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AMERICAN EAGLE Try-On Haul & Review | Men's Spring/Summer Style (5 Casual Outfits)


to me American Eagle is one of those

popular mall brands in the same category

as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister

but these days they've got a bit more of

a street wear aesthetic as opposed to

that preppy surfer boy vibe in this

video I'm going to try on 14 different

pieces that I hand-picked from their

spring and summer collection and I'm

also going to give you five casual

outfit ideas now without further ado

let's get started if you want to read my

complete review of American Eagle I'm

gonna have a link down in the

description below for your convenience

American Eagle outfit one is super

simple and summer ready let's start off

up top with the American Eagle poplin

short sleeve button-up shirt it's a

stylish and versatile piece that's

already made for summertime what I like

about it is that the design is really

simple from a distance it looks like a

plain blue short sleeve shirt but at a

closer glance you can see the

understated white pattern the 100%

cotton feels soft but the material is

actually quite thin it may not last

forever as the dots may fade in time but

this isn't really a forever piece I've

already got a similar shirt to this from

ASIS that I've had for like four years

now and I wear it pretty frequently in

the summer and I think it's one of those

shirts - any guy can benefit from having

in his wardrobe next up are some jean


okay so jean shorts they're not

everyone's cup of tea I picked up the

least distressed pair in a medium indigo

wash it's designed to hit at the knee

but I personally prefer rolling them up

twice for the cuff to several inches

above the knees style

I'm normally against distressing but I

feel that at least this pair for May II

is done pretty tastefully and then

finally down low the American Eagle

casual canvas top sneaker is pretty

clean and minimalist I really like the

shape of the shoe it's like a pair of

canvas vans but even more minimal it

features a nearly 100% cotton

construction and a removable padded

insole overall I like the style and

comfort of these sneaker

you know it's casualness makes for a

suitable summer shoe so if you're in the

market for a pair this is pretty good

option and it's pretty affordable too

and now we're on to outfit 2 which is a

slightly smarter than the previous one

but it's still a decidedly casual summer

getup starting up top we've got a polo

shirt so it's hard to go wrong with a

heather gray pique polo shirts and the

thing with a polo is that it should fit

well the shirt shouldn't be too loose or

too long and I think this one from AE

fits really well the shoulders are good

the sleeve length hits around mid bicep

though it could be slightly more fitted

then again it might shrink down to a

perfect size after a wash and dry cycle

it features a tasteful ae logo on the

chest I really like this subtle

detailing and if you're gonna brand your

clothing with a logo this is how it

should be done good on them for moving

away from the obnoxiously loud branding

of the best it's available in 11 unique

colorways and quality I've got to say is

quite good especially for the price the

cotton feels substantial and not cheap

like many other brands out there down

low I'm rocking a YZ classic 8 inch

khaki shorts and it's got this cotton

material that feels pretty thick and it

has a good weight to it it almost feels

like a waxed canvas as its name States

it's got a next-level stretch that feels

pretty good in terms of the fit the

length is pretty neutral it's not too

long or too short the leg opening is

kind of wide in my opinion wider than I

like my shorts to fit but overall it's

not that bad especially when you cuff

them out the shorts feature a subtle a

Eve monogram on the back and there's

back pocket button enclosures tan in my

opinion as a classic shorts color that I

feel that any guy can benefit from

having in his wardrobe


for outfit three we're going streets and

it features a pair of black slim selfish

jeans with a basic tee and a washed

blue and a cool color gradient

windbreaker so the American Eagle short

sleeve shirt is made with a soft cotton

jersey material with a faded appearance

it features a drop shoulder fit giving

it dashes of that Street style and I

think it looks pretty good when I cuff

up the sleeves it does run slightly

loose and long on my frame which is no

surprise considering the drop shoulder I

actually don't mind how roomy or long it

is it's a trendy and beautiful fit

that's for sure but definitely in line

with the street wear a crowd again

there's an AE logo on the chest in a

straight split hem at the bottom of the

shirts all in all it's a solid shirt

that reminds me of banana republics

washed it supima cotton tees and if you

like options it comes with a whopping 19

different colors but down low I am

rocking the American Eagle flex a slim

selvage jeans and they fit quite good it

has a nice slim leg although the leg

opening could be a little bit smaller it

definitely leans more casual with the

distressing at the knees also they have

incredible stretch especially for

salvaged jeans the AE Flex brand

definitely lives up to the name as I

could comfortably go for a run of these

