find the

How to find a saved wireless password on your computer

today I'll show you how to find out what

your saved wireless passwords on your

computer are so that like if your friend

came over and you needed to type the

password in to their computer so that

they can get onto your internet and you

don't remember what the password is and

saved on your computer then you can find

it this way this works in vista and 7 so

what you're going to do is just go and

click on kart and then control panel and

then when you're in here you're going to

go to network and sharing center and

then once here there's a button on the

side that says manage wireless networks

that's when you want and then here

you'll see a list of all the wireless

networks you've ever connected to so you

just need to find the one that is the

one that you want to get the password

for let's just say it's a Cisco one here

then all you have to do is go into the

security tab and right here where it

says network security key you just need

to hit show characters and it'll show

you what the password is and that's as

easy as that