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Let's Play The Witcher 2 [BLIND] - Part 28 - Preparing For, and Defeating The Kayran

geralt here I done goofed

I used the troll tongue in a swallow

potion yes it is I Geralt the potion

master and I've had to battle over a

moral dilemma I debated well I could

just reverse my progress a little bit

and decide not to do that or I could

just buy it

instead directly okay the price for my

silly mistake and that's what I'm gonna

end up doing because I feel like you

make these decisions and you have to

live with them even if it is goofy even

if it's totally not helpful to me in the

long run I'm gonna do it because it was

my mistake and now I'm coming back here

because I need to look for some timber I

need oh it's over here that's why I need

a little bit of timber because I have a

really interesting diagram here that I

want to make and it is called The

Witcher superb silver sword so the only

thing I'm missing is silver ore but I'm

hoping the craftsmen can sell me some

and that's going to be a pretty nice

boost over what we're currently using so

the other thing I might do is see if

there's anything in here like maybe

diamond dust its diamond dust something

use for Diamond armor yeah look Diamond


I need diamond dust twine and oil so let

me grab all this dust I'm actually quite

nervous about this Karen thing because

well I don't know I probably built it up

to be way too intense but who knows

maybe maybe it is going to be really

intense okay so I'm gonna grab I'm just

gonna grab all of these for now

we've also got some meteorite stuff in

here I've got a son rune or twine dagger

in these meteorite wars which I haven't

had to use yet but I plan on maybe

upgrading some of my my swords as well

let's grab a few things we're gonna head

back to the Dwarven craftsman and then I

think it's time to set out for the


to be honest and I'll have to remember

at some point to buy that trolls tongue

so how's it gonna do

I couldn't reload otherwise I wouldn't

just felt bad about it I also got to

level up my my Geralt here so how can we

help you

Hey alright craft me an item please what

I need to do we've already got the care

and trap done we've got the hunters

Armour done uh and Riga armor that's

kind of cool I'm thinking let's see what

the diamond armor see this is nice

because you get +10 for vitality and two

armor and I can actually make quite a

bit of this stuff so let's make some of


Diamond armor reinforcements I don't

think I should actually just leave it he

sells first does he sell any diet

diamond stuff he doesn't okay good now

the one thing that I do want to buy from

him is this diagram for a fire rune

because I have all the ingredients and

it looks pretty nice if I could stack a

few of these that could be super

beneficial I think so I'm actually going

to do this by this fire rune diagram and

then I think that's it from the diagram

side of things

sure now we'll craft we'll get them to

craft me a fire rune see if anything's

interesting here amethyst us elemental

stone and Riga saliva yeah that seems

like a good way to use it and I am a

little bit shorter and Regas live it to

make another one but that's okay let's

see where's my superb sword here okay so

I need to buy three pieces of silver ore

from him that's what I know check please

oh there it is

perfect it's actually not that expensive

perfect really happy huh all right

superb silver sword seventeen to twenty

five damage that's pretty huge I think

there it is Oh see but but it only has

one upgrade slot that's the difference

there but err on date is just it's too

little damage at this point I think the

witch is the superb silver is dealing

out its minimum damage where the Aran

dates maximum is so it's too bad we're

doing it now this fire ruin I'm going to

use on this sword plus 10% incineration

that's like every 10 hits and it resists

his resistance to incineration goes up

so why not look at that sick now I've

got diamond armor reinforcements I'm

going to throw that on here I could

throw on these other ones but I kind of

want to save it for the best possible I

don't know how long this armors gonna be

lasting me so that's my thought process

and size from that

sure I'm just going to sell him some

stuff because I need to get rid of it


Ravens armor oh you were so good to me

you're gone

Astrid Eris's armor gone weapons Aaron

died gone hammer gone all of this can

just go it's too bad but it's gotta

happen that way now we did have we did

make this the Dragons dream and the

Salmons bombs I can get rid of all my

rags wire rope and my rope ladders down

to 1300 orange Jesus and with these

lesser mutagens I'm actually just gonna

sell them because I don't see any other

use for them because I'm only gonna be

investing in the greater ones so there's

that next let's level up our guy here I

got two talents to spend now I could

potentially go into vigor regen so at

least I didn't totally waste this first

point I getting the vigor regen while in


let's do a quick refresher here I like

this one not getting the additional

damage from the back repulsed day sounds

pretty good I may actually go for the

Dodge I'm just doing a quick review of

the first ones here

vitality plus 20 and then maybe I should

actually go here like the art sign AXI

sign that I always use yeah this is it's

such a tough call on what to do but I

think I have to think in terms of

defense and I think I'm gonna go with


and then I also am going to go do I want

to go enhanced hard it's such a tough

decision you know what I'm gonna go here

to vigor regen while in combat so that I

don't feel like I totally wasted that

first point and I still have a lot of

talents that I'll be able to earn over

time I might as well get something while

I'm in combat quite often so there we go

all right

I've prepared as much as I can it's time

to see if we can take on this thing fine

you miss you having here

Steve where is she

oh she's sitting here she's like

camouflaged kind of nervous about this

little thing she's got going on here

