New FAA Drone Hobbyist Laws Explained - 2019

what's up donors be here and today we're

going to be talking about the brand new

well semi new laws at the FAA is

implementing for recreational fliers so

let's get into it all right so the first

thing we have to do is define what is a

recreational rule or why does this apply

to you or when would it apply to you

more specifically well a recreational

flyer is somebody who's pretty much just

not flying for money that seems like a

simple rule but it might not be so


for example obviously I fly it's a

professional pilot for productions and

for you know other things to make money

but I also have put my footage up on

YouTube before on monetized videos now

if you monetize your videos that

technically means that you're flying to

make money even though it's secondhand

through YouTube which technically makes

you commercial pilot the FAA doesn't

necessarily have the means to enforce

and be able to regulate that the way

that they really want to but technically

you know just so you're aware if you are

monetizing videos in any way shape or

form or monetizing any kind of way that

you're flying or drone

you're no longer hobbies' and you're

gonna need your part 1:07 so be wary be

aware understand the difference and just

for further clarification you can

actually be a part 107 pilot and still

be flying recreationally which means

these rules will apply to you so it's

just pretty much by the flight of what

you're doing where it really defines

what kind of pilot you're being

recreational or commercial make sure you

are registering your drones on the FAA

website FAA gov to be able to make sure

you get that number or that serial

number or whatever the code that they

give you and put it on the outside of

your drone when FA first came out with

their rules about how to register a

drone and how to be a recreational flyer

the rule said that you have to have the

registration somewhere on the drone but

it didn't necessarily have to be

somewhere that was visible most people

put it in their battery compartments for

their drones well now that has changed

thanks to some terrorist activity

unfortunately now they want all the

drones to have their labeling on the

outside of the drones that makes it so

they can take they can photograph the

drones while they're in the air it'd be

to get that license number as well as if

the drone is crashed and there they

think there might be something explosive

on it they don't have to touch her to

take it apart to get that information

anyway to find out whose drone it is so

make sure you're labeling your drones on

the outside after you get that labeling

number from the FAA website which I

actually have a link below for and the

recreation rules say that if your drone

is from point

five five pounds which is about 250

grams up to fifty five pounds that's

where you have to register it to be able

to fly it and just for clarification the

Mavic mini was recently dropped by DJ

which technically weighs 248 grams or

less than 0.5 five pounds which means

that you don't actually have to register

it if you're going to be flying it as a

recreational pilot so understand you

don't have to register if it weighs less

than that but if you are flying it

commercially you still need to register

and regardless if you registered or not

you still actually have to abide by all

the hobbyists rules or the commercial

rules depending on which type of flight

you're doing always make sure you keep

it drawing the line of sight that's not

new but always make sure you do you have

to be at a/c your drone is flying as a

hobbyist or you are now flying illegally

keep your drone under 400 feet and also

fly in designated areas some of these

designated areas are actually being

designated as recreational areas by the

AMA American model Association that they

have areas that you can actually go to

to fly that's just a fun area all over

the country if you go to the website

which I have a link below they'll tell

you all the different spots that are

really good to fly obviously if you are

in Class G airspace you're good to go

that's unrestricted airspace I also have

a link below to air maps as a way to be

able to tell what kind of airspace

you're in and you can even filter that

map that's a live map and it'll tell you

where you are currently what airspace

you're in and if you want to fly

recreationally if it's okay or not also

FAA has the lanced system that is coming

out it hasn't come out yet that's

supposed to be able to give recreational

pilots the ability to authorize their

flights live so you can show up

somewhere and you might not be in G G

airspace or an AMA recreational spot but

you can open up a lance app or an app

that uses the LAN system to be able to

say hey I want to fly here is this okay

which previously has been actually

calling the different aircraft aircraft

control towers they're sick of us they

don't want us to do it anymore this new

rule says don't call the towers anymore

we have a system coming out in the

meantime find Class G and in these

recreational areas designated by the AMA

and we will have the system out soon for

you to be able to give you the

authorization to fly in other areas as


