find the

No ISBN? No problem! How to quickly find a book's value on Amazon

alright this is gonna be a video on

every way I know of how to find a books

value on Amazon so in a perfect world a

book is simply gonna have a scannable

barcode on the back of the book it's

gonna start in 978 that indicates that

it's an ISBN it's the 13 digit version

you can simply scan that with your

phone's camera like we're doing here or

you can hit it with a barcode scanner

and it's gonna pull the value up on your

scanning app instantaneously off you go

that's in a perfect world there's a lot

of cases and I want to show you some

exceptions to this rule and walk you

through how to find the value as fast as

you possibly can so secondarily a lot of

textbooks will have this you're gonna

see the barcode on the left side you'll

see the barcode here

there's your ISBN so you could type that

one in by hand if you want or your phone

scanner is actually smart enough it's a

2 900 number your phone's barcode is

actually smart enough to read that and

interpret it with an FBA scan so you can

simply scan that with your phone or with

a barcode scanner as well and these are

almost always accurate if that barcode

is covered up for whatever reason you

could type in the ISBN here and you'll

be off and running but again this type

of a sticker is usually put on by a

college bookstore again you'll see they

used sticker on the spine there that's a

great tip just by looking over the

bookshelf these will stand out really

easily you definitely want to scan

everything with a used sticker on it

because at one point it was a textbook

alright in a non perfect world you're

still gonna have an ISBN but there's no

barcode to hit now these are great and

again these are gonna be awesome because

most other booksellers are lazy and

they're gonna skip everything that

requires a little bit of effort so you

can simply hand type these ISBNs in to

look up the value and again you'll get

pretty good at looking at the title of

the book understanding the genre and and

knowing whether or not it's worth your

time to scan it in but if you're in a

bookstore and it looks like you know a

lot of the stickers are peeled off and

it looks like other Scouters have been

there you'll see these stickers peeled

back exposing the barcode so they can

hit him with their scanners that's a

good sign that someone else has been

there and I don't get worried most

booksellers are lazy so if you're

willing to type a few of these in take a

few extra seconds you could very well

walk away with some gems that other lazy

booksellers have missed alright moving

on down to the next example here's a

book where

barcode or the ISBN neither of them are

written on the back cover and so again

most sellers are just gonna leave these

on the shelf they take a little bit

extra work let's show you how to walk

through these anything that's related to

the Bible commentaries are usually worth

worth some money so it's worth the time

to look we're gonna open the cover and

look through the first couple pages what

we're doing is we're looking for the

title page right here on the backside of

the title page if it has it will

typically be the ISBN you can see that

right here

so the ISBN will either start with 978

and be 13 digits or it'll start with a 0

or a 1 or whatever and it'll be 10

digits in this case you can just ignore

the hyphens and just type that number

into the FBA scan app and it'll give you

the value again most booksellers are

gonna skip this and it's gonna take a

lot of effort on your part but it's just

a couple extra seconds and it may well

be worth the effort you'll notice

sometimes you'll see these Library of

Congress numbers if the book was

published prior to 1972 or 1973 it won't

have an ISBN it'll just have this

there's no good way that I know of to

find a books value based on this Amazon

unfortunately doesn't track these

Library of Congress numbers if you find

a better way to look those up by all

means let us know and again sometimes

the ISBN here will show different

editions so one might be for softcover

one might be for hardcover one might be

by a different publisher so if there's a

whole list of ISBNs make sure you grab

the right one for the book that you have

alright worst case scenario or scenario

depending on how you say it you're gonna

come across a book no barcode no ISBN

we're gonna go look at the title page

see what we can find that looks somewhat

like a title page so there's the

information you'd normally see on the

back and as you can see there's no ISBN

so we have the copyright date there's

nothing after this so there's no ISBN as

far as we can tell so we can either just

bail on the book and say it's not worth

it or since this it looks cool right

it's the book train you've all joined

the book train welcome aboard

we're gonna show you something else so

if you go back out

it's called J Amazon app it looks like

that the white one there so if you look

this up and you could either type the

title in at the top but that takes a

while or we're gonna go just to the

right of that there's a little camera


and actually it's gonna look at the

cover of the book and we call it a face

scan for lack of a better term and it's

just gonna show you what books kind of

match that design so you're typically

gonna get several results because

there's no ISBN so sellers can list it

almost as many times as they want you'll

notice the one in the middle is

paperback the top and bottom are both

hardcover they're probably the same book

I'm probably gonna go with the one that

has the more offers because it's

probably more popular it's selling for a

penny merchant fulfilled so I'm not real

excited about it if the rank is awesome

it still might be worth grabbing so

we'll go ahead and look and the way to

do that is you come down here it's gonna

say features and details just click

where that little arrow is on the right

and then down here I'll show you the

best sellers rank in this case it's 6.6

million I need this to be selling for

closer to $60 so I'm not interested I'll

put it back and we can try that with

another book so I wouldn't recommend

doing this on every book without a

barcode but you'll develop an eye for

ebooks at some point that you say hey

this one is potentially worth some money

and it might very well and that you

twenty thirty forty dollars and it's

worth your time so again those are just

a few ways that I know of how to check

out the value of an ISBN or a book let

me know if you have other ways and happy