right away the virtual on-screen home

button has a delay and the absolute real

one maybe works a little bit better but

still this thing is incredible I

definitely did not think I would like it

so much but as an adapter as something

that can play music and charge your

phone at the same time and have a home

button it's cool you know I definitely

want to see myself using it just because

I like the swipe so much but if you guys

wanted the physical home button back on

your device you certainly can have it

with this device so I'll leave a link to

where you guys can buy it down below in

the description just wanted to share

this saini piece of tech with you I

seriously absolutely loved it so check

it out guys it gets five stars for me

seriously cool alright guys hope you

enjoyed it peace