find the

Windows 8 Product Key Activation

in this lecture snippet I want to focus

in on the product key or activation of

Windows 8 operating system and so what

I've got I've logged in to basically a

default installation of Windows 8 and I

want to check the first to see if my

computer is actually activated and so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to go

ahead and look for computer so if I

start typing computer in on my desktop

here or my Start screen computer there

we go you'll see that computer pulls up

I can right-click on it and I want to

choose properties this is going to bring

up the basically the properties of my

computer system and you can see down

here at the bottom where my mouse is

that windows is currently not activated

now in previous installations or

versions of Windows they had the option

to actually type in the product key here

and now I do not have that option so

what I want to do go ahead and close

that I'm going to go back to the Start

screen and I want to type in C M D this

is going to be for the command prompt if

I right click on it make sure that you

run it as administrator so we're going

to go ahead and run this as

administrator and I want to type in the

command SL you I followed by a space and

then the number 3 and if I hit enter now

it's going to present me with a dialog

box here to actually type in my current

or my new product key that I have for my

operating system and so I can go through

and enter in the product key now this is

not a valid product key that I'm

entering but you can see that you can

enter the product key and then choose

activate based on your new product key

I'm going to go ahead and hit cancel

here and there's another option that

some people use as well rather than

doing the graphical if you want to do it

through all the command line you can

also run slmgr VBS you can see that

they're all we're going to type in the

option so we're going to do a dash ipk

after our space there and then another

space and then what we're going to need

to do now is enter in our product key

that we want to use and you can enter in

a valid product key there and then hit

enter so both of these options work for

changing your product key and activating

Windows 8 operating system