Flying a Drone While Driving to Glenorchy New Zealand


veggie veggie lunch you got plates down

here a little dark you got a touch and

focus on the different part-time but I

honestly like the dark look it's like at

least I got a place to actually sit and

cook without having to be on my knees

you care for garlic onion or tomato

capsicum would you want to look it do I

like it so we don't have hummus we

actually bought salsa and dip that's all

right Ryan's folding technique kids this

is what we do here we're gonna we're

gonna pinch in and then we're folding

we're folding maybe a little double fold

in here we're doing a double fold and

then bam bam

that was pretty but it usually I do

it better we're talkin we're rolling and

we're flipping so it's holding that

oh man

yo can you do mine

so that was a nice little stuff over at

Diamond Lake and now we're just gonna

drive back over to Lake Wakatipu check

out another campground


so we're pretty stuck right now

we're still working on it




so we're pretty officially stuck there's

some people that just showed up we're

gonna ask them for their help hopefully

they don't mind getting a little bit

dirty because I'm quite dirty couple of

Americans we got the van out so now

we're gonna go back on schedule we're

gonna go to the next campsite


that last shot you just saw those me

crushed in the drone into a pole

straight up snapped the camera right off

the drone so the drone is done and I'll

do my best to work as hard as I can save

up and buy a new one because I need that

in these videos and I know you guys love

it so much so I'll be working hard

towards that if you guys feel like

donating at all you can go check out my

patreon page and that's the way you guys

can support me and help me get a new

drone if you'd like other than that I

hope you guys enjoyed the video is

definitely a crazy day and really happy

that I got this new van what are you

talking about that you guys