find the

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Mission 4 - Looking For Clues

all right everyone so we're back to the

KO penguin everything wind force game

and well I can see that's it closed is

already opening for us but I don't think

we need to leave for now yeah so let's

check out with dot first ah you made it

a girlfriend we're ready for a meeting

with the director you have time to sit

in I can think of anywhere I'd rather be

alright so here it is mission for

looking for clues gather information

about Gary the gadget guy

alright so this mission we are going to

see Gary let's go

nice greetings as you know Gary the

gadget guy otherwise known as agent G is

missing Oh

Gary's missing this is a highly

sensitive mission given his importance

to Club Penguin ruff tasked our best EPF

agents with tracing his steps tell me

what is the status of your investigation

I've searched high and low but there's

no sign of him both the gadget room and

the door to gary's room above to sport

shop are secured so secure we can get in

discouraging we will need more agents to

search for a way into these rooms we

simply must point g and quickly director

with your permission I would like to

join the investigation your eagerness is

not a tie girlfriend and your skill in

your first assignment was impressive I


tiger print was proven to be quite

resourceful and would be useful as a

fresh pair of eyes farewell here on the

case my girlfriend

bear in mind that we have very high


I want podium

this folder has the information we'll

need to begin the investigation no very

nice this folder is full of information

about the missing inventor oh I see

let's take a look oh we cannot see

anything from here all right do you have

any question about this information

tiger print how can I help

Jade has the room on the second floor of

the sports shop if you can help us find

the key to this room we may be able to

figure out where he went I have enough

information now but I may stop by later

I'll be around to help in case you need

me all right very good

and what about you jay Park I feel free

to ask me about carries folders a

girlfriend all right so here I'll tell

you what I think about this G situation

if you ask me we should focus on getting

into the gadget room I bet we'll find

some clothes in there when did she go


Jim missed the mission briefing with the

director yesterday and hasn't been seen

anywhere since well to get it from the

gadget Ron can be accessed through HQ

that is if it wasn't locked

electronically she really took for your

eyes only seriously when he designed the

security system I'm going to see what I

can do to fix that problem

good to hear agent be sure to check in

with the if you run into trouble what

about you the director asked me to

search the island from the sky I'll be

leaving shortly you can count on me

agent good luck on your search Thank You

agent nice so maybe I should talk to doc

before I begin the investigation all

right I'd like to talk with you about

the information in that folder tiger


all right here take it

can I help with anything who is Gary I

haven't touched this yet so let's see

the most penguins gary is an inventor to

secret agents is known by his codename G

so why is G so important he invents all

the gadgets for the PSA and the EPF it

is important that she just took a day

off it's not like G to miss a meeting

with the director without prior notice

he is very constantly considerate I see

good work out there agent pass me the

folder if you need to speak with me

about it alright well I think I have

enough information now let's get this

coin and let's leave this let's leave

this place and we are on the gadget tram

I believe I'll let me to cut this

message before anything else it's

probably very important all right

cleaning this and as usual I'll be back

once I figured this one out all right

I'm back it's a secret agents love

secret code what secret code the code

3000 or something Oh rookie hello ty

girlfriend it's good to have you on


further agent what are you up to well

all of the other agents are busy so I

was asked to keep watch over the

monitors do you know who jeez

of course I know gee if you're looking

for him tried to get you trim I'm pretty

sure he also has an office on the second

floor of the Sport Shop

have you seen G lately come to think of

it I haven't seen him in a while he

might be working on something classified

oh I see something classified maybe so

what's up wit is the door to the gadget

room is locked what about this

performing scan scanning is it doing


I scan failed secondary overwrite fail

carom door locked oh do I have anything

that I can do can't do anything about

this I don't think so but yeah I'll

check on the sports shop over here

because there's a sink on floor let's

see Carrie's room is what it looks like

a normal door but it is actually

reinforced whoa all right but what can I

do to enter the the door and see the lot

of paper here I have no idea is the

manager here yes

welcome to the Sport Shop can I help you

find something I'm looking for Gary have

you seen him Gary hasn't been around

today see anything unusual while you've

been watching the shop a couple of

penguins came earlier looking for Gary

