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*NEW* HOW To FIND The NUCLEAR SUBMARINE JUST RELEASED (Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 Gameplay)

hey guys what's up it's EQ and in this

video I will be telling you guys how to

get the nuclear submarine alright so

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mean Yuri so let's get into the video so

how you get the submarine is actually

quite hard like I said with all these

items in the middle of the video you

should die if you check out because I

put all of it effort into them guys okay

so base heat you get them by there's

these dev games okay I prepared this

thousand times and for some reason and

last video no one believed me I don't

know why because I literally showed

evidence and basically you can get

flagons fireflies Firefly jars what else

was a the cars and whatever was in the

trailer base key that's not in the game

right now you can get it so basically if

you get into these dive games which

Bearheart again alright they are hard

again because they're trying to I don't

know if this will be pasture but you

have a chance again enemies base key if

you get Annie's you'll know because I'll

have a lower cap like I've said in the

last video it has a lower clap of hello

players so if you have low players when

you try and get loot try and go to like

the high spawn and LU areas and you'll

get flaggin if you're in a defconn or

the Firefly but back to what I was

saying on the submarine ok I will show

you pictures of where you can go to get

submarine ok so basically there's lots

of places around the island yeah where

you can get submarines which will

probably be waking up them and I've got

a picture

of where you can go with the submarines

once it's done because basically in the

dev games it will app it's actually open

but basically in this picture I'll show

you there's a vault and this will be

open once you can get submarines because

you can trip drugs submarine in there

and you can shoot missiles out the

submarine its MIT is sick yeah I just I

just really want to get into one of

these sessions because literally I wanna

see where he new doesn't want a nuclear

submarine you know worried and you can

get your friends in there get more than

one I think there's only a couple in the

actual map as they're like that

basically like a mythic type vehicle if

you get what I mean because they're

powerful you were listening underwater

like it's amazing so you get like I said

you get these in these dive matches

these are hard to can I didn't I sorry I

don't know if I repeated myself but yeah

so you just have to get a try just try

and get into one of these matches it's

not it's not like a definite that you're

gonna get in these matches because it'll

probably get patched as they don't want

to leaks stuff do they so and then so

yeah that's literally it guys because

there's it's not really much to say

about wait army okay so the spawn

locations of water near places of

agencies mostly that's the highest spawn

right so if you're in a low cap game and

it's not full then go check and you

might get submarine alright because it's

it might be a dive game all right and

you might get flagons and stuff but you

have to have a look you might get lucky

and you might be able to mess with the

flag guns and so if you get into these

low Cup just look around them areas

and basically how I know this is that

basically there's Twitter posts and

people you're saying that they've if

they've got proof and some people have

even got dev news yeah deafness so of

the next update and I'll show you this

now they've got dev news they've got

them you know when it comes up with the

news thing they've got that but off the

next leap tilde so it has this and this

and this which has a nuclear submarine

sniper and it's got a new scan and I'm

pretty sure you'll have the renegade

skin as well I don't know what he's cold

though I completely forgot but and it's

like an upgraded renegade scan I'm

pretty sure so make sure you try and get

into these matches because sometimes you

can get dev lobbies yeah dev lobbies

yeah where you can get the skins yeah

that's right you can get the skins that

are in the next update it's just

completely glitched yeah and it's

because basically what's going on right

now in the world has slowed down there

they're actual like oak pace so they

didn't fix this in time stop people from

getting into these lobbies as they just

don't have the work force basically

right now same with because this update

actually got postponed and it was

released late wasn't that that was

because of the what's happening right

now with this I don't know if I can say

it cuz I'll probably yet because video

is getting removed by saying it but yeah

so I just want to make this short now

I'm just gonna stop here and I think

this is all you need to know guys so I

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