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How to find your computer's serial number from within Windows

are you having trouble trying to find

the serial number of your computer as

the sticker worn up the outside the case

and you're unable to read it anymore you

wish there was a way to find that serial

number within your computer well there

actually is this is Paul one of the

techs here micro sector and today I'm

going to show you a program built into

Windows where you can pull up that

certain library information let's get

started all right the first step is to

click on the start button lower

left-hand corner in this little search

window right above the start button type

in CMD hit Enter

this is woken up a command prompt you

want to type WM I see space BIOS VI OS

space get space serial number one word

serial number no space hit enter this

will go out look into the BIOS and give

you the serial number of the system

that's how to find the serial number of

your computer if you have any other

questions don't visit us at