Best time to get lowest airfare for Thanksgiving and Christmas travel

all right if you have relatives

traveling to see you or if you're gonna

be heading out for Thanksgiving and

Christmas fall was here and that means

before we know it the holidays are soon

here and so maybe gonna be traveling as

I mentioned over the holidays you want

to make sure that you get the best yell

first of all you need to know if the

price is a fair price and that's where

the secret formula comes into play like

for example you multiply the round-trip

miles airport to airport by point zero

three two you have two hundred and

thirty dollars you get the average price

what you do is you take a roundtrip say

from Denver to Miami the round-trip

miles 3400 miles using the formula it's

about three hundred thirty-five dollars

your target price and once you get your

target price that's when you go to

Google flights and you start seeing how

much that flight cost then you start

looking for the best deal now according

to Expedia the best time to purchase

airfare for Thanksgiving is between 60

and 90 days out and if that's true you

kind of missed the window that was

September 23rd that was the last day to

save 10% now if you didn't book airfare

during that time you need to start

looking for flights immediately if you

wait for the last minute prices will go

up 20% the day of the week makes a

difference avoid flying Wednesday before

Thanksgiving and the Sunday after those

are the busiest days the most expensive

days you want to go to Tuesday before

returning the Monday after Thanksgiving

Christmas holiday the best deals are 14

to 20 days prior to departure from

Christmas and that's when you start

looking at it wait last minute you're

going to spend fifteen or twenty five

percent more we've got more tips about

how you can get the best time to or the

best and lowest airfare for Thanksgiving

on Christmas as well as the answer to a

question that I know that you've just

been wondering is that better to have a

clear browser no cash no cookies no

history or is it better to go incognito

mode or is it better to let them see

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