any progress I never expected to see you

at Laredos whereas I was sure you would

show up there the Commandant is terribly

jealous about his small trading post any

one of import is summoned to him out

sooner rather than later what did he

want from you that is my concern

certainly none of yours we're not a

tandem Geralt will kill the que ran

together but that is all what is she

hiding Tris claims the Charon was born

of magic she's right something that

large couldn't possibly evolve in the

waters of the Ponte it looks like the

result of some botched experiment it's

growing rapidly and will probably age

just as quickly like how large is this

thing I've got everything I need

let's go excellent ready are you wearing

makeup we only have our rituals from

what I know Kalin's are colorblind

enough Geralt time to draw the Beast out

of the water got an ace up your sleeve I

always do don't get eaten and will soon

both be heroes I hope you're right oh

man into the land I'll stay on the

bridge and pull it out onto the bank

take care it'll be extremely dangerous

even on lag I'm kind of nervous here I

saw that people were placing bets

the over-under and how many times I'm

gonna die

and yeah well place your bets I just

have to think defense first and actually

I should probably drink the potion that

could probably come in handy resistance

to poisoning plus 20,000 percent

absolutely now

did I make that many swallows really

and what else here vigor region during

combat I think this might actually be

pretty good let's do it

Oh new ability strong stomach the hell

is that now okay

strong stomach resistance to critical

effect poisoning plus 10% oh that's

probably from the that is from the Karen

poison thing


oh Jesus

okay yeah I'm sure I'll be cleaned up

I guess just roll as much as humanly

possible what's this yellow thing oh I

bet you I can place my trap there with

the air gun you come down and trap it or

I can use

all that is so sick okay

yeah he's pissed all right


oh that's not cool guys set a trap on

the other side or I guess they only have

a one maybe I should listen to what

she's yelling at me here

oh Jesus

okay I'm gonna try pointing in and I'm

going to try to lay down the traps


o'night all right

that'll do

it's not great yeah thanks

cela obvious

oh my god now how now I needed to oh

yeah okay it adapts oh and I have it

all right I'm gonna take my time

what's this [ __ ] why am I stuck what

it's limes me

now I gotta go for those other chances

this thing is absolutely ridiculous

all right

I made that actually for the planet

so gnarly

I'm kind of old is that what's up there


oh no way

please tell me he's out of his misery

not a chance

now he's throwing stuff at me - holy

[ __ ]

I'm gonna try to I guess stay behind

this thing when he throws stuff

I'm gonna have to run up there our night

I think so

this has to happen like this

until a a ballsy enough to go chasing

them but I am here that efficient but I

can't even see

along the hacker - no

can I attack them over there or do I

have to run up that ledge

oh I don't like this

where she ledgering all of it

I guess she's kind of got it team


after I after this plane runs over

more vigour l21 more time and then I'll

run that side thing I don't know if

maybe I have to attack this side but I'm

taking this as a strategic pause because

to death there and this is probably the

craziest thing about

wind up now I'm gonna wait for my finger


frickin goes iPad oh my god alright here

we go

like a lot

what do I do

no way

oh my god that is so gnarly we did it

not a bad fight wouldn't you say Darren

over Karen you bastard are you alright

Oh oh my god yeah uh I can't pretend the

beasts got me a couple of times I've

heard you've been in more dire

situations I wonder are the stories

about you true they couldn't be more

true especially the ones that are made

up while what now I must harvest the

most valuable ingredients while the

corpse is fresh I'd prefer to get the

entire carcass to my laboratory and

strip it down to the bone but that would

be a waste of power and simply too much

work I shall take only what have you

heard about me a number of things you

won't talk about them I've no time now

the fresher the ingredients I collect

the higher the price I'll get sorry

farewell then don't forget to collect

the reward oh I won't that insane I'm

gonna check this thing out - who Karen

eyes tissue skin trophy mind if I do

that was insane sorry to let you guys

down I know it's a lot of people were

even more a lot of people replacing some

serious bets there and sort of I

actually thought it was gonna die

anyways uh like Wow just insane like

look at this thing it's like a dragon

but with like an octopus dragon I don't

know if that can ever be taught that was

pretty incredible that trap obviously

helped me quite a bit because that

eliminated having to take care of one of

the tentacles or whatever alright it

seems like I got everything we'd best

get to work

oh okay now I wonder from earlier there

was another boat they mentioned in the

Royal whatever it is the Royal letters

or whatever so it was like down the


- doesn't appear I can actually go there

so maybe later I'm just like I'm almost

in disbelief

I'm almost in disbelief of how wild that

was I guess I didn't need to hide behind

the rock the whole time at the end there

but you know what better safe than sorry

okay tell you what guys I'm going to

take a little break here because well

I'm dying of nerves and when we get up

to the top here whoa

I'll wait till we get to a nice scenery

to end it a nice point of view

all right this looks pretty cool all

right guys we're gonna end it here and I

just want to say thanks for the support

there's a lot of build up to this Kay

rate and I'm like super happy to how it

worked out

I got another level out of it too which

is nice and better yet it didn't destroy

my ass but it hit like a truck the one a

couple times that I got hit there was

like it was close that could have been

the end anyways I'm just pretty stoked

see you guys next time bye