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How to Get 100% Zygarde Complete Forme in Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

what's going on boys and girls what's up

world Austin John plays here and today

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to

easily complete one of the longest and

most difficult side quests of Pokemon

Sun and Moon how to get 100% zygarde in

like five maybe ten minutes oh yes

sweet baby Jesus and one of the most

recent videos I listed 33 things to do

after beating the game and number 33

which I said was the most difficult is

now well it's not that hard after all

grant it I'm gonna be using kind of a

loophole but if you want to go around

and find 100 zygarde cells around all

the islands this is not - the video for

you or if you're just missing one or two

or one of these like these fine people

here then this is going to be literally

life-changing let's go over some very

basic things about zygarde just to get

out in the air he sucked in X&Y he was a

lackluster third legendary Pokemon that

no one ever used thought or talked about

when you first make your way to the

second island you meet deck CEO and

Sinha from X&Y and they give you the

zygarde cube the zygarde cube holds

zygarde cells and zygarde cores a cell

is a little glowing green speck you'll

find on the map in the overworld I'm

sure you're quite acquainted with them

there are 95 of them in this game and it

really sucks to find all of them I'm

sorry I'm saying so many things about

this sucks but it sucks cores are

special elements to zygarde that have a

little red sparkle and they're found in

your bedroom that's not alive that's

actually found in all bedrooms including

yours there are five in total three of

them are found in the bedrooms of the

trial captains except for the one on

allah-allah or ulla ulla island where

it's in the police station outside of po


now the zygarde cube is a key item that

tracks how many zygarde cells you have

found and your current amount

cells in the game it also can be used on

his eye guard so it can learn moves with

its respect of course I'm gonna show you

guys right here the the moves so you can

refer back to this little area if you

want to get East five special ones guys

I really wish someone explained all of

this to me when the game came out cuz I

was clueless now if you take 95 cells

and five cores to the trailer on route

16 you'll find a giant crystal rock

thing in a big-ass case this giant

crystal rock thing in a big-ass case

will do several things with the cells

you found the giant crystal rock thing

in a big-ass case from here on out will

be referred to as the zygarde gumball

machine you see it now don't you

the Zhai gumball machine can be used to

assemble a zygarde as long as you have

at least 10 cells in your game now the

10% looks like a big old dog if you have

50 cells it looks like a creepy lizard

thing this is its 50% form I'm sure

anyone who's played X&Y is very familiar

with it

now if you have 100 cells you'll get a

50% form with a special ability the

special ability makes it so once 50%

zygarde is below half health he will

change forms into 100% zygarde and came

back like a whole bunch Alf it's pretty

awesome now the level of zygarde will

depend on your story progress

I think it's level 30 prix champion and

level 50 post champion but don't quote

me the Sai gumball machine can also be

used to disassemble a zygarde back into

cells it will lose its moves ribbons

anything related to it just like all

those pidgeys that you transferred to

the professor in Pokemon go now an

important thing to know is that you can

assemble and disassemble 10 and 50%

psych arts as many times as you want and

you do not lose any of their cells it is

not like a coin star machine for Zygons

also 100% SCI guards cannot be

disassembled so if you've progressed to

the end of the game and you have

judge function you can get the exact IV

combination of zygarde that you want so

I have a couple of copies of the game

one from the eShop on my new 3ds XL and

a physical copy of my game also a copy

and moon that I'm doing a wonderlocke

series on where we just got Mar shadow

not too long ago be sure to check that

out shameless plug in my copy on the 3ds

I have 42 cells and in my current game I

have 55 cells when I check the zygarde

cube it says 55 cells found currently 55

cells I don't have any SCI guards

assembled now getting 55 cells in the

game is not hard by any means if you

have read travelled through the first

island and completed the Pokedex and

went a little TM hunting you probably

have close to this number maybe even


although with this method you can get

100% zygarde with never collecting a

single cell in your game so one thing

that the game never tells you is that

100 zygarde cells that you need to

assemble 100% zygarde don't need to be

from your game natively so I assembled

for 10% sai guards and trade it with

myself I then went on the GTS and got

1/5 10% zygarde what this guy wants a

Caterpie at level this isn't what the

GTS is for also once Pokemon Bank

updates all the zai guards that you got

from the giveaways in X&Y Omega Ruby

alpha sapphire and all the times did you

replayed X&Y and got zygarde and have

nothing to do with it you'll probably be

able to bring those in this game and do

what I'm about to tell you so I have 55

zygarde cells in my game so I assembled

5 10% zygarde x' to check out their IVs

with the judge function I found one with

the best IVs and went back to the Sai

gumball machine and disassembled the

other 9 I lied I didn't do any of that I

thought about it afterwards because I

didn't know this and I didn't watch this

video that I'm currently making now and

break the space-time continuum but with

this little important piece of

information kind of would to change that

any 10% zygarde that you have in your

game can be changed into a 50 or 100


guard and retain its same IVs my 100%

zygarde actually has really garbage IVs

but we're not gonna talk about that BAM

we're just pumping out the knowledge

today also I don't really think these

eye guards are shiny locked someone

should go tell a kaa drive to get this

soft resending fingers ready so now that

you have a 10% zygarde and 90 cells you

can upgrade your 10% sai card to a 100%

form just go hit up the Zaycon ball

machine I had this thought while I was

in the shower and I haven't seen anyone

make a video about it yet so boom enjoy

your 100% zygarde cuz I sure as hell

wasn't gonna make a video about where to

find all of the cells leave a thumbs up

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out when the hell are we getting Bank