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How to Find Your HP Laptop Name, Product Number, or Serial Number

Check your laptop, its labels, and your original packaging material to find the identifying

numbers for your HP laptop.

You need the identifying information of your laptop when you're interacting with HP support.

So, what's the difference between a laptop name, product number, and serial number?

The laptop name - or model - identifies the components used to build a group of laptops.

Your laptop has a name in the same way that a car manufacturer gives a specific type of car a model name.

The product number - or SKU - identifies your HP laptop within a model number series

and establishes the regions where that laptop is sold.

The serial number is unique to an individual laptop and is used to check warranty information

and track repair, service, and order history.

For example, there could be 10,000 HP laptops with the same laptop name,

but only 1,000 that share the same product number, and only a single laptop with a unique serial number.

Check the following locations to find your laptop name and numbers.

HP Support Assistant comes pre-installed on new Windows based HP computers or can be installed

by going to

On your computer, open HP Support Assistant.

Select your laptop and view your laptop information under:

Product Name, Serial Number, and Product Number.

Find your laptop name and number in your laptop BIOS.

Turn off the laptop.

Turn on the laptop, and then immediately press the F1 key repeatedly until System Information opens.

Your laptop name and number display.

Check physical locations on the laptop for a product label

that displays the laptop name and number.

The product label might be found on the rear of the laptop, the kickstand, if your laptop

has one, or the battery compartment.

If your laptop has a removeable battery, turn it off.

Open the battery compartment, remove the battery, and then look inside for your laptop name and number.

If you still have the box your computer shipped in, read and review all labels on the box

for your laptop information.

Find your laptop name and number using the HP System Information tool.

In Windows 10, you might have to download HP System Information from the Microsoft Store.

The keyboard presses do not work if you are connected to a docking station and use an

external keyboard.

Press the Function and Escape keys on the laptop keyboard to open the HP System Information window.

Your information is listed next to Product Name, Product Number, and Serial Number.

For Chromebooks, use the Chromebook Recovery Utility to find your Chromebook name and number.

Download and install the free version of the Chromebook Recovery Utility

from the Chrome Web Store.

Open the app, and then select Get Started.

Follow the prompts in the first step to identify your Chromebook and then close the recovery utility.