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Joe Rogan | Is the Impossible Burger Healthy?

the Joe Rogan experience tear and it's

five hours from Cleveland so wasn't it

wasn't a quick chop late for the food

poisoning sketchy so you know it sucks

it was all had an end four or five times

in my life it's never never good that's

the second time the first time I had it

was in college was the worst thing ever

it was way worse this was both ends this

is when your mouth and back door when

you're it's like a cartoon ahead in

college from movie theater popcorn what

that's real [ __ ] movie that's real [ __ ]

food here's how we knew we me and this

other dude we had totally different

meals all day and this other friend of

ours too and long story short whatever

we both woke up sick at the same time

like in the middle of the night and we

had asked when I went to the doctor

finally the next day because I was sick

all day and the doctor was like would

you eat I detailed and he goes oh yeah

sometimes the butter can be spoiled or

rotten Oh actual butter yeah oh maybe

that's why they use that fake ass butter

oh yeah which is that fake gas burner

[ __ ] what the [ __ ] is movie popcorn

theater butter made out of it's not real

butter because most places don't have

real but Jamie's laughing at my

sicknesses no movie popcorn what do you

think it is it's like it was it was

weird yeah wonderfull Avery oil butter

flavor okay that's not butter

what is that [ __ ] well they say bad

that stuff is for you people used to

think margins the way to go like if you

butters pear before you have some

margarine margarine non-dairy it's me

know it's [ __ ] horrible for you but

all processed oils you know they're

final now from those fake meat burgers

they've wrestled rats they're giving

them liver cancer pull up what would it

would it would the study was yeah yeah

yeah one of those is beyond meat or

impossible meat or not really meat

whatever the [ __ ] it is just yeah not me

but looks like meat we're trying to make

it look like me its processed oils with

grill marks on it why did I do that [ __ ]

it's mostly oils yeah it's like oils

from vegetables it's very lot of soy and

[ __ ] like that

that's like those processed vegetable

oils are terrible for you yeah you know

what's good for you olive oil that's a

good vegetable oil avocado oil is good

for you but

all that other [ __ ] like canola and all

that stuff well [ __ ] there's my

question is it because it's not

naturally occurring feeding studies

suggests the impossible burger may not

be safe to eat

scroll down this is GMO science it says

hold on a second

make the little are rats fed gym rats

what do you do make it bigger that's

just going on rats

sundered stop stop moving go back Jesus

Jamie it stopped go back go back that's

on back oh no it's not there thank you

thank you rats fed the genetic know the

[ __ ] text there buddy rats fed the

genetically modified yeast derived

protein soy whoa say that word LaHaye

gamma globin no the jicama glow but hate

my globin

it sounds like an Irishman Danny magma

globin he's a good boy he's very key

ingredient developed unexplained changes

in weight gain and significant signs of

toxicity and signs of toxicity why did I

put the word significant in there wasn't

in there I felt right it did I'm an

editor okay unexplained changes in

weight gain and signs of toxicity and it

said the impossible burgers a

plant-based burger the key ingredient

which is a protein called so late a

heckuva heckuva SL h derived from

genetically modified yeast a rat feeding

study commissioned by the manufacturer

impossible foods found that rats fed SLE

each developed unexplained changes of

weight gain as well as changes in the

blood that can indicate that the onset

of inflammation or kidney disease as

well as possible signs of anemia holy

[ __ ] yeah impossible foods dismissed

these statistically significant effects

as non adverse or having no toxic

already intense it's so funny you can

just dismiss things they just make it a

real study and they're like not real

well they're dismissing it because it's

not convenient it's real simple I mean

the do rat studies doesn't necessarily

mean it transfers to people but that

stuff isn't okay what's the ingredients

let's let's find out what the [ __ ]

it's not the only thing that I've read

I've read things by actual nutritionist

they're saying look you want to be on a

plant-based diet you should eat real

foods you can eat healthy on a

plant-based diet you can eat real

vegetables and avocado and you know

there's plenty of good stuff to eat

coconut oils all this stuff is healthy

for you but we you start making [ __ ]

look like meat that's when [ __ ] gets

squirrely because you're finding all

kinds of your your they're adding all

sorts of processed food why'd you take

that off the screen

I don't wanna be distracting while

you're talking oh no that's okay so what

the [ __ ] is in there top five

ingredients calories four ounce serving

which is pretty skimpy clocks in to 240

calories that's in the range of a beef

burger depending on fat content and

cholesterol the impossible contains no

cholesterol to compare a regular beef

patty contains about 80 milligrams grow


scroll up scroll up scroll up scroll up

fat 14 grams includes 8 grams of

saturated fat which generally considered

less healthy than unsaturated fat that's

not true

it's it's entirely dependent upon the

source and it's entirely dependent upon

Mekhi you're eating like what you're


yeah like the idea that saturated fat is

bad for you this has all been debunked

this is comparable to a beef burger

mostly due to the coconut oil which is

healthy for you [ __ ] this year the

impossible replaced a portion of the

coconut oil which is the highest and

saturated fat goddamnit

with son fala aura which is way shittier

for you which is an unsaturated fat god

damn this you know talking to

nutritionists on this podcast has been

so enlightening but so confusing well

you see the way that people still want

to eat low fat you know and they like

they don't understand like fats are

important your [ __ ] needs them they're

good for your brain they're good for

everything omega-3 omega-6 is that was

the revolution of like I remember as a

kid everything became in like the ladies

and 90s everything was lower fat but it

was higher sugar content right so it was

just like less fat less fat but they

were just increasing the sugar it was

like 1% milk that's the biggest joke

when they're like put sugar in it less

fat yeah but they substituted it with

tons of [ __ ] sugar because it tastes

terrible yeah it tastes like [ __ ]

without the fat all those

monsters have put low-fat milk in their

coffee whoo the face of [ __ ] who are you

the trick got tricked

they got tricked by this idea that

you're supposed to have low fat find out

pull up something

what is the impossible burger healthy is

it healthy well here's because here's

the thing they were pushed that article

obviously was siding with the impossible

burg because they cited three four items

and it was like soy protein coconut in

something else they don't really tell

you how to processes that they make

those that's the thing they won't say

well here's how we derive these things

and [ __ ] process I was gonna say

before I even look this up I don't think

that they're even marketing as being

healthier it's just an alternative you

know for me for people that really still

want to eat it yeah exactly

right but is it healthy for ya I don't

think that there's nothing bothering ya

it's probably less healthy for you than

a [ __ ] McDonald's cheeseburger which

is barely meat anyway