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How to Get Home Button on iPhone Screen

so you know I love to make videos like

these because there are people who

search for this kind of stuff for this

kind of question and then find a video

that is going to help them and I just

love when I can help like that so in

this video I'm gonna be talking about

how to get iPhone home button on the

screen or how to remove the iPhone home

button or how to get rid of the iPhone

home button on the screen so let's just

get started first of all what it is it's

just like a flowing flowing button

pretty much literally like it's a

floating rectangle which has the circle

in it and you click it and it's going to

trigger some actions how why is it here

it's here to replace the functions of

some buttons if you have an iPhone that

has a real home button and it doesn't

work then you can use it to tap it and

use it as the home button if you for

example have an iPhone which likes the

functionality of the side button or of

the volume rockers or even of the volume

switch then you can use the floating

home button to replicate that function

and to trigger those actions so for

those of you that are already a little

bit more experienced with the iPhone I

know that there are some subscribers on

my channel that have some knowledge of

the iPhone of course you know that it's

called assistive touch okay but for

those that are not really that

experienced or not and don't know where

to find it you of course have to open up

the settings in here in this second

section you can see there is this one

called accessibility so you open it up

like this and then you click on this

thing and the first thing that pops up

is the assistive touch which is pretty

much the home button on the screen of

the iPhone so you turn it on or enable

and you can see we have it right there

already so you can see it floats around

but it doesn't stay in the middle it

just always gets to the side so it

doesn't stand in the way and there are

some things that you can turn on or

modify using this feature of course by

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continue with the video you can for

example just choose what's going to

happen when you click it so here are all

the functions and then show up when you

click on them so you can have as many as

8 and you can also keep it to just one

so the last one you can customize to for

example clicking on the home button so

you click on home and whenever you click

on this button it just gets you to home

you double tap it you get to the

multitasking panel you triple tap it and

nothing happens but if you we're on and

the iPhone that has the home button the

physical one it would also trigger

series so I think that this is

definitely a great way to replicate a

function in case something happens to

your home button or something happen to

the functionality of the phone or if you

for some reason want to save the

functionality of the button you don't

want to click it you don't want to use

it for some reason you can use an

alternative like assistive touch is

there is also one thing that is

customizable right here and this is the

visibility when you don't do anything

you can see it's pretty visible on the

screen and it can actually stand in a

way sometimes you will just end up

moving it around depending on what you

do so you would actually go ahead and

put it to the minimum which means that

you can barely see then it is right

there it doesn't stand in a way it

doesn't disturb you while watching any

kind of movies or anything like that but

it is still there and you can still use

it normally once you click it it just

goes to the visibility or opacity to

100% and after some time it just

disappears you can barely see that it is

right on my screen and it is still right

there sometimes you may even have a

problem to find it so if 10% doesn't

work for you then perhaps just raise it

to 25 or something but just make sure to

set it up and customize it just so you

like it and so you can use it in the

good way and the way you want and if the

question is how to turn it off or how to

get rid of this function well all you

have to do is just simply turn it off or

to disable it in the settings if you

want to get there just again open up the

settings then you can see this thing

right here you click on this first

option and in the assistive touch is

right there so you can actually

see that these this is everything what

you need to know about it okay so you

turn it off by turning and turning off

the assistive touch but there is one

thing that I didn't really mention is

that there is a way to customize what

happens when you double tap the

assistive touch button or what happens

when you hold down to it like to a

physical button so if you turn it now

you can see that if I go to this long

press you can see that for example I'm

gonna click on turn or lock the screen

so right now if I hold down to it you

can see it just goes black and this is

the good thing about it the

customizability is really great with


I mean Apple doesn't really have that

good customizable things so yeah this

one is something that really works but

I'm just gonna turn it off I doesn't

really use it for me but in case you are

wondering what it is or how you can get

it how you can remove it so hopefully

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