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iPhone 6 / 6s / Plus: Home Button Stuck, Sticky, Unresponsive, Wont Work, Broken- 3 Fixes!!!

okay so this goes for all i phone 6 and

6s as well basically you have an issue

with your home button it's basically

unresponsive or just doesn't work or

maybe it's stuck or maybe it's sticky or

maybe takes you 10 times to get to the

home screen I'm gonna give you guys like

3 possible solution that's going to work

for you now the third method I'm going

to give you it's going to be a

workaround okay so what we're going to

do the first two ones that can possibly

fix this issue okay so the first way to

do it is basically go ahead and

recalibrate your your home button and

what you want to do here is first you

want to open up open up any app that's

pre-installed or pre-loaded so I just

like to open up the camera app it's fine

how'd that open and then what you do

from here is go ahead and press and hold

down your power button until the slider

comes on here give it a second okay

until this screen comes on then press

and hold the home button in a wait till

you get back to the home screen okay

now this may take you guys like two or

three times for do this because I mean

it's possible that especially if you

have a unresponsive home button period

so you want to just try like two or

three more times it doesn't work we'll

go over to the next option okay and this

next option here what's going to help

most of you guys okay so you want to do

is go into power off your phone first

and just take no guys I'm not

responsible for if your phone breaks or

doesn't work or something happens the

screen or they like that okay so the

second method is basically get yourself

rubbing alcohol

and it really doesn't matter if it's

like 70% or 80% 99% it really doesn't

matter okay just use rubbing alcohol

I've used water in the past before and

I've got all a lot of my phones off but

it's not recommended use water because

you're dealing with circuits and stuff

like that and it's possible liquid can

get on there so just get rubbing alcohol

and then what you want to do is open up

make sure your phone is off okay and

then go ahead and just put your finger

in there and just put like a little tiny

bit like on your finger and then grab

your phone and circle around the

crevasse area around your home button

keep doing that for a little while and

then what you want to do is you want to

start pushing your button in and keeping

your some of your fingertip on

top of the crevices well I do this for

30 or 60 seconds see it's possible that

you know you would be surprised how much

like grime or oil or dust or lint that

actually gets in there you know it's

possible even if you you know if your

keys are sticky you could have dropped

like soda or coffee or something like

that on your as well and this will get

your home button up and working so just

go ahead and keep going around like that

30 seconds 30 60 seconds another way to

do it to I mean this way is a little bit

easier and sometimes the finger method

didn't work for me on how to use acute -

q-tip way and a q-tip actually worked

for me you have a q-tip just dip it in

there and then go ahead and circle

around the home button like this and

then start pressing using a q-tip

pressing the home button and trying to

get around the crevice as well I'll keep

doing at 30 60 seconds and then what you

want to do from here is you want to go

ahead and wipe it off get like a paper

towel or something and sometimes you can

see like oil or some kind of grey or

black stuff come out as well or you can

just get like a towels okay to just get

a towel kind of rub it around and then

what you want to do is you want to turn

your phone over and you want to give it

a couple of bangs just in case you got a

little bit too much of rubbing alcohol

in there you can get a little bit out

just to play it on the safe side

now also take note the guys if you guys

are under warranty

you can take an apple store and they'll

fix it for free okay so this is for you

guys that our auto warranty or the Apple

store is just too far for you or you

just don't want to waste time going okay

which is a how I do that I don't want to

waste my time driving like an hour to

get there you tap in a couple times and

then go ahead and power on your phone

and hopefully your home button is up and

running out if it's not then I would

suggest go ahead and give this method a

few more tries give it two or three more

times try it again if it doesn't work

then I'm gonna give you a third option

which is basically just a workaround

it's not actually fixing it okay and

this rubbing alcohol I mean it's really

cheap another thing is to I don't

recommend using nail polish reusing nail

polish before a couple times and there

was a few times where it actually ate

something up inside the home button with

a home button started spinning or other

times where one time where they actually

home but actually came off so I mean

I've heard a lot of success with nail


but you know in for our case we've had

some very bad outcomes using nail polish

remover okay so I'm here what you want

to do is you just want to go ahead and

log into your phone and then you want to

go to settings you want to go under

general and then from here you want to

go down to accessibility and then from

here what you want to do is you want to

go to assistive touch now click on that

yours is going to be off go ahead and

click it on and then this is going to

pop up here and you're able to move this

you know pretty much anywhere on the

phone like around the sides and if I

click on it you'll see an option here

it's just home bones I'm going to click

on that home button and there you go now

this is cool too because you can

actually still do a screen shot so okay

so if for example if I hold down my

power by my hung button here

simultaneously you know you're still

going to get us to be able to do a

screen shot so that's pretty much it you

guys any questions or anything just

comment below you guys subscribe share

like that'll be great right thanks but