How to Find CHEAP Flights ( 2020 Budget Travel Hacks & Tips )

hi guys welcome back to another episode

of discover with dia today we're gonna

be talking about a really exciting topic

which is how to find cheap flights how

to find cheap airfare and I'm gonna be

offering you my 10 tips and suggestions

to help you score the best flight for

your next trip so remember the days when

all these articles were coming out about

oh the cheapest time to buy a fly is on

Tuesday or Wednesday or the cheapest day

to fly is Thursday or Sunday I feel like

that no longer applies today it's a lot

more complicated than that but these

tips that I'm about to share with you

are the things that I found useful after

traveling for two years and having to

book a lot of flights whether that's

last minute or longer-term planning tip

number one use third-party websites to

help you find mistake fares and cheap

airfares there's three main sites that

comes to my mind one is travel pirates

another one is Scots cheap flights and

one more is airfare watchdog so these

are basically websites that have team of

people humans as well as computers

constantly looking online for different

various air fares such as mistake fares

so for example you might have a flight

that originally cost around $1,000

roundtrip the airline accidentally

priced it at 200 and before they catch

on there are people that are usually

able to score some of those flights at a

much cheaper price so if you sign up for

newsletters and deals like data alerts

you when they find mistake fares that's

number one number two something like

travel pirates actually searches for

both flights and package deals as well

as hotels so sometimes they'll offer you

if you set your home location to let's

say Los Angeles or LAX they'll find

packages that go from LA to anywhere in

the world that includes the flight and

the hotels at a very very reasonable

price an airfare watchdog is something

similar or you can again set your home

Airport and then set the destination you

want or you can set multiple

destinations you want for example you

want to go to Chicago

go to Paris you want to go to wherever

and they'll send you email alerts

anytime they find air fares that are

cheap or on sale that's from your home

Airport to the destinations of your

choice and this leads us to number two

setting up alerts I used to use this app

called hopper quite often and I'll link

all of these apps below in the

description box so you can check them

out later as well

so hopper basically lets you find which

month out of the year is the most cheap

or where you want to go which day out of

the month is the cheapest as well as one

you should book it so for example if I

knew I wanted to go to Chicago in July I

can find out exactly which days are the

cheapest to fly and I can set an alert

for that flight and hopper will tell me

when I should look my one tip though is

to don't actually booked on hopper their

prices are a bit higher than other

platforms so just keep watching for the

other tips tip number three roll the

dice on your destination this is for

those of you who know when you have your

vacation time or you know your planning

period of one you want to travel but you

don't really know where you want to go

and your main priority is budget that's

a really good time to utilize Skyscanner

and they have an option for you to set

your home Airport and destination as

everywhere so it'll literally list the

prices from cheapest to the most

expensive of all the places that you can

fly to from your home Airport and I was

traveling solo in Southeast Asia back in

2017 that's basically what I did when I

got tired of one country I simply

searched everywhere in Skyscanner from

where I was at the time and it told me

where it was cheapest to fly to and it's

another really great tool for those of

you who are dreaming and thinking about

traveling and you just don't even know

where you want to go it'll help you find

some ideas and inspirations that maybe

you never even thought of before and

also within your budget tip number four

is go incognito if you use Google Chrome

as your browser make sure when you're

checking for flies especially after the

first round to always open an ink

Nido window because there's cookies and

trackers that basically allows these

websites to know what you've been

searching for previously in your

browsing history so if they know you

were looking for a certain flight it

seems like you're very interested in

that they might actually increase the

price a bit

it sounds really tricky and almost like

a scam but that's just how it works so

it's always good to stay incognito it's

useful to get Google Chrome and just

open a tab that allows you to search

anonymously tip number five always do

your cross checking for me I found what

works the best is I use two major sites

one is Skyscanner and the other is

Google flights before you question me I

have personally tested a variety of web

sites such as fairness Expedia kayak and

what I like about sky scanners is it

compiles all the third-party booking

websites including the smaller ones that

you may not even heard of and it really

does find the cheapest deal for you it's

one pro tip here make sure you do do a

little bit of research on those

third-party websites some of them are

more reliable and than others of course

with budget as your objective you do

want to get the best deal but also you

want to make sure you're booking from a

legitimate website that has good

customer care just in case you might

need it tip number six don't be afraid

of long layover

if you're totally ok with reading a book

or taking a nap at the airport having a

little meal then there are definitely

more options for you if you don't always

look for direct flights generally not

