How to fly a cellphone-sized drone across the San Francisco Bay and back

rule number one fly a mini quad across

the San Francisco Bay and back rule

number two

carry an HD camera rule number three

keep the whole thing under 250 grams

including battery now that's a tall


I built a superlight 3 inch mini quad

and I had three challenges

number one control I had to be able to

keep control 1.6 miles away

that wasn't too hard with the TBS

crossfire all I had to do was figure out

a good way to mount the receiver and the

antenna on the frame the second

challenge was video and for this I used

a unified Pro BTX

at 800 milli watts with an ACCI antenna

and on the ground a clear view with 2 2

RC x2 air antennas I had to carefully

point them along the path and I worked

out pretty well

I have great be the other way but the

hardest part was finding a battery that

would take me the whole way in back this

is a 3.2 mile round-trip

so after quite a bit of experimentation

I settled on a 1500 milliamp hour three

years back so approaching the turn

around I was doing really well but also

I have been flying with the wind behind

my back getting there took me only one

minute and 30 seconds and I knew coming

back was gonna take significantly longer

this is a good time to talk about the

rest of the setup the frame is in our

modern minimalist 1:28

that have been sitting on my shelf for

over a year waiting for a purpose and I

chose it because it's so light the

motors are Emacs 1106 4500 kV which goes

great with 3s the flag contour is an ass

guard f3 the props are dys 30 45s and

the camera is a run cams lived to at

this point I have to say I was starting

to get a little bit nervous because I

was going a bit slower than I


I was upping the throttle a bit more

than I wanted to to fight the wind and

obviously consuming more amps and at the

same time

I was trying to enjoy the ride this is a

beautiful spot and not one where I can

fly every day all right so let's skip to

the end the flight back took about 2

minutes and 50 seconds which is

submitted longer than getting there and

I had some juice to spare not a lot I

consumed a thousand and fifty million

power and landed at eleven point four

volts for the whole back so that was


I hope this was interesting and useful

to watch thanks for watching and I'll

see you next time