Where Can I Fly in New York? - Every Drone Law 2019 - New York City and Buffalo (Episode 32)

hello everyone my name is Nick and I am

a professional drone pilot now I get

asked all the time about very strong

laws in different states cities counties

so in this 50 part series I'm gonna go

over every drill ma in each state city

and county now make sure you hit that

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Oh also this is not legal advice now

either you live in or plan on visiting

New York here is every drill ma you need

to follow now there are a couple

different parts of this there's the

federal laws the state laws as in the

city laws and you must abide by all of

them now if you're flying for fun a lot

not for cash here are the federal laws

you need to follow now if you are flying

commercially skip to this time code

firstly you must register your drone

with the FAA drone zone website I'll

link it below you must fly within visual

sight you must fly below 400 feet your

drone must be under 55 pounds whoa that

is a big drum you must never fly near

another aircraft if you're flying within

5 miles of an airport you must notify

the control tower and you must never fly

near emergency response efforts now for

the commercial fliers you must hold a

remote pilot's license issued by the FAA

you must also register your drone with

the FAA drone zone website your drone

must be under 55 pounds you must fly in

Class G airspace you must fly below 400

feet you must fly during the day or at

civil twilight which is 30 minutes after

sunset you must fly under 100 miles per


Debbi fast you must yield the

right-of-way to all manned aircraft you

can't fly over people and you cannot fly

from a moving vehicle unless in a

lightly populated area now these things

can be waived but you must get clearance

from the FAA beforehand now that we got

the federal laws out of the way which

our country why do you always have to

follow these laws here are the state and

local laws there are currently no

statewide drone

in New York now in New York City you are

not allowed to fire John within its city

limits nowhere they also recommend that

if you do see a drone being flown to

call 9-1-1 immediately you can only fire

drone in designated aircraft fields

which I think there's five I'll link

them below and that's it so just make

sure to follow these rules and you'll be

good happy flying

thank you for watching if you have any

questions just let me know in the

comments below and I'll see you next

time happy flying