The challenges of flying a drone in Australia - watch this before buying a drone

hi guys welcome to the world of fear

ampere and today I want to talk about

flying a drone in Australia and in other

countries so company like DTI or GoPro

they're having a lot of fun creating all

these cool marketing videos to show you

what you can do with a drone but

unfortunately a lot of these things are

illegal in Australia let's talk about

that so I've been toying with the idea

of getting a drone for many many years I

have lots of friends who have drones and

I was very impressed with the footage so

I finally got one

I went to New Zealand we did beautiful

trail there and I thought it would be

the perfect opportunity for me to

actually get a drone so I got the digi

eyes spark and I will do a video soon to

let you know why for me it's actually

the best room for hiking but I got that

drone and was very very happy and buying

a drone for me felt like buying a

PlayStation 4 or buying a new accessory

for my camera you know one of those new

toy packed with new features and

technology and that was my first mistake

this is not a toy and this is not a

flying camera it's actually a UAV with a

camera or as we call them here in


it's an RPA which is a remotely piloted

aircraft so imagine this you go to the

shop you buy a drone y'all happy this is

your first row and you've run back home

you open the box you set it up and you

realize that you leave in a no-fly zone

that was my mistake and then you think

it's fine I'll go in the backyard I'll

fly my drone well no you can't because

if you no fly zone in Australia you

can't start your drone so it's not like

a New Zealand where if you you know you

can fly your drone as long as it's not

over the tallest building in the area

but in Australia it doesn't work like


so you check the app you realize there

is an area not too far from you where

you can fire the drone you get on a

trailer in your car you go there and you

think you're gonna be able to fly your

drone with your friends around like

in those ads well no you can't do that

either you need to be 30 meter away from

your friends

so all these cool shots that you see

inside cafes or with friends around but

actually you're not allowed to do this

you can't fly other people either so it

means that full function the Eagle view

also not legal in Australia so what

about flying a drone over wildlife well

it's the same thing you can't in

Australia you need to be 300 meters away

from wildlife it means you know dolphins

and whales and sharks you can't be too

close and on these videos you can see

they're not 300 meter away and flying

over people so what about flying your

drawing with a fpv headset well that's

the same as well it's illegal you need

to be able to look at your drone with

your own eyes you're not supposed to see

the drone through a screen so that's not

a lie either

although it's actually available

everywhere and you can buy it everywhere

and what about flying your drone over

those beautiful mountains now you can

not always if you're in a national park

you need to send an email and ask

permission to the National Park to

actually fly your drone which is very

annoying if it's a last-minute trip and

you just want to you know get some

really cool footage and you can use even

by the way a lot of parks don't allow

drones they have a lot of helicopters

everywhere and the fines are very salty

so do not fly a drone there and also

make sure you're outside the National

Park and not just outside the tracks

need to be completely out of the

National Park otherwise you'll get a

fine so I was lucky this Ranger came and

it was very nice to me

apologize I said you don't know I was

still in the National Park and I just

got a warning but I hope this video was

useful as you can see there are plenty

of rules surrounding drones in Australia

and it's not that obvious when you

actually buy the drone so if you realize

that you live in a no-fly zone and you

can't be bothered to drive every weekend

into a now

area to fly or draw or if you wanted to

buy a drone to record your kids during a

football game or basketball game

well you can't redo those things so you

might have to reconsider your purchase

otherwise your drone will sit on the

shelf for many months as for me I don't

agree with all the rules in Australia

but you know I follow them

I just wish companies like DJI would be

more transparent with the things you can

do you can't really do a little video

and show a baby of riding a drone and

then put a little star somewhere to say

hey make sure you check the rules in

your country you might not be able to

ride a drone at the end of the day it's

a lot of fun I love flying my drone just

take you know a bit of time each time to

figure it out you know kind of fly there

there is an app for that you will get

used to it and you will have a lot of

fun thumbs up if you like this video

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and I will see you very soon