they tried to get into this room but the

door is locked

thank you for the help I know there was

something else about Gary I know that if

I saw him I would remember what it was I

mean can you take a look at this

Gary's one smart penguin I've always

wanted to try on his old glasses I think

that really suit me all glasses you say

yes I bet he has a spare pair somewhere

here we go

oh geez all classes are now in your

suitcase oh maybe we can enter the the

gadget room with those glasses on I bet

that's probably the case here all right

well let me put those glasses on I

actually look kinda like Gary with this

on all right I like it

let's write this now and see if we can

actually enter the room let's say

performing scan scanning I scan failed

secondary over like success nice we did

it get it from door unlocked

welcome back gee Gary those glasses open

the door nice let's take a look inside

all right so this is the prototype after

I don't know of something now oh there's

some weird boxes over here I don't know

what what that says they this end up oh

all right

so where is gee what's this there's

something sticking out of this drawer Oh

what the hell this looks like some type

of cleaning gadget I wonder how I can

make it work well I have not all right

well that exploded what about this clock

all right give me a coin nice the

villain will explode yes I knew it I

don't need that for anything

what about the phone

nothing all right well I don't know what

this these boxes are all about finding

the key to gary's room maybe there's a

key somewhere over here

Cannell this no maybe the keys somewhere

over onto the counter Gary's gadget drum

but I don't seem to find it anywhere

let me see on if I can call dot or now I

cannot call anybody not unfortunate

eventually Oh what's this there's some

oh no this is the Halloween decorations

I thought this was part of the

investigation all right never mind let's

continue I'll check I'll check this town

maybe there's something over here

that I may need like nothing all right

oh is that the candy on the tree that's

awesome all right I know I checked the

iceberg the dough to the town let's

check out the the pizza parlor

why not hello hello there hungry for

some pizza no thanks I'm here Oh on

business have you seen Gary say recently

Gary sure he came in like the day before

yesterday covered in snow what did he

come in for he was very hungry and said

he still got a lot of work to do so I

made him a pizza to go the fish dish

with hot sauce he was covered in snow

did he tell you why

no but he was wearing a heavy looking

gadget on his back he fell twice even

not the table over if I got to guess I'd

say he fell in the snow take for your

time you've been very helpful

take care now say hi to Gary for me if

you see him all right sure so it has

some kind of weird gadget on his back

so work good carry big maybe on the

ski-e-o I'll take a look on the ski hill

oh I think I'm onto something

what's this that is one may see snow

pile a penguin could have tripped over

that it seems something is bird here but

I need a way to carefully clean the snow

well look at this I'm I have the the

right tool for this I don't know what

this cleaning thing is but I'm sure it

too will be useful here I need to find

some way to power this duster it looks

like the back of it snapped into

something maybe our gauge device yes the

Meccano duster snaps right into the spy

gadget nice I'm making some progress

here nice let's see what's this use the

candle duster to clean away the snow all


that's very easy oh look at all this

stuff over here what is all of this

okay up on the key in the snow could it

be the key to gary's room it looks a

little bent oh and what about the other

stuff I saw like him hot chocolate or

something like that

I have no D buttock of the case so let

me go back I cannot go to HQ so I'm

going to the ski not the ski lodge but

what is it all the winter sport yes and

let me try the key on to the Oh chill

dot writer girlfriend I didn't have much

luck monitoring the ski village so I

decided to investigate the sports shop

again up on the key that may have been

dropped by gene excellent work agent

let's try it on this door the key is a

little bent but I'll try it I'll stay

right here so you have some room to work


alright thank you so let's try the the

key on the Gary's room the key goes in

with just a little bit of effort but

otherwise it's a perfect fit nice now to

turn it ever so slightly oh no what

happened to your friend the key snapped

in half

don't take it to heart a girlfriend the

key was in poor shape to begin with

we've made a lot of progress on this

case thanks to you I will notify the

director that you found the key to

Gary's room I'll take the broken key

until there is any way to fix it

thank you d no tire print thank you

alright did we do it yes we did it

mission complete congratulations

integral point you completed mission for

awesome so yeah we did it we haven't

found Gary but we did some progress so

that's good and that will be for the for

this video I hope you enjoyed watching

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besides that thank you so much for

watching and I'll catch you all in the

next one everybody bye bye