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How Calculate Square Footage of a House in Visio

I had a very specific need to calculate

square footage of the house before purchasing

hardwood floors I wanted to know the

exact number of hardwood floor packs

that I need to purchase before the




to do this calculation I decided to use

Microsoft Visio create floorplan and

then use automatic features of Visio to

calculate square footage illnesses what

we're gonna focus on in this video I'm

gonna show you how to create a simple

floorplan how to do calculations and how

to use all the cool features Visio

provides related to floor plan to create

floor plan. You need to launch

the application and type floor plan in

the search box

as you can see there are a lot of

different plans visa allows you to crave

like office layout home plan floor plan

directional map 3d and a lot of others

so if you need those specific ones

please explore those options but in this

video we're gonna focus on the floor

plan I'm gonna click on the floor plan

and as you can see Visio brings all the

stencils and the left needed to create

the floor plan by default PCI opens

walls shells and structure stencils but

you also have points of interest

electrical and telecom drawing tool

shapes and dimensional architecture and

you can also add more shapes as needed

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all of them with you it is very simple

to create floorplan if your room is

rectangular you just select rectangular

room in Visio and bring it in into the

main screen

visa allows you to zoom in so you can

see bigger size of the room and you can

see the sizes so make sure as you

creating floorplan that you measure the

size of the room first and then you can

adjust the sizes here in the application

this particular one we are looking at is

21 feet by 26 feet and three inches

now let's add a door into our room you

can just drag the door stencil and it

will automatically adds into the wall so

this is the door you can do a couple

things was the doors you can make it

bigger depending upon what the size of

your door is typically it's three feet

door that you haven't known so you can

play with this if it's hard to adjust

that was just the mouse you can always

click properties and say ok my door is 3

feet and it will become a three feet

door you can also change how far the

door is opened here

and obviously doors can open and close

in a different sizes of their own so you

can play with that too to do that you

just do a right mouse-click and you can

say revert left right opening and do

that or you can also reverse in an out

opening so those are the very cool

features as with any Visio stencil you

can copy and paste so if you select the

door you can cut copy the door and then

paste that and I accidentally selected

format painter which I didn't intend so

you can select the door click copy and

then click paste and it will create

another door if you want to maintain the

size so maybe it's the walks in the room

right and this way you don't have to

adjust the sizes after you created

creation of windows in the floor plan is

also extremely easy you drag the window

stencil into the room and drop it right

on the wall you can adjust windows sizes

the same way

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channel but don't buy anything unless

you need it now let's continue and have

more fun if you house consists of just

rectangular rooms you can bring in

another rectangular room and adjust as

needed and you can can do as many of

those rectangular rooms as you need as

the next step you can add doors and

windows into those new rooms that you

just put together on the other hand if

your house does not have rectangular

rooms but all the rooms or some of the

rooms are odd shapes these are still

makes it possible to do floorplan even

for odd shaped rooms to do floorplan for

the odd shaped rooms you need to bring

in wall stencils one after another and

create configuration of the room of the

odd shape it is a little bit more work

but the good thing it is still possible

the reason I selected Visio to create a

floor plan is because Visio can

calculate square footage of the created

floor plan automatically this is very

nice feature and very useful if you're

trying to calculate square footage

especially for odd shapes rule to

calculate square footage you need to

take the space stencil and bring it into

the space in this example I brought it

into the first room I've created in this

floor plan the next step is you do a

right mouse click and click Auto size

and as you can see the space stencil

expanded to fill in the size of the room

and it automatically calculated the size

which is 551 square foot you can also

rename the office here by clicking on


insane what's the actual name of the

room it could be master bedroom in this

example if you think that the visa is

the right application to do the work

that you're trying to do and build the

floorplan make sure to check out other

training links I provide in the

description for this video to help you

learn more about Visio M good luck on

your project

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