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Where to find the search history on google will be available soon


hallo friends this is our cache again so

I'm back with an interesting video

related to Google so demo everything you

search on your browser Google keeps

every history information it does not

matter you deleted your browser history

or not the main problem is if you

watched any porn videos and you do not

want somebody know about it then watch

the video tool and so for demo I'm going

to browse the porn site or any other web

site and then I'm going to delete the

browser data after that I will show

goggle has still your browsing history

data so as you see I browse that porn

site and close to it now let me search

the YouTube



now let's delete the history or every

data of a browser now as you can see the

history of the browser is deleted you

may think after cleaning the history no

one will know what you have searched or

browsed on Internet but hey there is a

twist you know if you have signed with

Google account with your browser then

keep in mind that Google is watching you

every time every second search my

account activity and log in and see what

information Google have about you so I

was browsing the porn site and at the

same time I actually signed in with

Google account it means if you get

connected with Google on your browser

everything you search that information

will be stored in Google anyways just

sign in my account activity to know what

you have searched on internet


here we go you can clearly see I have

deleted the browser history but still I

can see in my Google account activity

you can see my recent activity

I was recently searching on the YouTube

and a porn site this is amazing Google

keeps your all records you can know what

you have searched a year ago you can see

I have searched many websites many days

or months ago and it has every day to

date warriors you can see what I

searched on internet now the problem is

what if your family members or your

friends knows about this it means there

is a chance they can know what you are

searching on internet and you may get

embarrassed do not worry about that you

can delete the search history

information manually from Google



so did you see how I deleted the final

search history from Google now no one

can know what I searched guys I think

this video is helpful for many teenagers

you know what I mean

if you agree hit that like button below

and before browsing any secret site or

any porn sites make sure that your

browser is not connected to Google and

if connected just log out and search

browse download party [ __ ] video chat

who cares do whatever you want to do man

anyways I have to go guys bye bye do

take care of yourself and others help

and respect people and off-course do not

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