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ALL EEVEE TRAINER LOCATIONS Pokemon Sun & Moon How to get Eevium Z Crystal Sidequest - DarkLightBros

how's it going everybody this is dan and

I have to just share some how to get

some ebloom see so on before everyone

even starts watching this if you're not

in post game stop watching right now

yeah this is so spoon yeah so you got

watching ring yeah so you go to the mega

more in this place and talk to this guy

you'll have a heart wrenching story of

the ages um and if he wants you to fight

all these evil Evie users and apparently

they were trainers 30 years ago so back

in dirty back in their heyday what

before we were brought born so the first

user here will be we're to find is

Vaporeon user poly so if you go into the

trainer school and route to everyone

channels mm-hmm

if she's also the third floor of the at

the school is so it's just fine young

lady right here defeat her to complete

poor numero uno of this silence out of

number eight so next up we have the

flareon user Chad he's on the second

island on this Grand Hotel um see how

grand it is so um I mean the sequence

was alright it kind of shows how far we

come with all the nations and everything

so you talk to this fine strapping young

gentleman here defeat him to defeat to

defeat and get part tutor so now we're a

Mallee city on the third I'll think it

derives I'll say so we're following this

path down here there's actually a place

back here at the community center um and

we were supposed to fight the Jolteon

user and Jane it's this fine young lady

right here sitting on this fine fine

sofa that we always would go ahead solo

yes defeat her and complete step 3


alright so 4s be on the SP on user ish

hang he's on bush mountains geothermal


right he thought surprising there's no

clear plan in this game yes so which one

of these guys could be it was just all


yeah that's right here it's this guy

right in front of the TV so make sure to

feed him to complete step for the

espionnage right go to route 2 for step

5 we're basically back on the person yes

how only cemetery on Mille Miglia

for the Umbria loser it's this guy right


Braden make sure to the pinion to

complete step number 5 of this fantastic


step 6 we're back home on Mill Amelia


we're actually have to climb up here I'm

sure there's a faster way it used to

Toral's but you know that run am so cool

or we're gonna just edit it off but not

so it did Roy does this footage of us

trying to walk creeping in Georgia

snippet of an LP that wasn't meant to be

here so we're in this town right here

Hickey town you're gonna go to the left

it's gonna be the basically Glass House

and this path and OB does fine young


the Glaceon user Riya defeat her and

combat to claim cyclist part 6

all right now we're in handle grammars

were on the second island and it took me

a while fine yeah absolutely yeah so

we're gonna actually walk back here

we're supposed to find a Leafeon user

Linea you think she's all lady here

right you gotta think outside the box

students and do it it's just swimmer

here all the feet only feel neutral

India oh okay this is stupid

so we were supposed to find the Silva

user Kiera um

spoiler for now so turn away if you

wanna see if you're dis one so the user

is actually this little girl here um


your fees from C's probably she's over

30 yes so I'm not spoiler spoilers


so defeat her sylveon now we're back in

town where we started so we took to this

guy he said what work of altars choosing

oh it's you you'd be a mall what

happened that's it's a heart-wrenching

story for days it please make sure to

pay for your sin and as final wish is to

engage in mortal combat with our slaves

I mean Pokemon there are totally no

overleveled so I enjoyed this battle

while we remain quiet and off




so unfortunately follow us to this heart

retching sighs quest has entered yes it

is juicy battle tune but we must claim

our Reaper reward the EVM ze that was

shown in trailer and apparently totally

get a posting yeah so you can't even use

it what would I use - it's too late then

I'll see y'all later

thanks for watching the video and give

it a like