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this is a no joke look at our future

skies courtesy of none other than

Dubai's Crown Prince the largest city in

the United Arab Emirates was not kidding

around when it proclaimed it would be

the first in the world with a flying

taxi service which is why it staged this

quick 5-minute lift off with Dubai's

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed

as the passenger in an autonomously

flying drone copter made by German firm

volocopter that company is backed by

Daimler the parent company of car maker

Mercedes Benz so this is not exactly a

Kickstarter operation the automated

vehicle is a two-seater 18 rotor flying

vehicle which lifts and lands vertically

like a helicopter it took the city's

crown prince on a 5-minute flight 200

meters above the sand volocopter wants

to offer longer rides that lasts up to

30 minutes and will be hailed through an

app just like a rideshare car trip it

also comes with parachutes inside for

ease of mind more than anything the

flight is all based on GPS tracks for

now but the volocopter chief says that

will all be updated in the future but

let's be real with competitors like

aerospace bigwig Airbus Kitty Hawk which

is backed by Google co-founder Larry

Page and of course uber in addition to a

handful of other realistic competitors

this is just beginning guys those

competitors better get to it though

volocopter says it expects to be truly

casually operational in Dubai within 5

years that's because it takes a lot to

get from demo to real deal with future

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