Learn Where To Fly Your Drone With This Free App

hey everybody this is Kelly from Ready

Set drone thanks for tuning in today

today I have a special guest

I have AJ Torres from California AJ's

come out with a really cool app that

allows you to figure out where you can

fly your drone safely so stay tuned and

we'll check it out


let me introduce everyone to AJ Torres

as I said AJ is from California he is

working with some buddies to develop an

app AJ first of all welcome to the show

so tell me I mean you live in the Bay

Area San Francisco

obviously a very very populated area is

that part of what spurred you to want to

come up with this app to help you find

places to fly yeah exactly

um I got my drone I got a phantom which

is much bigger than any drone attack

before and gets fly way further it could

take really high-resolution photos and I

started flying and I found a few pool

fields flying but I got to a point where

in San Francisco in the Bay Area there's

not a ton of places where you can just

pull over on the side of the road and

put your drone up without you know while

still complying with the FAA regulations

and we put together this app that

basically helped pilots post locations

where they fly their drones and then

users can come on from anywhere around

the world and see where other pilots are

flying in their area so just getting

started and starting to get some

momentum but it's really exciting to see

where people fly there's locations like

and Zeeland I got one in the mouth you

use a few days ago that's really amazing

to see the community just starting to

grow it's just blossoming right now very

cool well so for everyone who missed it

tell us the name of your app and what

devices you can view it on yeah so it is

called where to fly

that's where with the number to fly and

it is available on iOS as well as

Android devices it should work on

iPhones tablets both

Android tablets and if for some reason

it doesn't work on those devices it's

also available where to fly app comm on

the web you can always access it from a

desktop computer or anything like that

and still add locations and view place

to the fly in your area is it is it a

optimize for a particular browser on the

on the laptop or desktop or does it work

in any browser it should work in any


I noticed Google tends to work pretty

well if you're having troubles on

safaris fine but it should work in any

browser well cool and was it cost it's

totally free on the App Rizzo is for me

the way the project to kind of give back

to the community I love all the forums

going on there people always help me out

when I have problems so I just wanted to

build a platform for people to be able

to share their location and at some

point it would be great to be able to

cover the cost of it because right now

I'm just running it myself but it's

totally free and for anyone to join in

to view locations there's no cost

associated to it I think that's great

and then I would also further interject

that you know as as drone pilots who

enjoy this hobby and like to get out and

fly what we don't want to do is have

have to stop you know certain countries

like I know in Sweden and Germany and

some places like that it's really hard

to fly because of the laws there so we

need to make sure that people are flying

in safe locations so if it means that

you're going to share a good safe legal

location to fly and more pilots are

going to go there it means fewer people

are going to be getting into trouble

flying where they shouldn't and it just

is going to work out better for

everybody I think

exactly I'm part of it like that idea

like I said in San Francisco or there's

not a ton of crates to fly unless people

start just flying over city streets and

over you know buildings or they're not

supposed to be then it ruins it for

everybody then no one will be able to

fly yeah Casey nice that we're looking

at you buddy yeah I know Casey he's

being investigated by the FAA I heard

yeah well Lisa was in San Francisco is

New York good well so in terms of once

people download the app what's the best

way to contribute to the

yeah so I always suggest some people

download the app it's in this instance

stages it's just that and I call it a

very beta platform it's still being

tested I love to hear feedback on my

emails on the apps and contact me let me

know what you think of it but the first

thing I would say is check the places to

fly submitted by users it'll be the

first thing that pops up when you open

the app and you can click on that and

you'll see if there any users in your

area who submitted location since it's

still so young a lot of states don't

have a ton of locations and they're in

that in that area in the Bay Area

there's probably a couple hundred or so

locations but another space there's only

one or two so it's still growing and

then if you have some locations that you

want to share on feel free to add those

and then we have a new feature which is

coming soon as a beta feature so it's

still work in progress but we're

collecting state and local park data

from different government databases and

compiling that and then we're going to

put that together onto the app so that

in locations where tons of pilots

haven't already added local parks where

you can fly there will be a database set

up of parks that are safe for everyone

to fly all right nice very cool well in

terms of where to actually go to get it

you said where to fly app comm is one

place and then Google Play and the App

Store for Apple so right exactly if you

search out where to fly the number to to

come up on both the Google Play Store as

well as the App Store cool well AJ great

job you it seems like you've really

you're onto something here I am not even

going to ask you how old you are because

you young people who are doing all this

cool stuff sometimes make me feel like

an underachiever but I congratulate you

on your success so far and I think

you're going to go far in the drone

world thanks I really appreciate it I

guess one thing I'll add just before we

finish is I love to hear people's

feedback I know I mentioned that quickly

but if you come on the app and you you

like it love to hear if you don't like


that to tell me tell me what doesn't

work for you that's really what shaped

the app and what makes it because I'm

just making it for the community I'm

making it so that we can all fly safely

naturally a big part of the app and of

course in addition to giving AJ feedback

I love it if you gave us feedback on

this video and on your thoughts on the

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