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How To Find Your Windows 8 Product Key

Windows 8 as well as most other

operating systems under the software

require an entry value net product key

or sometimes the serial number during

installation the windows 8 product key

should be with the email confirmation

you rejected by Windows 8 for

downloading or with your packaging if

you purchased it in a retail shop if

Windows 8 km pre-installed on your PC

the product key should be on a sticker

on your computer if you still can't find

the documentation for your windows 8 pro

key you may be able to extract it from

your computer's registry the windows 8

registry but you can do this manually

you need to use key find the application

or a program so on one program I would

recommend is Belloc advisor this is a

free PC audit tool that functions as a

key finder so you can find the Baloch

advisor tool by going to any of your

browsers and go to the address bar and

type garlic calm spell dislike

I'll take you to the Billick advisor

official website to see just a system

management tool so you want to put your

mouse over once you're in Bella comm the

official website put your mouse over

products and then click on garlic

advisor this should take you to the page

where you can download the Billick

advisor application so you want to click

this button to download that application

into you computer's hard drive to learn

how you can use the black advisor to

find your windows 8 product key

you can just follow the instructions in

my other video which I explain how to

find your windows 7 product key using

gallic advisor the process is pretty

much the same it's nothing you can't

make off either link to this video at

the end of this particular videos thank

you for watching my name is Chris full

predication at ugh