if I wanted to notice the self edge

strip detailing on the pants cuff hence

the name selvage this small detail is a

clear indicator of a pair of salvaged

jeans and finally for a little bit of

layering the AE dip dye windbreaker is

pretty stylish in my opinion especially

with that dope grrah dated ombre design

awesome colors it's not super high

quality tech fabrics or anything but it

will get the job done although it is

really lightweight it features a zip up

front back fence and a roll out

drawstring hood for some added

functionality without sacrificing style

the windbreaker also features they

ribbed a waistline and cuffs which is

always nice for a tech jacket to have


and now moving on to alpha 4 Alpha 4 is

definitely my favorite of them all

everything from the fit of the denim

jacket and the jeans to the casual drop

shoulder long-sleeve tee and canvas

sneakers just gives off such stylish and

vibes this ae premium weight drop

shoulder tee it's a similar to the short

sleeve version in terms of style and

wash it's geared more towards the street

where a crowd because of its more

oversized fit and flop shoulder detail

it runs a little long on me and that's


since that's the style like its name

suggests the fabric it's a premium

weight 100% cotton which probably won't

shrink that much in the dryer if it's

anything like my B are washed supima tee

which this shirt reminds me of as with

many of their other pieces it features

that small ae logo branding on the chest

I got the long sleeve tee and a washed

of red color and they've also got white

heather gray and dark graphite for the

pants now these right here are the jeans

to own from American Eagle right off the

bat in my opinion these are some of the

best fitting with a pair of jeans that

I've ever tried on period and that's

saying a lot because I have quite a

collection of jeans I think it has a

tasteful amount of distressing details

and fading as well the dark indigo wash

is a versatile and easy to style and

just like the black selvage jeans from

earlier these air flex slim jeans have

incredible stretch sometimes you just

know when it's a home run and AE

definitely hit one out of the park with

these slim jeans I knew from the moment

that I first put them on that I'd be

holding on to them it's not every day

that you find perfectly fitting pair of

jeans and so if you have my dimensions

check these jeans out and now for an

added layer denim jackets they're surely

a spring style essential and when it

comes to fit and style eighties denim

jacket is as good as it gets I can

honestly say that it's probably the best

fitting denim jacket that I've worn and

I have five currently in my closets I'm

feeling the faded wash and the shorter

length plus even the sleeves aren't

overly long which is a problem I've

encountered with many denim jackets it

looks feels gray and even has a nice

stretch to it too with that one

percenter lasting check the tab details

on the side so that you can cinch it for

that more fitted look and best of all

it's quite affordable for a denim jacket

when it's on sale and finally outfit

five combines three trend earpieces

hoodie skinny jeans and knit runners for

a casual spring look up top this AE

terry fleece hoodie has a similar fit

and feel to my ever layin French terry

hoodie the 100% cotton actually feels a

softer it's a basic no-frills hoodie

with simple ayyy embroidering logo on

the chest the hoodie has the usual

drawstring hood in Kingaroy pockets with

the ribbed cuffs and hem it is a little

bit on the looser side and so it's not

the most refined hoodie option out there

down low for the pants let me be blunt

the skinny jeans aesthetic isn't really

my cup of tea

AES air flex skinny jeans are just like

the Slim's except even more but hugging

this pair is in a medium tinted indigo

wash with quite a bit of whiskering and

feeding going on which can be a good or

a bad thing depending on your personal

style the stretch as with all air flex

products are superb but I just can't get

around how they're essentially painted

on jeans if you're a skinny dude though

a pair like these could be just what you


they've got a ridiculous 33 different

skinny jeans styles by the way and

finally for the footwear a eos knit

runner is definitely American Eagles

version of all birds wool runners pretty

stylish if you ask me the sole is pretty

thick which it may or may not be to your

liking but it doesn't really bother me

the shoe is super light and breathable

as a knit sneaker should be not much

else to report on these shoes except

that they're comfortable and affordable

especially when compared to other knit

sneakers in the market how they hold up

those anyone's guess probably won't last

more than a few seasons to be honest I'm

quite surprised with what American Eagle

has to offer in 2020 to say that they

exceeded my expectations is an

understatement from the style and fit to

quality American Eagle they've really

stepped up their game and so I think

that it's best not to judge a book by

its cover but instead discover the

contents with bins and so yeah I'm

giving American Eagles some pretty high

praise and I recommend you to go and

check them out whenever you get

that's all I got for this video I hope

you enjoy it I got another one for you

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