DJI Mavic Mini - How to Unlock GEO Authorization Zones

what's going on guys better here and

today I wanted to follow up on my

previous video where we covered the

brand new firmware update for the DJI

Mavic mini and everything that came with

it now without a doubt the biggest

change I guess the biggest feature that

we got with that update is the ability

to now unlock geo zones or more

specifically unlock authorization zones

within the DJI fly application so as

long as we have the proper authorization

to fly in these zones then we can unlock

it within the fly application and we can

fly our Matic mini now I understand a

lot of people that are picking up this

drone are probably buying it as their

first drone and they have no idea what a

Geo zone is they have no idea what an

authorization zone is so what I want to

do today is go over exactly how to

obtain authorization and properly unlock

geo zones with the DJI Matic menu so a

great place to start here would be to

cover exactly what a Geo zone is now

what I want to do in this video is kind

of go through a quick crash course of

exactly what these geo zones do what

they mean and what they signify but I do

just want to let you guys know that I

created a full in-depth guide to

learning what these geo zones mean what

you need to do to fly in certain Geo's

owns and also what need to look out for

so if you want to check that video out

I'll leave a link down in the

description or I'll put one up in the

top right corner ok so anyway moving on

here what exactly is a Geo zone it is an

area that DJI has marked off in their

fly safe mat database for one reason or

another this means that there isn't one

type of geo zone there's multiple that

you need to familiarize yourself with

that are marked by different colors this

map that you have been looking at here

on the screen can be found on DJI as

website I'll leave a link in the

description so you can go ahead and

check it out if you guys want to now

this all might look like a mess to you

right now but to help make sense of it

let me show you this key that I made to

understand what flight restrictions if

any come with the different colors and

zones marked on this map first we have

restricted zones marked by red where

flight is totally prohibited your drone

will not take off inside of an area

marked as restricted and it will not fly

into it it's almost like hitting an

invisible brick wall

next is altitude zones marked by gray

would usually see coming off of airports

that cover the approach and takeoff


of manned air traffic your maximum

height can sometimes be limited

depending on where you are within these


next is authorization zones marked by

blue which require rank approval this is

what we are going to be getting into

here in just a second a little bit more

in depth the final two that are really

important our warning zones marked by

yellow and enhanced warning zones marked

by orange both of these do not require

any sort of authorization they don't

come with any sort of flight restriction

but instead it's put into place just to

let the operator of the drone know that

he or she must exercise caution when

flying in these areas the final three

zones marked on this key are often not

displayed and aren't going to be covered

for the sake of time and the sake of the

topic of this video but it's good to be

familiar with them if you guys are brand

new to flying drones so if we jump back

to this map that I showed you you'll

begin to get a better understanding of

what everything means right now I'm

showing you the Philadelphia area which

is where I spend most of my time flying

for fun and for work now when I look at

this geo zone map database on my

computer I'm typically only worried

about seeing authorization zones and

keep an eye out for warning and enhanced

warning zones when I'm at the location

that I've chosen to fly at so for now

I'll turn those off now luckily for me

and anyone who lives in Philly the

authorization zone surrounding the

Philadelphia International Airport

really doesn't cover up much of the city

with that said I can successfully fly my

Mavic Mini over the Delaware River which

sits to the east of the city or up here

where the art museum sits just off of

the Schuylkill River without having to

apply for a lank where I would have to

apply for authorization though is within

that blue authorization zone down near

pH L I should also mention that despite

me showing the Geo zone database from

DJ's website you can also access this

same exact map from your DJ iFly

application by tapping on the current

location in the top left corner of the

home screen of the application this

gives you the ability to see all of the

Geo zones in your area and potential

authorization zones that need unlocking

so I know that I just threw a ton of

information at you guys probably more

than I should have for what the topic of

this video is but understanding DJ's geo

zone system as well as their fly safe

database is something I consider to be

very important so if you want to learn

more be sure to check out the link to


toriel down in the description okay so

now let's get into the main topic of

this video the main focus and that is

the blue authorisation zones and we want

to learn how to gain approval and how to

unlock automatic mini it is a two-step

process the first step is gaining

approval from the FAA now we do this

through a third-party application we

don't have to use the DJI fly

application we don't have to be

connected or we don't have to boot up

our Mavic mini whatsoever

instead we download an app like

Kittyhawk or air map those are my two go

to apps for the sake of this video just

for demonstration purposes I'll be using

Kitty Hawk here I use this a lot just to

kind of get an understanding of what the

airspace looks like around me where I'm

flying at and also to get an

understanding of what the flight

