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How to Find Serial Number of Laptop or PC on Windows 10?

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another update hi guys in this tutorial

I'm going to show you how to find serial

number of laptop or PC on Windows 10 ok

so this is my laptop and I want to find

the serial number of this okay so what I

need to do I need to open the command

prompt as an administrator okay and I

need to type this command wmic space

Bias space gat space serial number okay

so let's do that so you need to come to

this search box over here and type CMD

okay CMD and here we have the command

prompt so just right click on that and

here we have the option run as

administrator click on that and here we

have guys this you know administrator

the command prompt okay so you need to

type this command WM I see space bias

space get space serial number okay

and so I will put this command

individual description you can check it

out okay so guys after typing this

command you need to hit enter on the

keyboard and you can see guys here I

have my CL number okay you can see so

guys that's it in this way you can

easily find see a number of your laptop

or PC on Windows 10 so that's it guys

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