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Slime Rancher - Indigo Quarry Location Rad Gordo Location - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Slime Key

hey everybody how's it going beer bhakti

bokya today with slime ranchers with a

new area in the go quarry and in this

area of the rock border right here which

we've actually done in an hour video

already but it's actually a rad Gorder

also which is kind of hidden and to get

there from the original rock corner we

walk through here it's kind of her face

on the ground a little bit also and he's

the only thing in that room so run free


he likes vegetables so I was having

carrot and whatnot is pretty good I'm

assuming the new type of threw those out

of the game the orca orcas or whatever

they were caught actually this favorite

fruit or vegetable even so you probably

other feet of that if you want to make

it up twice as quick anyway we're pro

class here it's pretty simple actually

just need a jetpack to get across here

here's what you find most of your rad

slimes actually at least a rascal and

that it easy not like to in attendees

area or whatnot so let's go over here

come on boy jump up here haven't been up

there yet one was up there anyway that's

how this game goes so much exploration

to be had do you run free here it's like

a new crazy area and what you do you

take a left right here underneath all

this area and take a left with this

little stone rock thing and this little

tunnel here at the end of the tunnel

there's a rad gordo beautiful stuff

he is right here and there you go up

here where do you go active and being

this way yet Oh carrots everywhere and

it's dead end which you pick up some

more carrots to feed your new Gordo

friend right

I got feed him some erm carrots see what

he likes my buddy have him in a more are

you eating them some of them are

bouncing around

it is radius increasing as they feed him

possibly it makes it he's getting larger

an area

okay so we're going to do going to come

back and try and feed you a bit more

these slimes which you eventually eat

hopefully and we'll see what he jumps

for us probably lots of rad slimes

actually okay we're coming back here to

the rad Gordo let's see if he's gonna be

happy with my new donations here today

eat him buddy eat up get stronger become

massive come strong oh here we go

lots of radiation everywhere and oh it's

an Okie actually sitting on the nuke oh

we nearly died from radiation there oh

I'm at 100 what's gonna happen if I

hit 100 do I die I know we'll find out

okay is my gun kind of broken is that

the thing some scratch marks on it

oh no there's a big old guitars look at

them already out here yeah here buddy

don't bite me bye bye

haha so that's how you get the new key I

guess to find the new arm areas which

obviously will be releasing very soon

hopefully give it a couple of months or


they're pretty good updates actually

when you come to slime Ranchers they're

pretty open about I feel which is very

nice to see look at the massive tabby

guy Artie's all green and he jumps so

high oh my god okay guys thanks for

watching hopefully this video helped you

out to find out where the rad gordo is

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the video so I know you liked the video

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but the sea when it comes out thanks for

watching guys and I'll see you next time

and God their army look at these body

tars aw Jesus ha ha