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How to Enable the Secret Home Button on the iPhone X - It's there


hey there saki here from saki tech make

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instagram at saki tech online so the

iPhone 10 is missing the home button

it's gone and now you have to use

different gestures to navigate your

iPhone 10 instead of pressing the home

button to go back home you have to swipe

from bottom of the iPhone 10 towards the

screen instead of double tapping the

home button to bring up the app cards

you have to swipe from the bottom and

take a little pause in the middle of the

screen to bring up the app cards now I

don't have a problem with that but a

bunch of people have complained about

losing the convenience the home button

provided so in this video I'm going to

show you how you can get the home button

on your iPhone X no problem obviously

it's not going to be a hardware button

but the iPhone 10 does have a built-in

virtual home button that is hiding in

the menu let me show you how to enable

that alright so here's all you have to

do the first thing you want to do to

create the virtual home button is to go

to the settings and then scroll down to

general then tap on accessibility and go

to where it says at the bottom a little

bit assistive touch tap on that

assistive touch enable that and boom you

suddenly have a menu right here now as

it is right now the menu actually serves

multiple functions I'm gonna show you

guys how to transform this into a single

tap home button so right now if you tap

this guy it's multifunctional so you can

tap on the home it'll go home you can

tap it again you can actually tap the

control center it brings the control

center down if you want that option you

can have that as well you can tap this

again you can tack on Siri it's gonna

allow you to access Siri if you so

desire and you can also go into

notifications by tapping this little

pull the notifications down and if you

tap it one more time you can even go to

device and do all these things right

over here if you so desire volume up

volume down so for example I can

decrease the volume as you can see and

all this is happening virtually I can go

to more

I could even take a screenshot just by

tapping this boom there's a screenshot

right there let me go back home here

swept that away tap that one more time

let me go to device go to more and I can

even bring up the multitasking pane by

tapping that as opposed to using the

regular gestures but here's what I like

to do if you truly want a home button

that is accessible most of the time by

the way this thing is accessible

anywhere so if I go to Safari it's gonna

be right there and of course you can

take this guy and you can put it

anywhere you want so you don't have to

have it right there if you want it on

the corner here it'll be right there as

a matter of fact it looks a nice over

there so let's go home real quick so let

me show you how to transform this into a

home button really quick so go to

settings you're back in that assistive

touch menu all you want to do is you

want to go to customize top-level menu

you tap on this guy and from here you

have six options these options are the

same options you see when you tap this

icon as you can see they replicate each

other right here so all you want to do

is remove everything and then tap on

custom and then choose home and then

click done

now the customized top-level menu the

top-level menu is exclusively a home

button so I can tap this guy and it's

behaving as a home button would behave

if I double tap it they'll bring up the

multitasking pane just like on the older

iPhones so it's a very convenient

feature to have the great news is this

thing is even further customizable so if

you go in here and if you look at the

assistive touch over here it says custom

actions so you can program what you want

this button to do for a single tap

DoubleTap long press or 3d touch so let

me just show you the 3d touch tap on

that let's say if I 3d touch on this

thing I want to either say to come up or

maybe I want the control center to come

down so let's do that right now go back

out go home that's a regular press if I

do a 3d touch it brings down the control

center okay so it's like a little remote

control sitting on your desk it's a

virtual home button with multi

functionality if you're so

desire and that brings us to the end of

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