find the

How to fix the red disconnected icon on Apple Watch

does your Apple watch have that little

red disconnected symbol at the top

well I'm Brighton West and today I will

show you a simple method to reconnect

your Apple watch and your iPhone okay

here you can see that there's the little

red disconnected icon so it says it's

disconnected from your iPhone so just

from this screen just go up slide up

from the bottom and then slide all the

way over to the left till you get to

this point it says it's disconnected and

turn on airplane mode just for a few

seconds and then you can turn off

airplane mode and see if it reconnects

so if you're not able to fix that on

your Apple watch you head over to your

iPhone and go into settings and then go

into Bluetooth and turn bluetooth off

and then turn bluetooth back on and

you'll see there that the Apple watch is

now connected great I hope that helped

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