minimum age to actually fly by yourself

as a recreational pilot is 16 years old

I don't necessarily agree with this but

it's the law and the other side of it is

I guess when you're 16 is the first time

we can really start signing for yourself

and the first time you can get a legal

ID and drive a car so maybe there's

something to go

with that but I honestly believe that we

should be to let younger people under

some form of supervision be able to fly

recreationally to be able to learn to be

able to increase the interest in this

industry and in drones the age limit and

the recreational rules are actually for

every single drone that you fly there's

no wait there's no wait minimum there

there's a mate weight limit of 55 pounds

but it just says in the laws it says up

to 55 pounds it doesn't say that there's

a basement so it could be like point

zero zero zero zero one grams and still

be applicable to all of these laws that

I'm telling you about

you're not allowed to fly intentionally

over unprotected people or cars so like

expressways and stuff like that that's

nothing new but just a reminder you're

not supposed to be doing that make sure

that you're not under the influence of

alcohol or drugs when you fly but I mean

that feels like common sense because

obviously you mess up but don't do it

make sure you aren't flying over

sensitive infrastructure or buildings

that you're not supposed to be for

example power plants water plants

federal buildings specifically or jails

do not fly over that actually the air

map app will tell you when you are in

that area and what you have going on

around you so you can be aware of it and

being aware it's really important I

actually made a whole video about about

how I almost gotten a lot of trouble for

flying and accidentally filming a little

bit of a federal facility and I promise

you right now the video was worth it

because it is absolutely epic the lesson

being make sure you understand where

you're flying what you're looking at

before you fly if you're flying in a new

space always make sure you check out the

local laws and ordinances because part

of the recreational laws and the way the

FAA is regulating the airspace with

drones is that they're giving local

municipalities and cities and states

their ability to also regulate on top of

the FAA regulations so if you're flying

in a place if you're new to flying then

look at your local regulations and see

what it is or if you're going somewhere

else that you're not used to being in

just make sure you just do a quick

search online for the drone rules for

that city or state or whatever is going

on because they do vary wildly across

different locations and you want you

just don't want to have any trouble and

you want to avoid any kind of

interaction with law enforcement if you


speaking of municipalities and also some

kind of laws that require an extra test

I actually had to take an aeronautical

test in North Carolina to be able to do

commercial work there it's a great

example of finding local ordinances that

already do have drone laws that are

separate from the federal laws that you

still have to abide by when you go and

do that so make sure you're keeping up

on that and keeping up on where you're

flying and what the laws are because if

had gotten caught looking at that

federal facility without all done and

all my homework and doing the things I

was supposed to I could have been a lot

of trouble follow the advice fly the

right way and all should be well have

fun during natural disasters keep your

drones grounded unless an agency or a

federal person is telling you to fly the

drone for them or hiring you to do it

keep your drones on the ground like for

example I live in California and the

wildfires obviously are happening out

here and yeah it might look like good

footage or you're doing whatever is

trying to help you're not helping what

you're doing is grounding the airlines

or the airplanes and the helicopters

that are trying to fight the fires

because they can't take the legal risk

of being there when you are and it's

super legal to fly in that area and soup

really gonna fly around any of that

stuff so just don't do it you're making

us look bad you're making them want to

put more regulations on all the rest of

drone pilots so just stay away keep it

grounded and just don't just don't do it

and speak into the future I did already

say the land system is supposed to be

coming also it seems that the FAA is

already hinting towards our being some

kind of test an aeronautical knowledge

test that seems kind of sort of similar

to the part 107 but obviously lesser for

recreational pilots coming down the

pipeline but it really kind of depends

on we don't really know we don't know

what it is gonna be in that test we

don't know when that test is gonna be

coming out so just keep your eye out up

stay aware every once in a while just

check the FAA website or check back with

us because when it does come out I'm

gonna take it just so I can tell you

guys what's going on with it

and just make sure you're aware of

what's going on with that because

obviously changing laws do affect you

and all of us in Turners thank you so

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