always the rule flights with long or

multiple layer vers tends to be cheaper

it's not always the case sometimes

direct flights are cheaper in fact

however you have a lot more option when

you allow the layover to be a part of

your route and if you do choose a flight

with a layover I highly recommend if

you're traveling internationally to

allow at least four hours for the

layover because anything under four

hours makes me nervous if I'm flying in

somewhere whether that might be the

first flight gets delayed and I can't

connect to the second one or sometimes

you have to actually get out and get

back in through security so that takes

time as well depending on how busy the


I'd rather be waiting there for an hour

or two or even overnight I've done that

before then actually missing a fly and

costing me more money tip number seven

utilize land and sea what do I mean by

this for example you want to visit the

South of France so you look for flight

from Los Angeles to nice the price I

find cheapest for October 27th is two

hundred and seventy two dollars that

includes one stop and the entire flight

is 17 hours and 35 minutes if you do Los

Angeles to Paris on the exact same day

the cheapest flight is 189 dollars and

that is none stop just 10 hours and 42

minutes to get you to Paris and next

you'll have to do is to check for train

options train or buses I'm just using

this as an example it really depends on

which country or which city you're going

to but always check your land and see

options to see if you can work that into

your itinerary and find the best cheap

budget option for you I would personally

much rather sit on a train for five

hours and sit on a plane for five hours

tip number eight

make sure you stay organized I know it

sounds really obvious but when you start

to look at all these platforms and

comparing your options it's really easy

to get frustrated and distracted I

always type everything out on a note or

you can bite it out to make sure you

know the prices for which destination

for which route and which website you

found it on this way it really helps you

just organize and keep track of all of

your options for flights as well as any

land or sea options and find the best

deal for you tip number nine is a very

important tip make sure you read the

baggage restrictions there are a lot of

great bunch of airlines out there for

those of you who travel light however

there are a bunch of airlines that even

charge for one carry-on bag so you might

be looking at a flight back you thought

cost fifty dollars but with all the fees

that they apply to you and think these

can be things like check-in fee meaning

if you don't check in online before when

you check in at the cow

at the airport they can charge you extra

for that other things including carry-on

checked in luggage meals sometimes even

snacks certain budget airlines won't

offer there's a variety of fees that

they can tack on and that $50 five

flight might become a hundred and fifty

at the end and so look back at your

options to see there may have been a

better maybe more direct route that cost

a hundred and forty or maybe 160 even

then I feel like that's worth it because

you get a better route shorter flight

distance a better airline and you're not

paying for all the random baggage and

other accessories that comes with the

flight and lastly tip number ten is

using credit card points for flight now

I won't go too much into depth on tip

number ten if you are interested let me

know in the comments below and I can

explain or make a video that's more

in-depth however recently I personally

was searching for our cheap flight from

LA to Mexico I was going to a specific

city and the flight from Los Angeles to

that city what have been around a

hundred eighty at its cheapest and that

included a seven hour layover so I went

to my Chase credit card reward center

and saw that I had some points on there

and I actually found a flight for the

same price about one hundred and eighty

four from LA to Mexico City now that's

not the final destination of where I

want to go but I know there is a bus

option which is only twenty dollars it's

only three hours ride and there's no lay

overs it's a direct flight from LA to

Mexico City and I'd much rather take

that option than doing the long layover

and then paying out of pocket so I

basically ended up getting my flight for

free and maybe some of you feel like

that's not a fee flight because you used

your credit card and it was your points

but think about it this way when you pay

for something you're either paying for

cash with cash or debit which is the

same thing it's cash out of your pocket

or a credit card and no matter which

form you're paying with you're spending

your money so why not spend and earn

points in return that you can use later

for things like flight hotel

etc or just cash back I'm not

encouraging anybody out there to go and

apply for a ton of credit cards not at

all if you're good with finances by all

means search your options but again if

you're interested in more of what credit

card I use or some of the good credit

cards that I know that it's great for

traveling please let me know in the

comments below so I can dive into that

topic in under separate video and that

is all for today from my personal

favorite and must-know tips and tricks

for finding a cheap flight and that's

for people who have flexible time for

traveling as well as people who have

those restrictions and vacation days in

mind if any of you out there watching

have any secrets on finding cheap

flights or just a cheap itinerary to get

you to your next travel destination

please let us know in the comments below

I would love to hear them as I'm sure

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