Pros go fly a kite at Huntington Beach - 2013-03-11

on March ninth and tenth huntington

beach's skies were filled with tights

being flown by experienced kite fliers

passionate kite fliers traveled from all

over the world to meet at the 11th

annual kite party and i am from plymouth

michigan and i own a kite store there

and i'm a kite manufacturer and I just

absolutely love to come to huntington

beach for this event the kite party you

know we have people here at this guy

party from germany and tasmania you know

with their own german kites and some

australian kites people of all ages

gathered on the south side of the pier

to share their passion for kite flying

my favorite thing about flying are the

tricks you can do it's something with

just you know you only have two lines

and it's just the the motion of how you

pull each line and how much slack you

get but just these simple movements can

make your kite do of variety of

different things make it spin on its

back on its front flip from side to side

the talented Flyers put on a show with

their choreograph kite routines for all

spectators on the beach in kiting

there's something for everyone and

everyone condition in every area of the

kick of the country when you're doing

this you don't think about other things

it's a really great outdoor activity a

really fun place to come and fly kites

so kites are kind of my life kaylee

Miraflores reporting for OC register com