Flying With LUFTHANSA In All Four Classes: First Class, Business, Premium & Economy

what it passed up just more possible to

my first boss yeah thank you cannot

believe you're playing first but yeah


first let's make the passport control

okay thank you is there a private

transfer from the lab to the not because

this is a

it would be an outside position going by

bus then you get a limousine service in

this case it is but the lounge is quite

nice so thank you very much have a good

day thank you no limousine service

justit's absolutely breathe lost

check-in I think when I first got there

the checking clerk tried to send me

elsewhere can you believe I was actually

flying first class today and to be fair

you can't really blame him yeah now on

my way to find the Lufthansa first boss

laughs Here I am at the business class

check-in for Lufthansa first time flying

business class with the fans our first

time flying long haul with Lufthansa

very excited despite the very long queue

of check-in

but there is one if the other one which

would you recommend

is in the satellite the one in the

satellite build yeah yeah thank you very


so far Munich Airport is an absolute

dream so clean so fresh so quick so

fresh you know if it's things I can

there soon yes

love's pretty surprisingly have never

worked for me

I just got my boarding pass scammed

there got the got the tag enjoy pregnant

I go and love that I don't know one

handle changed handle and the bags gone

off experience

average men didn't expect was for me at



hello how do I get to the Lufthansa

first-class lounge


okay so after quite a lot walking about

and getting a shuttle between two

different gates I think I'm finally

found first-class lavender merciful

morning how you doing

there's a bead yeah my first time flying

first class today so yeah very very

excited amazing yeah you can have a

drink here as it's something you want

Wow beautiful


I'm a dog [ __ ]


they figure the washroom


so I've just been shown to my own

personal washroom which as you can see

has a way that has a bath and a shower

unfortunately I've just been informed

that they are all out of hot water today

so it's gonna be a very cold and quick

shower I think but luckily as I said

it's a hot day Munich so it might not be

the worst thing in the world thank you

very much


25 is do you like to tell me to meet the

other person's wife thank you very much

thank you bye

now leaving sometimes the first-class

lounge very sad times but heading to

Lufthansa first-class airline which is

very exciting

thank you mr. Daniel Ross how was

business it was all right it was

actually just all right it was too hot

it wasn't a lot of food really bond what

you yeah amazing like it was warm but

food selections incredible like

champagne yeah beautiful

well bit worried about having no lounge

access not eating any food before

because I don't know how long it's gonna

take to get served on the water so for a

cheeky turkey sandwich I'm just gonna

treat myself with a full mouth our

friend short and arrived in here

try to check in and realized he did it

how as however he gets on the flight

about three hours behind previewing the

exact same experience it's just not like

should be thank you

yeah flying first-class - Wow best time

ever yeah thank you very much says thank

you Wow

yeah your seats if you have any

questions just amazing my name is lovely

loves me hi we take a glass of champagne

oh sure yeah would you like making

Regulus fine Morgan

it's kinda yellow the different in

taking hands and say let him champagne

please sure alright thank you here is

kind of Savage

what are you doing here - ask what yeah

it was very hot on that jet bridge so

I'm just cooling off with




thank you



yeah it's nice man college iguanas

first class comment'

the chairman


three kitties


okay in the sea the a3 40s in the

two-for-two configuration so on a window

seat in the pirate - because I'll show

you around that space in economy it is

rather that's right but rather


let's talk my bag in front of my legs so

that's kind of giving me a bit of

restricted legroom

cover your mouth nose


we use bits under the seat in front of

you for stowing your carry-on baggage

kind of soft luxury ever there are

better than we would normally get on a

bomb on economy right I can fasten your

seat belt simply she's really not just a

pillow not be given anything else even

other people with headers

not the best headphones in the world but

also know the worst things a tacky had

to put on my own covers on him but

I didn't

this is the starter Freeman economy


big screen


unexpected anytime whenever your suit

five minutes a kid by the bridge never

heard of it but looks like an exit Tony

flutes attendant can pursue something

that's moisture

sucks do Adam

a pointless do we like them didn't like

them I'm asked

sometimes the good

years ago cheap


two basins in brush


thank you

thank you

don't choke

Rainier sweet-sounding

beat the [ __ ] cheering about innocence

all right run it tasty

everything it needs in

the salad was quite fresh and nice


be certain thank you very much what


yes thank you very much




caviar experience which was delicious

then we got to start made coffee


extremely full but everything's being

taught delicious

the white asparagus

so again so by the group you don't say

he accidentally what about three hours

left to go before we die







hi Juliet headphones I think I miss them

being under our plane


thanks so much

lightning quick response time from the

crew there press the ball they were over

pretty quickly and I needed some

headphones in there


hey it's got your ass how you doing

that's gone find other friends

if you go it how you doing sneaking up

adding spoilers you know luxury life as


they actually let me speak

let's have a look

here we are underground belly in mastery

foods you guys should come


no there's one coffee I had was a bit



sorry yeah food was unbelievably tasty I

have my first ever live flight

experience only for half an hour and app

I was something you liked my usually can

never ever sleep late so that like

did you sleep yeah yeah how did she uh

when I went out pretty quickly

and it was just very fun ready or any

kind of already solved this business is


that's what's whether this has been

really good to be next in action as well

see it's a little bit narrower actually

like here front sleeper

oh great let's leave them aside but the

pillows freeze for G with the same time

yeah bring impressed stuff up about two


and the heat hasn't been slumming it

away in the club calling me trotters

there I think this one is pretty good

I'm surprised that she was playing

there's about fifty or sixty years old

the cabin seems pretty fresh and nice

the seats are really comfortable

actually for economy seats

I still recline there enough legroom the

food was okay

like kind of brother the middle for

economy upset by it was as I expected I

think services be really good like

constant flow of drinks that mean up and

down word trays are water and orange

juice I really liked up to the meal they

had a separate trolley service with

cognac some companies which had a call

in economy to have that luxury and sure

what was your premium economy experience



so just touchdown in JFK leading the

time to first class very slightly doing

so but yeah amazing

maybe advice about finishes now always

with the rest of the journey

premier economy

you need to do there's many expect much

come out first but coming out now

still acquire its effect on them

I think it would be a little bit wait

for my back


good morning