conditions look like for the current

time so now what I want to do is gain

authorization gain approval to fly

within Philadelphia International

Airport right so the first thing we do

is tap on add then we tap on request

rank authorization now let's say we want

to fly guess save down in Roosevelt Park

right well tap here we'll swipe up and

then we'll tap on get authorization now

the process for gaining authorization is

the same for part 107 pilots and for

recreational pilots it used to be


it used to be a very painful process if

your recreational all you had to do was

call up the air traffic control tower

but now that we have length it just

seems backward we can get instant

approval through our phone no need to

call anybody it is so much easier but

again the process for part 107 and for

recreational is basically the same

through Kitty Hawk so let's do

recreational because I think a lot of

people will be flying the Mavic mini for

recreational purposes and I do just want

to mention that you want to be familiar

with what these different boxes indicate

and what the colors mean because in

certain areas you can only gain

authorization up to a certain altitude

limit so right now within this box

because I'm surrounded by red and orange

around the box

I can only gain authorization up to 100

feet and this is displayed at the

graphic at the bottom so right now I can

only slide up to 100 feet for instant

approval and if I go anything over 100

feet to gain approval for that it's not

going to be instant so let's say for

example we exit out of this and we

choose an area up here around the

Schuylkill River now we're in an area

that's boxed off by orange and yellow

lines will swipe up will tap on get

authorization recreational and now we

can get up to 200 feet of clearance so

it depends on where you want to gain

approval as to how high you can fly and

how high you can gain approval for now

also you can alter I guess the confines

of your flight area by dragging and

clicking around on the corners of the

box so let's say we want to fly around

this area boom we want to fly up to 200

feet good

now we'll tap on next now we enter the

date and time as well as the duration of

our flight so the date and time it's a

little bit later when I'm filming this

so let's do Monday January 6th let's say

we want to fly at about 10:15 a.m. we'll

tap on ok we'll say that the duration is

for about an hour and 45 minutes that's

how long we want to fly for we'll tap on

OK and then we'll tap on next now it

gives us all the information information

we need to know about this airspace

we're gaining approval for so it says

we're eligible for auto approval you can

read some more information about what

Lenk is and as well as the date and time

that the duration as well as again the

area that we're going to be flying in

then we'll tap on next and it brings us

to the information that will be

submitted to the FAA so it gives us our

name and our phone number at the top

both of which I've blocked out just for

security reasons here in my video it

gives us some information about lank and

then we can slide down and agree to all

the different terms of operation if you

guys want to you can go ahead and check

out all of these a little bit more in

depth but for me I'll be clicking on all

of them agreeing to all of them well tap

on agree and submit and boom there we

are we now have authorization to fly

here during the duration up to 200 feet

for this specific flight and also on the

time that I selected and after this

Kitty Hawk does follow up with a text

message sent to your device so it gives

you a little bit more information about

your flight so now that we've completed

the first step of this process which is

gaining approval now we have to actually

unlock the Mavic mini so in order to do

this well boot the drone up we'll pull

up the DJI fly application and once we

go to take off in an authorization zone

a prompt will appear in the center of

the screen that shows us the name of

this authorization zone and gives us the

option to unlock there at the bottom of

the screen this then brings us to a

Greenwich asks for a phone number and

asks us to agree to DJI as G ozone terms

and conditions for the sake of privacy

again I blocked off my screen here but

upon inputting your phone number you

will then have to enter the verification

code that was sent via text message

which brings us to the final screen this

asks us to check off a few boxes stating

that we are qualified to fly in the area

we assume full liability and that we

agreed to upload our device information

to DJI after this we are free to take

off and begin flying as usual as long as

it is in line with what we were approved

for to fly in that specific area so guys

those are the two steps we need to go

through in order to unlock the blue

authorisation zones with the Mavic mini

I know that watching this video back it

might seem like it's a very tedious

process but after you just get the hang

of it

you can pretty much bang out the

approval process and then the unlock

process and I would say under three

minutes so don't worry it's really not

all that confusing once you get the hang

of it and also I do just want to mention

that you can unlock those red zones you

do have to jump through a couple of

hoops you've got to go onto DJI site

you've got to fill out a form you've got

to get consent from the person who has

jurisdiction over that controlled and

restricted airspace that's something for

another video because all we want to do

is talk about authorization zones in

this video but just know that even

though there's an area that is marked

off in red if you get the proper

approval and if you go through the

proper steps you can unlock those zones

to let me know if you guys want to see

that in a future video anyway guys

hoping through the video and as always

I'll talk to you later peace