Dubai Vlog | Arrested for Drone Flying

9:20 9:55 p.m. and I have him pack yet

this dakedo is the key for long

overnight flights it's a 15 hour flight

but you basically sleep-deprived

yourself right you sleep deprived

yourself for as long as possible

pack the night before super stressed out

and by the time you get to the [ __ ]

flight you know it's not a [ __ ] out huh

12:53 got that lobbies packed loose back

and just like that alright leave the

country for a couple months

yeah it's it's almost 1:00 when I am but

we're gonna get up go to the gym at six

am some be up my flowers at 3:00 I spy

get like a little light napping yeah

didn't get the haircut [ __ ]

last-minute errands and then [ __ ]

catch a flight let's go

there we go here you go you got are you

in the vlog what Justin ready

yeah hi my name is Justin we're on our

way to Dubai right now Oh to the airport

or the airport do you know where we're

going but you [ __ ] up no no no we're

going this is Richard yeah

it's my GoPro her vlog we made it just

so we had a slight issue due to Justin's

lack of taking out his lithium-ion

batteries from my luggage yeah they

stopped the carousel brought it back but

we're good we're good

mom's waiting for the cavities


this better

Wow yeah beautiful

to the window


if I record the fungus

stop it out seriously this is serious

I'm [ __ ] dodo Pro stop recording


ready yeah

it's a burden

thank you so much we're doing it Justin

we're doing it we live we're live this

is way better on a stick

Fraser study

I feel pretty officially this day in


bend it like

this plea for egg boxes and Venus

mom tell Russia water

thank you

we are here Joe


hey shotgun

nobody said but you'll be out here in

Dubai he said what happy he says seven

yeah he did lucky number seven yo let's

go oh there's one right here baby



good water Justin

I got you one

matter how I give that give back therapy


hey we're going to I spoke what's your

name what is it

bobble this is a Justin I'm Richard and

Imbaba me

oh man perfect

thank you how much all right how are you

doing oh sorry

Sean pleasure thank you so much bubble

hey have a good day all righty

away from adidas California thank you

thank you

oh wow wow

oh wow

yeah quite the firework show we're gonna

go right here huh Wow not for us

Wow beautiful oh wow so you have the kid

put there for him yes oh there's rocks

there he told me that okay

but you watch others rocks

hey where do you go

just then


we got action yeah we can eat or no yeah

we're gonna eat it

do you want to eat we want just are you

huh yeah you know what I want oh I think

he's big hummus

we got action we got action we are




we are here live

taking up in seconds ready come on go

life of this yeah go ahead



the involvement

sniff Shawn



Robert developed a one

well you know that on Philip I'm making

a YouTube

he said he said I'm not going to jail


first in Dubai we are already in trouble

oh it's far away no it's not worried

about no one like before should like to

see you guys yeah

will they take us back because before


I used to be California okay um I think

I think the last clip by Sean this was a

us in the back of the cop car he didn't

like that at all I actually got in

trouble for that he asked me if I was

recording him and I was like oh and

they're like yeah you can't just [ __ ]

record people here especially cops like

you're about to go to jail jail a home

but anyway we got taken to the station

as you can see we made it back to the


the boys are in there [ __ ] taking a

par now we got to be at we were just out

there for us we have to be at the Burj

Khalifa in two hours yeah luckily I

speak Arabic so I think if I didn't we

would be why would probably be really

[ __ ] who had a talk to them everything

kind of worked out I told him I didn't

know I legit didn't know that you could

fly the drone there because the drone

let me take off for those of you that

don't know about drones the DJI drones

they don't like to take off in areas

that are restricted so let me take off

so I thought I was cool anyways um yeah

so talk to him they didn't take my drone

away I got my drawing I just old man

need to [ __ ] get a certificate and I

can't fly by the Burj Kalifa maybe no I

had to fire shots but I had to I have to

get rid of everything delete everything

because they said no and yeah man that

could have got really worse grab some

food laughter buddy those [ __ ] are

pretty pissed at me especially recording

in the cop car was where we never know

where we're going that was pretty stupid

move but hey it's a hell of a story

first day in Dubai got arrested

and now I'm gonna do some editing while

these guys are sleeping and we're gonna

start next day team no sleep

I actually tried to get power nap but I

couldn't uh anyway yeah I think we were

cutting today too so this is the end of

the first vlog see y'all in the next one

hopefully no more again rested fun no

look we're good after this we've got no

more drone flying probably just in the

desert I please